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  1. I just wanted to say how excited I am to see you at GenCon this year, i haven't gone to GenCon since 2003 and it's looking like this will be my best one yet. Glad to see you FFG!
  2. sounds like a splendid idea, you could build entire campaigns off that little device and sounds very tzeentch to me its a good way to introduce new pc's and a good way to change mission/objectives, now that i think about it im stealing that device as a plot hook, hope you don't mind to much
  3. guardsmen or any imperial citizen can turn triator quite easily without knowing it it can be something as simple as developed love for bloodshed from being overused in combat to something as complex as small minipulations over years to change thier outlook on reality by an acomplished cultist you have a lot of options availabe to you so play with the idea a bit maybe read some good blacklibrary books before you introduce your pc's ot thier new mission
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