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  1. Hello everyone, Having searched the forum for a thread related to my question, though not finding one, I have come across a great deal of threads discussig wether or not the game is "balanced" or not. This thread is not supposed to be another one of those. I don't have much experience with the game, so I would not be able to cotribute in any meaningful way to such a discussion. What this thread is supposed to be, is a request for help, by me and my inexperienced party of heroes, from a player on this forum that don't mind helping out a few newbies. My group only have access to Descent - Journeys in the Dark, so please limit your resposes to material in the original game. We have played the first quest of the game 3 times. Two of them, I was Overlord, the third I was a hero. Every time, the heroes won the quest with great ease. The second time through,the heroes had 16 Conuest Token after slaying Narthak. The third time, I (as a hero) simply ran through the dungeons, not fighting any monsters unless absolutly neccessary, not even stopping to pick up any potions, activating any glyphs, or opening any chests. As I reached the boss room, I grabbed the gold treasure and slew Narthak. Like i said, I'm not interested in getting into a huge debate over game balance. My group would just like to know: Have you ever played as Overlord on the first quest and won? If so, how did you do it!? If this has already been brought up, feel free to verbally reprimand me and link me to the thread. Thanks
  2. Thank you very much Polaria for that response!
  3. I am looking for some input here from other Game Master on how you manage wealth and money in your campaigns. When at first I started out running Dark Heresy, I simply treated Thrones as a universal currancy that was accepted anywhere in the galaxy, but reading through the rulebook again got me thinking. The way I understand it now, is Thrones is really just the Emperor's currency (which probably isn't physically used in the majority of the galaxy) to which all other currencies are measured at. When your players Acolytes visit a new planet, do you usually have them procure some of the local currency, and if so, how do you go about that?
  4. I sort of had the idea that many IG regiments were the same. Reading the fluff in the book I imagined people from alot of different world being conscripted and taken 'somewhere else' for their training, maybe even a spaceship, effectively mixing people from many different worlds. I guess I was way off there. I'm preparing to run a "side-campaign", in order to show the players the story from a different point of view, that of an Imperial Guard regiment. It would be more interesting I think if the players didn't all have to choose to be from the same world, what with their limited Career choices as well. Oh well...
  5. Wow! Thanks a bunch for those! If I could only learn all those words by memory, I'd have an awesome "Final Speech" for my players. I absolutely love Ahmazzi, and I want to at least try to make the players see the world from his eyes. Maybe with a passionate enough speech, followed by Ahmazzi picking up his warhammer to go fight the deamons as they encroach on the Imperium of Man will do the trick. It was the part in the book that stated Ahmazzi wanted nothing else than to ride into combat once more that really hooked me on this character. I figured, since he believes the Imperium is doomed anyway, why not have him make sure he is alive to see it, and fight in the final battle? I can definately relate to that. If I'm lucky, the players might even be swayed by his words and join him!
  6. I found myself thinking of what basic training would be like for Imperial Guard regiments. If some of you have any experience with this subject (or you just have a lively imagination) I would be thrilled to hear what you have to say about it. Thoughts?
  7. Thank you for your thoughts Flatline! I don't know if being stranded on one planet is boring though. I mean, it's still a whole planet. Many rpg's are set on one planet. I *did* have an idea of introducing them to a chartist captain though which would still make them capable of moving around. I have no intention of "screwing" anybodu over. Why do you feel like a change in the setting would be bad for the players? Granted, it's a big change, but still. Storywise, the reason nobody has used the Hereticus Tenebrae before is not just "because". It's because nobody knew what is was before! I guess it might sound too "simple" a way to destory the Emperor if you have read alot of the books and are familiar with alot of the previous attempts to do so. Fortunately though, *I* haven't, and neighter has my players, so I don't think they'll give me too hard a time about it. Anyhow, there's bound to be several things to be done that will put the Imperium back on it's feet, which will probably be the final goal of the campaign. I think your idea with searching for a strong psyker to take the Emperor's place is great! Maybe if they could just persuade the Burning Princess... Heck, they might very well find the reincarned Emperor and lead him back to his rightful place on Holy Terra. I remember reading somewhere in the Dark Heresy book that you can sometimes travel backwards in time when you are in the Warp. Do you think it would be possible for the players to go back in time to before the Hereticus Tenebrae was activated and kill their former master before he has a chance to? Or am I way out there now?
  8. Group called "Lustmord" makes excellent dark and creepy ambient music. Can't go wrong. It actually sounds like it was made for DH. Actually, now I think of it, one of their albums is called "Heresy". Coincidence?
  9. Thank you for your quick responds! I think all this sounds deliciously awesome, and I am now contemplating for Ahmazzi's plan to actually succeed and have my players continue in the wake of the chaos that would follow. I agree that, even if it might not be canon, the Ruinous Powers would notice the vacuum of the Emperor and unleash its full warmachine. Between that, every malign alien species in the galaxy and the Imperium tearing itself apart, I am sure Acolytes of the Inquisition would have an interesting time on their hands. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to introduce my players to the Rogue Traders in preparation of a future Rogue Trader campaign as well!
  10. So, I'm running this DH campaign where Daemonhunter Ahmazzi is the bad guy. His cynical view on the Imperium's future coupled with him discovering the secret of the Hereticus Tenebrae has led him to do something rather rash. In my game, the Heretic Tenebrae is an old Eldar superweapon from before their Fall. It was designed to, when it is activated, to seek out the strongest psychic beacon in the galaxy, and destroy it. It was originally built to destroy Slaanesh (as foreseen by a strong Exodite Farseer. However, Slaanesh unfortunately is not the strongest psychic point in the galaxy since the Astronomican came to exist. Now, I'm not overly versed in Warhammer 40 000 lore, since I only started reading about it some 7 months ago when I picked up a copy of the rpg, so I was hoping some of you out there could maybe help me out a bit. Essentially, my question is this: What do you think would happen to the Imperium were the Astronomican to flicker and die? What do you think would be the immidiate consequenses? The long-term? How would the Imperium function?
  11. Salutations fellow Inquisitors! I was hoping you could help me with a small dilemma I have. It concerns the above mentioned Talents: Swift Attack, and Lighting Attack. Now, I've been running a DH campaign for about six months I believe, and my players have reached their 4th and 5th ranks, meaning some of them have the Swift Attack Talent, and one of them just aquired the Lightning Attack Talent. I was really hoping to get some input on the subject. What do you think of these Talents? I was thinking of "removing" these two Talents from play, because I'm afraid the will complicate the game. My first worry is that they allow a single player to dish out enough damage to slay a Daemonhost in one turn. My other worry is they will slow down combat. With everyone taking two or three attacks per turn, every round will go really slow, and the same player probably isn't going to get a second turn anyway due to the aforementioned reason. My question is: Am I right to worry about these things? How has these Talents affected your game? Is there any "balancing" issue which would screw some of the players over if I removed these from play? I am so VERY grateful for any input you can give me! Thank you in advance! /KoS
  12. Thank you for that opinion! I feel I can get behind this thinking, and wonders if this isn't the way it's supposed to be. Anyway, I feel much better equipped to handle my next mission and make sure the players don't get out of hand. Looking forward to do some more investigative stuff in Edge of Darkness in contrast to Shattered Hope.
  13. Thank you for all of your replies. Those are all very good tips for a newbie DM in Dark Heresy. Still, I guess my original question stands, since I don't believe any of you actually provided me with a real limit to their powers, except for what their master tells them they can and cannot do. In the case of Shattered Hope, they lacked any real premises or orders - all they knew was they had to investigate a mine for possible chaotic taint- so I had to just go by feel in that one. In the book it says that an Inquisitor, by showing his Inquisitorial Seal, can expect a planetary governor to do pretty much whatever he wishes, unless he himself wants to be thought of suspicious for not helping the Inquisition and summarily executed. Does this extend to acolytes as well? I assumed it did since by showing their Seals they are working on the orders of an Inquisitor and could therefore be seen as an extension of him. Looking past any real game terms here, does an acolyte of the Inquisition, by Imperial law, have the right to execute whomever they wish if they believe him to be a heretic? Do they have the right boss around Imperial Guardsmen, and even their Commisars? Does their actual judicial power extend to these circumstances?
  14. Lustmord. This group produces dark ambient music. I usually run it in the background when I DM and find that it fits the mood of the game perfectly. I highly recommend them for anyone wanting nice ambient music that doesn't suddenly break out into full orchestra just because it's from a fast-paced scene of a movie.
  15. My question is this, how much power do the acolytes have? By power, I don't mean physical power, as that is pretty clear after running a short adventure with them. I am talking about their influence over the world. I have just started running DH with a few of my friends and I started them off with Shattered Hope. As soon as the players set foot on Sepheris Secundus they walked around like they owned the place, flashing their Inquisitorial Seals to everyone and commandeering people around. They even suspected the Commisar of heresy and had him confined to the hab block, and requisitioned as much weapons and explosives they could from the quartermaster. When seargent Raynard started mouthing off to them they all but put a bullet in his head, but stayed their hands and instead ordered him to send a squad of guardsmen down the mine with them. This might sound very bad, but I feel I handled it well enough. Sure, I gave them a squad of guardsmen, but I made sure they were killed in quick succession after producing a bit more mutants for the group to handle, and I had the quartemaster tell them he only had 10 grenades (though I suspect an Imperial Guard qaurtermaster must have an enourmos stock of weapons, my poor knowledge of the 40k universe not withstanding). I have agreed to run another adventure for them this weekend. I haven't read it yet, but I think I'll go with Edge of Darkness since many seem to like that one. I understand it deals with a lot of investigation and whatnot, so I naturally worry my players will be top blunt in their ventures. What's to stop them from commandeering the planet governmor into giving them whatever they can think of?
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