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  1. Thanks for the thoughts gents! As for the why of it, mainly because I have a gaming group with a bunch of blokes, and it would be easier to teach multiple people at once in the same game, as opposed to multiple smaller games, at least in my opinion. I may or may not be testing out the amalgam of ideas I have on this tomorrow, and will report back on its successes and/or failures.
  2. Hello all! I am a fairly new player to the game, having started with the recently released core set, but I love it so far. I'm slowly working on teaching the game to my friends, and one thing I was curious about was running the game in a multiplayer environment. Unlike MtG or similar games, I don't see an easy way to accomplish this. The only thing I thought of was to run the game as simultaneous turns, rotating who is the "first player." Everyone draws, then everyone refreshes, then everyone plays a resource, then every has their operations phase, then the story phase. Everyone competes for all the stories, first to get to three wins. If anyone has done this or some other way to run a multiplayer Cthulhu game, please offer your esoteric insight.
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