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  1. Happy Friday

    Happy Friday. Man, I was stressed this past week due to work. I faced a real tournament list tonight. It pissed me off. I got angry. I need to drink more to not think of work....and tournament lists.
  2. Princess Leia as a pilot?

    I like the idea of keeping it a bit of a surprise. So, maybe have it "Once per round when a friendly in R1-2 does a red" works. I kind of like just making it a white, but I'm not against the "happens before check stress step". Good stuff! I'm kind of leaning towards PS 4 as I don't want to make her too good.
  3. Princess Leia as a pilot?

    I'm leaning towards PS 4 at the moment, but I can see 3 more than 5. I like it being just that she's not stressed and Range 1-2. I think that's enough, really. That and you have to take her for a quarter of your points. I don't like it as an action. If you announce it at the beginning, then you are also telegraphing what you are doing.
  4. Princess Leia as a pilot?

    You don't think PS 4 for Leia? I'm on the fence about it because she's probably not a GREAT pilot. I mean, Red Squadron Vets are PS 4. Everyone also says there should be some other limit on it. I figured Range 1-2 was enough, but I can see IF SHE'S NOT STRESSED as another condition. I'm not sure about it causing a stress, though. I figure she's blabbing something inspirational, but can't do it if she's stressed.
  5. Princess Leia as a pilot?

    Hi Guys, I have read comics and such that has Princess Leia in the cockpit of a T-65 X-wing and I've thought about making her into a pilot for the game. Yes, yes....all unofficial. I'm thinking of making an "alt art" pilot card for Shuttle Tydirium....but more than just the art being alt. Just to start off....what would her Pilot Skill be? Personally, I think it would be less than Garven Dreis (Red Leader), which is 6. Biggs and Hobbie are PS 5. Should she be PS 5 or maybe even PS 4? I'd love for input here. Should she get an EPT? There is always the talk about there not being some of the early wave pilots that SHOULD get an EPT, but should Leia? I mean, on one hand, I can as she's a main character. On the other, I can see she isn't a pilot as a main career choice...or even secondary. Then again, would it turn into one of those that she SHOULD have an EPT? I'd love input on this. Here is her crew card, which is not much for being so expensive: CREW - 4pts: At the start of the Activation phase, you may discard this card to allow all friendly ships that reveal a red maneuver to treat that maneuver as a white maneuver until the end of the phase. I'm thinking of making it something like that, but for every turn. Pilot Ability: At the Start of the Activation phase, you may allow one friendly ship within Range 1-2 to reveal a red maneuver and treat that maneuver as a white maneuver until the end of the phase. What do you guys think of that? It's kind of powerful, but you have to be at R 1-2. She's not a high PS pilot, so she can be hunted down on her own pretty easily enough. It's only a T-65, so it's not some broken ship. It can work on her as she can inspire herself. COST: I think cost should be around what other PS level pilots have. Hobbie and Biggs are both PS 5 and both 25 pts, but they don't have an EPT. Maybe if she is PS 5 and has an EPT, then she's 26 pts? Or...make her PS 4 and with an EPT at 25 pts? I kind of like that one, but would love input. I'd love to hear input. Cool ability? Too powerful? She's not so much on her own and it's only when you combine her with others that it might be pretty powerful, but that's a lot of points to put in for a support ship.
  6. How would you craft a casual x-wing event?

    Hey, if you post the event as a big casual one and someone brings cancer, then that's all them. Of course, we can add no more than one Wookie Gunship to the vs. List if it makes you feel better. What happens if someone wins it all with a cancer List? It's not like 1st place will win that much prizes. They will earn the disrespect of all players. I still say the best tool is TO's discretion to ban ships.
  7. How would you craft a casual x-wing event?

    My group is going to run a casual event at GenCon. 24 player max. Here are the ban lists I came up with: - No TLTs - No Harpoon Missiles - No PTL - No PS 7-9 - No VI, Adaptability, or other PS change. - No Deadeye - No Adv Cloaking Device - No Engine Upgrade - No Crackshot - No Captured Tie title Can you find something that would still break it? Sure, but I think that's good enough. Also, you should be able to hold full veto on any list. If you see some Yahoos trying to break it then just veto their list. Keep doing it until they get the hint. Nothing like a couple of trolls that want to club baby seals. Just block them from doing it.
  8. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    That's awesome to hear! I'm all about people just playing the game the way they want. Play the way that's fun.
  9. FFG not welcoming to new players.

    I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm just saying it's not always done. It doesn't make the tournament or the casual player a jerk or toxic.
  10. FFG not welcoming to new players.

    It might not be wordless, but it might not be about what type of game they are each looking for is what they are chatting about.
  11. FFG not welcoming to new players.

    Man, you see things in black and white. Yes, if you are curb stomping a toddler then you are a jerk. If you are there to practice for a tournament and you play against someone who's just into the game for non-tournament play then you can have a negative experience for both players. I don't know if people talked about the type of game beforehand. Yes, doing that is a great way to start. It's not always done, though. There can be situations where neither player is really a jerk, but the more experienced player could've noticed that perhaps the other guy didn't want a full blown tournament level game. You put a lot of onus on the store owner. This guy has a large shop and there are usually several different games going on each night of the week. He's not going to get involved in every single one of them and really regulate how it's going. It's especially true if people aren't being overt jerks. When it comes down to a difference in how people play, the game store owner isn't going to get involved. I'm still incredulous as to how a tournament player who is not otherwise toxic would scare people away from the game. Your example is really about phrasing: X ship sucks and you should never fly it. Thats a pretty rough way to hear about your favie little spaceship, but I find it less greasy than someone extolling the white hot virtues of the Mist Hunter to make a deceptive buck. The key is, again, balance. The truth is some ships are in rough shape, or are harder to use than another. The example you give is really wrong only when they say "never use it." Fly what you want, even in a tournament. Maybe you'll raise some eyebrows. One can be honest about the state of the game, no rose-colored flight goggles on, but still be supportive. You don't see how a non-toxic tournament player can scare away people looking for a game? This is where degrees of mistakes are made. So, if you have a tournament player who's gearing up for the well known (in tournament circles) tournament in the next week is at a game store and wanting practice for the big event. From his perspective almost everyone knows about the tournament and he knows that a lot of people at the game store that night are there for some hard practice. A guy who doesn't follow the meta, forums, or podcasts enjoys the game with his buddies. He walks into the game store oblivious to the local scene and what's going on. He plops down 4 T-65's and proceeds to play a number of the locals. None of them really say that they are there for practicing the big tournament because everyone they know is all prepping for it. It's obvious to them. The new guy doesn't say anything as this is one of the first times he's ever been to the game store to play with people other than his buddies. After a few games were the casual player gets his list handed to him in shreds, he decides he doesn't like playing at the local game store and goes home. The tournament guys aren't rude or mean, but they just don't notice that this guy was out looking for a fun game. Are the tournament players toxic? I don't think so. It's all miscommunication. Could it have been solved by talking beforehand? Sure, but that often doesn't happen. I just want to say that the few times I've exchanged posts with you that you have been a hostile person and more interested in agitating than building a good community. I've been tempted before to put you on my ignore list, but I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt. You always seem ready to attack someone for being anti-tournament and "militant casual".
  12. FFG not welcoming to new players.

    I would say that the people in my store weren't as much jerks as the ones in @Kehl_Aecea 's post, but they didn't really act like @PanchoX1, either. All I can really speak from are the experiences I have encountered. While not being a jerk, they didn't really stop playing WAAC for people that were just looking for a fun game. The guy who owns my local shop told me he sells to lots of players, but they don't want to come in to play the regulars. Look, I got burnt out on Tournament play, but I'm not against it. I'm against tournament players thinking it's the only way, or the "real" way to play. I get frustrated when tournament players scare off people interested in the game. I get tired of tournament players telling people that X ship sucks and you should never fly it. I'm not "militant casual". Tournament games are fine, if that's what you want to do. You can take my comment about what the guy who runs my local store told me and consider it some shot across the bow of tournament players if you want. Get all indignant and such. I'm just reporting what the guy told me.
  13. Punish me Harder

    Has anyone tried Tie Punishers in Epic?
  14. FFG not welcoming to new players.

    You need to chill out a bit. The level of hostility you are throwing off is pretty high. You seem ready to be offended by whatever you can find. My "bold declarations" was that I retold what the guy running my local game store told me. I retold a real life conversation, not some bold declaration. It's what the guy running my local store thinks. I'm talking about my local store. Other people chimed in and said the same happened at their store. It's not an anti-tournament statement. Look at @PanchoX1 and his response. He talks about playing less competitive vs. new players. He's a tournament guy and not steam rolling new or casual players. It might be food for thought about how some people might play the game and be unwelcoming towards newer players.
  15. FFG not welcoming to new players.

    Quite possible, yet irrelevant.