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    DarkLoic got a reaction from jbudd in Tyrion Lannister vs. Aeron Damphair   
    By the rules as written on both cards, I would say that nothing bares doing this.
    In fact, in my opinion, the Greyjoy's card might have been designed specifically as an escape against the Lannister's one.
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    DarkLoic got a reaction from Cogniczar in How do other people handle loot?   
    Usually, I handle loot quite like purchasing.
    Each item requires an Inquiry roll, modified by its avaibility on the market.
    Time to find someone interested is the same as for buying it.
    However, because looted items are ussually not first hand, I mostly consider it poor quality (or, at least, one level less) to determine how many Thrones the PC can earn by sending it.
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    DarkLoic got a reaction from Alf Zombie in Infinity combo?   
    I would say no, because using Dump Off prevents that player from becoming the ball carrier.
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    DarkLoic got a reaction from Morangias in Examining the d100   
    To summarize my thoughts, I disagree with each of these conclusions.
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    DarkLoic got a reaction from abm2 in Using a round/turn timer to limit over-all playing time, and add new mechanics…?   
    In my opinion, time limit does not apply well in this game, because one major element of this game is making alliances with other players.
    This means that you need to bargain with other players and this can take time.
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