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  1. The right Forum for your problem is... -> Fantasy Flight Games -> Support ("general questions regarding forum use") Or you use this link: http://fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_temas.asp?efid=8&efcid=2
  2. I bought the core set together with a friend. I'm playing destruction and he got order. We're both pleased with it and will share the battlepacks, too. However, we both have no intention to play against other players / tournaments.
  3. If you're playing as Slaanesh, you should move the tokens in another region (you have a chaos cards to do it) before the region is ruined.
  4. I really like FFG's sleeves for bardgame cards. Will deck boxes be available, too? Chaos in the Old Word - for example - does not contain a rack to put the cards into.
  5. I love this comic. It's so realistic and reminds me of my own group. :-)
  6. I do not endorse an expansion, too. More cards would not make the game better and the game mechanic should not be changed / amplified.
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    It's working, now. Thanks.
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    I've got the same problem.
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