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  1. I am just starting the game. I have played a few times and really enjoyed the game. A buddy has all the planes and both mats but as he can't always come up and play I am buying the rules and some planes. I have to say the mats do look nice but I am cheap and $80 for a surface to play on is high for me. I am thinking of buying some cloth at the local craft store for $10-20 and using that. Thinking blue and break out the air brush and do some light and dark parts to add some depth. What do you guys use? If you have photos that would be great. Stephen
  2. The boxes I ordered where Watch your back and Burning Drachen. Well that and the WWII deluxe set with the 4 planes. If I need more counters I will make my own for sure. Thanks for the info
  3. Wondering if I messed up. I bought the 2nd two rule sets online because I got a deal. They just have not gotten here yet. But from the web site it is hard to tell what cards the boxes come with. Can I pick up the A damage deck in one of the boosters? So I will have to get planes and a A damage deck right? WHat else will I have to pick up?
  4. I am looking at buying my first set of planes and the box game. But before I do I was wondering if you could help me? I am looking at the Spad XIII and I see one for Italy, france, and United states. What is the diff in the planes? Do they have diff cards, damage, guns or just colors and name? Same question for the Albatros, Fokker and sopwith. I have read that those 4 would be a nice first choice but not sure which ones. I would like to get a mix of plane types to help me get a feel for the game. Thanks
  5. I played my first game today and with 8 players and one person running it the game took about 1 hour. That was with 3 or 4 having never played before.
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