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  1. First, I suggest you write your own proper end for the Apostasy Gambit, if you dislike Chaos Commandment. Then, Haarlock's legacy could be a good choice. If you don't like Tattered Fate, you can perfectly skip it and play House of Dust and Ash instead.
  2. As you reprinted it : "Most Neutral Force tikens used in three-player games are marked with a ~ in place of their strength value. These represent insurmountable areas which cannot be entered."
  3. In a 3 players game, most of South lands are neutral with no way to conquer them, as far as I can remember.
  4. No, you are right. But, in a two managers game, if one of them pass, the other still can commit a player per turn untill he pass or has commited all the players from his hand whereas the manager who passed can't play no more untill that. So, in fact, it's like trescifra wrote it.
  5. I would not say that diplomacy aspect is null. I think it could be very important, in fact, at first. Because, just like with 4 players, diplomacy is what adds balance to the game. But, IMHO, the game will loose interest faster, because there are fewer possible alliances.
  6. Usually, I handle loot quite like purchasing. Each item requires an Inquiry roll, modified by its avaibility on the market. Time to find someone interested is the same as for buying it. However, because looted items are ussually not first hand, I mostly consider it poor quality (or, at least, one level less) to determine how many Thrones the PC can earn by sending it.
  7. You have some in the Radical's Handbook. Plus, in Disciples of the Dark Gods, you have the unknown heretic, a NPC that could be the head of the Serrated Query.
  8. Hum... the wording of Dump Off seems a solid reason, IMHO.
  9. In my opinion, they are neither better, nor worse.
  10. nope in DH u just need to make contact I think that an erratum says that you have to exceed the target's TB withyour damage to do Fatigue, in DH too.
  11. In fact, I can't see, in what lord inquisitor Iannise wrote, why Acolytes would have to eat Ork's meat. Because.. they have to? Humans have to eat. Sometimes, we eat eachother if we have to. Really, I'm.. I'm not seeing how this could be a questionmark. Are you being deliberately obtuse, or am I missing something? Of course Humans have to eat to survive ! But, what, in lord inquisitor Iannise's case, does explain why they must do this ? As yous wrote, they can kill and eat each other too, for example. We don't know either if they are in such a urge. I am just asking for more context to be sure answering right to lord inquisitor Iannise's expectations.
  12. In fact, I can't see, in what lord inquisitor Iannise wrote, why Acolytes would have to eat Ork's meat.
  13. Sorry, but I don't understand why acolytes would eat ork's meat at all ?
  14. To summarize my thoughts, I disagree with each of these conclusions.
  15. I don't understand what makes you feel the Folly being so far from the city. When I look to the map, to me, it seems very close, instead.
  16. I would say no, because using Dump Off prevents that player from becoming the ball carrier.
  17. That's exactly what I like best in this game ! Everys Career has enough versatility to ensure that it never will be useless. For example, in my last campaign, the Arbitrator was the "Face", with his high fellowship and e good mix of Social Skills, untill he was "killed" by a Slaught's weapon and had no choice but cybernetic resurection. With so little Fellowship left, he had became far less usefull in his primary role. Fortunally, his Carrer permitted him to shift to a more fighting role, leaving the Scum becoming the new "Face".
  18. BrotherKane and Exeviolthor's suggestions both sound great to me. To expend on the first one, I can think of a long adventure in which the PC have to : 1) Discover what's going on. 2) Undestand that they can't kill it. 3) Find a way to beat it (i.e. how to trap it back), which leads them to : a) Retrieve the old and (apparently) forgotten ritual used by the Eldars. b) Retrieve the stone, probably cast aside by the farmer or hidden by the deamon's worshippers...
  19. First of all, ports are good for marching to conquer seas. Furthermore, they are very useful to backup controlled seas, too.
  20. In my opinion, time limit does not apply well in this game, because one major element of this game is making alliances with other players. This means that you need to bargain with other players and this can take time.
  21. By the rules as written on both cards, I would say that nothing bares doing this. In fact, in my opinion, the Greyjoy's card might have been designed specifically as an escape against the Lannister's one.
  22. dulcamara said: That's why he's asking on here, so he can hear from experienced players what kind of variants make it run smoother & more balanced. Sorry, it seems that I have not been clear enough. What I mean is : Do not worry about balance at all. IMHO, the most important aspects in this game are strategy and tactics and a great part of the fun comes from betraying your allies at the right time. But, in my experience new players are often not at ease with this aspect of the game. They have difficulties, at first, to think in terms of alliances and betrayals instead of their own House against all others. For example, in a 4-players game, despite their powerful House's cards, Greyjoy can't fight both Lannister AND Stark at the same time, especially if these two Houses both unite against them. But, an alliance with the Baratheon can give them breath, in that case. Else, the Greyjoy can unite with the Lannister OR the Stark against the other House…
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