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  1. GTrogi +1 Thanks for the great trade!
  2. Sounds good! I guess I can throw in some rares, too. Let's get this show on the road!
  3. Hi again! I have: Set 1: R Ariel lvl 2 R Ariel lvl 3 R Simba lvl 2 R Simba lvl 3 x3 R Simba lvl 4 x2 R Genie lvl 4 R Firaga x2 R Blizzaga x2 R Thundaga x2 R Wizard lvl 7 R Wyvern lvl 8 x2 R Wonderland lvl 2 x2 R Agrabah lvl 2 x2 R Halloween town Set 2: SR Goofy lvl 4 R Yuffie lvl 2 U Search Ghost R Behemoth lvl 5 x2 R Parasite Cage R Oogie Boogie Set 4: R Hercules lvl 3 C Spear C Sea Neon Promo: Non-Foil Tinkerbell lvl 1 Non-Foil Tigger Non-Foil Kairi Is there any way I could get both SR Destiny Islands (Set 2) and SR The King (Set 3)?
  4. GTrogi said: @Keen_Player: I sent your cards out the same time as nobody's and haven't received feedback from you, has yours arrived? Yes, I got them a long time ago. I'm so sorry I forgot to tell you! I'll give positive feedback to you. How about a new trade? I have SRU Goofy lv 4 for trade. Do you happen to have any of my wants?: Set 1 1x SR Level 3 Simba Set2 1x SRU Level 4 Donald Duck 1x SRU Level 2 King Triton 1x SR Soul Eater 1x SR Level 1 Destiny Islands Set3 1x SRU Level 0 The King
  5. Hi! Your 1x Kairi lvl 0 HOLO 1x Tink lvl 0 HOLO 1x Lord Fortune HOLO for my 2x Soul Eater (non holo) 1x Disney Castle + some commons from any set (if you need any) I know it's 3 holos for 3 rares but I think those rares are some of the most expensive rares out there. I live in Finland so you'd have to send overseas. You'd also have to send first because you have fewer trades on this forum.
  6. Hi, and welcome! I'm interested in your "Lvl 3 Simba Foil (set 1)". Would you trade it for my Jack Sparrow and Halloween Town lv 1 (set 1)? If that's ok, email me at innokas_pelaaja@hotmail.com I hope you can send first because this is your first trade trade here. I live in Finland, can you send overseas?
  7. $45 for all of those shipped to Finland (with some kind of insurance, if possible)? Paying by PayPal is no problem. Please make a counteroffer if that's not ok. You can also email me, innokas_pelaaja@hotmail.com
  8. Hi, and happy birthday! I'm very interested in these cards: 117 Behemoth 5 SR Dark/Heartless 1 2 Donald Duck 4 SRU Friend 1 26 King Triton 2 SRU Friend 1 84 Tinker Bell 0 SR Magic/Friend 1 91 The King 0 SRU Friend 2 Are you able to sell any of those (shipping to Finland)? I'd appreciate it since I'm trying to complete my collection. If not, I could try to get 1 Japanese Sora Lv 3 Promo 5/2. What would you trade it for?
  9. I'm sorry, Aerith just went to GTrogi.
  10. DisturbedFred84 said: does the $28 include shipping or is it just 28 for the cards...and how would i ship to finland anyways??? The $28 includes shipping. But maybe we shouldn't do this if you're not used to sending overseas.
  11. DisturbedFred84 said: nope... it's DisturbedFred84@yahoo.com Strange, that's exactly the address I used. I'll put my offer here then: Your SR Donald lvl 4 (A Darkness Awakened) SR King Triton lvl 2 (A Darkness Awakened) SR Soul Eater (A Darkness Awakened) SR Behemoth lvl 5 (A Darkness Awakened) for my $28 (including shipping to Finland) (I can only pay via PayPal)
  12. I resent the message, did you get it now?
  13. Did you get my email? I sent it a few days ago but it seems you haven't noticed it.
  14. GTrogi said: I'd do those 2 SRs you want and 3 more rares for aerith. My SR Level 2 Aerith for your: 1x SR Level 8 Captain Hook 1x SR Level 2 Never Land 1x R Jack Sparrow 1x R Doctor Finkelstein 1x R Kingdom Key ?
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