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  1. heychadwick

    Happy Friday

    Happy Friday. I didn't get to play any X-wing as everyone went to another store to practice for the Krayt Cup.
  2. heychadwick

    Rank the T70 pilots

    I assume you mean in 200 pt tournament fashion?
  3. heychadwick

    What are the most underrated pilots for each faction in 2.0?

    Academy Pilot is my underrated Imperial pilot. Freaking great as a blocker and Tie Fighters, in general, are underrated. Scum? I'll say Cartel Marauder. That's an excellent ship and pilot for the points. Rebel? I haven't played enough, but I know Porkins is good.
  4. heychadwick

    Happy Friday - What is your 150.00 list?

    Happy Friday! Funny you talk about $150 list when last night I got to play a 400 pt game. It wasn't as many ships as I thought there would be. Only 8 per side.
  5. heychadwick

    Happy Friday - Just played First Order !

    Yep....just like that. I tried to slow roll with the Bat-wing as it can be a good blocker. Asteroids were important on most maps as I came between two and with the asteroids and big ol' base there, it created a large area that he couldn't go. Once I got the TL, I didn't really mind too much about bumping, as long as it kept me in the right spot. Low PS pilot went for the block....and did very well. He actually got 3 hits on Wedge after Wedge bumped the B-wing in front of him. Got the modifications from the Bat-wing and focused fire. In the end, I lost one Tie and had another Tie Fighter with 1 hull left. Overall, bumping is an important part of the list. If I can cause mayhem for them and cause the bump, I can get my shots in with Tie Fighters and the Bat-wing and it has been effective. One game even had Longshot take out 3 shield from a B-wing!
  6. heychadwick

    Happy Friday - Just played First Order !

    I found Cardinal to be excellent at doing both. I ran this and beat Cubanboy on Thursday: Captain Cardinal (64) Fire-Control System (3) "Longshot" (33) Fanatical (2) "Muse" (32) Fanatical (2) Omega Squadron Ace (31) Fanatical (2) Omega Squadron Ace (31) Total: 200
  7. heychadwick

    Is the Mining Guild TIE worth it?

    It's OK to even just buy one to throw into a Scum list as a filler, just like putting an Academy into an Imperial list. They are great blockers and more agile than a Z-95.
  8. heychadwick

    Happy Friday - Just played First Order !

    Well, since I played you and I feel like more ships, more shots, and more hull beat out fancy aces, tricks, and upgrades......I like it! I did have fun with my first time using the Bat Wing. I like Captain Cardinal and a bunch of FO's. It had good synergy.
  9. heychadwick

    Scenario play?

    The Trench Run is always fun. Biff has made a great Star Destroyer mission that is probably absolutely fine for 2nd Ed. It really is a good one. If you have access to old 40k stuff than you can do a lot. We have a lot of desert terrain at our store and that includes a lot of canyon type rocks (3D). We made a 6x4 board filled with stuff and put a package in the middle. 4 standard lists that have to fly over the package with their template and then fly off a corner on the opposite side of the table. We had a lot of fun with it. I want to just make 400 pts vs 400 pts and throw out a large number of asteroids just to see it. I've been thinking of revamping the Tie Punisher mission to include more stuff for 2nd Ed. Maybe throw in a C-ROC.
  10. heychadwick

    Inferno Squad Experience?

    He's one of my favorite. I think he's worth the points. It's not a crazy powerful ability, but it does really add into things. I use that extra ability to do a Barrel Roll or an Evade. It's has come in handy enough times. Also helps with removing crits as he will still get his Focus. I have also found Wampa to be a great mix. The Init 1 is very useful for him as a blocker, but also the extra shots really matter on a Tie Fighter pilot. If people focus on him early on and kill him, it's not like he cost a lot. He's a really effective cheap fighter. If you have someone like Howlrunner or other big hitters, people will often not focus fire on him. Or....they do focus on him with at least one fighter, which is usually enough to take some heat off your big hitters. Last game I played with her, Wampa managed to fire at R3 on a B-wing. I got 3 hits through on the B-wing, which seriously depleted it's shields in the first round of engagement....all from a Tie Fighter that is barely more expensive than an Academy. I am surprised that there aren't more Academy Pilots in people's lists. They are cheap and fantastic blockers. I have a hard time with a list with no blockers.
  11. heychadwick

    Inferno Squad Experience?

    I've gotten some good blocks on good players. The speed of a Tie Fighter makes is not that difficult for an Academy to rush 5 forward and screw someone's plans up. They are only predictable if you fly predictable. If something has a sloop, it can be predictable, too.
  12. heychadwick

    Importance of Initiative?

    You have to play a bit different when using lower Init pilots. You have to be a bit conservative with your moves and set up fields of fire where you think they will move. DO NOT fly in formation as it will be easier for them to just avoid all of your arcs. Move in a group, but spread out a bit. Dont let someone get isolated, but set up different fields of fire. If you get them in your kill box, you can put the hurt on. Having a very cheap blocker is good, too. Maybe a Z-95? Have it rush up while the rest stay back. If you get to block their ace you are golden. They are in your sights and have no tokens and you do.
  13. heychadwick

    Inferno Squad Experience?

    I don't get this. Iden's ability is a one time use. How is she the biggest threat the longer she stays alive? Personally, I don't think Ties should be flown in formation. Oh, I fly mine together, but in a loose formation that I don't even try to hold together. Tie Fighters are really maneuverable and I think locking them into formation or forcing yourself to fly in formation is too difficult and it gives your opponent a chance to mess with you. I think Howlrunner is a trap. Everyone thinks you HAVE to take her to make Tie Fighters work. You HAVE to fly formations to make Howlrunner work. People use your formations against you with asteroids and how they move. You mess up and cause bumping and they strike. I think Tie Fighters are best used to fly as they will, but in a pack. It's OK to have bumpage at some points in time as long as it sets you up for a good shot or good for next turn. If they enemy is all bumping, too, they are tokenless. What I like to do is create a bump screen on the approach. If you can get just out of shot range or even with a few ships shooting at R3, that is good. Next, you rush forward your Academy Pilot (always have at least one) and stick it right in their craw. The other Tie fighters move forward to create a space filled with Tie Fighters. Basically, the enemy pilots have nowhere to land. No matter what their move is, they bump a Tie Fighters, which moves them back to basically bumping the first Tie Fighter. All their ships bump into each other or one of your Ties. At this point, you have a lot of ships at R1 and R2. You all have a Focus. They don't have any actions. In this exchange, the Tie Fighters usually get the better of the deal. In the next round, the front Tie Fighters do K-turns or other moves to turn around while the rear Tie Fighters go for the blocks. You can do a lot of 1 hard turns to get people on the flanks of the enemy, too. This round you can really see the damage start to get through. I find this funny as the more I play other ships, the more I am enjoying my Tie Fighters. I came to this thread to look into the latest thoughts on just Tie Fighters as a list. I almost always have some Tie Fighters in my lists as I hate to have 4 or less ships. I use them quite a bit as blockers and such. They usually get in at R1 and get a lot of hits in. I've been experimenting with other ships and Tie Fighters and I often find that the Tie Fighters were the champions of the lists. There are times my other ships do little, but the Tie Fighters block the enemy and get more hits than you would expect for a Tie Fighter. As an example, just Thursday night, Wampa fired R3 at a B-wing and got 3 hits through. An Academy Pilot rushed forward to block the enemy formation. He caused another B-wing to bump and then Wedge to bump it. Wedge fired at someone else than the Academy (and missed pretty bad). The Academy fired and got 2 hits and a crit through! Wedge was hit hard by a dang Academy Pilot! Overall, I am finding Tie Fighters doing all the hard work in my lists and being the most effective. I know I've been flying them since Wave 1 and I enjoy flying them, while others are more in love with Tie Interceptors or other ships. Maybe it just takes a lot of practice with them? I just get pretty good at setting up blockers and then kill boxes with them. Forget the formation flying, though. I think it takes away what you can do with Tie Fighters.
  14. heychadwick

    Dagobah Dave's Trench Run: Strategy

    Ahhh....so you are recreating the old pilot abilities? I wonder how that is going to go. I redid DD's games and did a straight up translation to 2.0 as best I could. The Rebels won pretty handily for the first time in a long time. Not sure if it was the new rules or luck.
  15. heychadwick

    Scenario play?

    I've been playing some of the early scenarios and they still work. It's actually a bit better as the balance for all ships is there more. I do agree that I hope they are going to do more. FFG hinted that they can do a lot with their app once they get the various next projects done. Nothing concrete. Some people expect a type of campaign.