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  1. You can always use the base and dial for another faction pretty easy. Does it really matter if it is another faction.
  2. Not when I tried. Might matter which way you turn as you move them in a particular order.
  3. Is there actually many bad wings? I mean, all of them seem to be really good. I can think of a Wing of Space Tugs being bad as an extreme example, but I think just about any ship does well in a Wing. Part of what you want to think about is what type of game are you playing? Are you doing just 500 pt brawl? Or playing an objective? Do you have something else you really want to play in your list? If you use a Wing of Tie Defenders, you will seriously not have much else in your list. That might not work out well....or it might work out great. It all depends. I think that Vulture Droids are fine in a Wing. You can't do the 1 hard turn, but the 2 hard turns are fine. I don't know why you would say that they don't do well. It means everyone will have a Calculate token. A Wing to me normally makes me think of 6 ships, unless it's something expensive, like Y-wings. I look at them as 3 ship Wings. Not sure on X-wings, but definitely not 6.
  4. That was 1st Ed Epic. Non-tournament 2nd Ed (which includes Epic Battles) means you can have as many whatever as you want. No limit.
  5. I am a bit frustrated that I haven't gotten to fly the Red Baron yet. We had a tornado cancel game night. Then snow. The few times we have had game night, we played Flight Group Alpha, and no one wanted a game after that. It would be really nice to actually get to play with my new ship. I think I will use it as a regular Interceptor tomorrow night for Flight Group Alpha.
  6. Absolutely agree with this! I have always liked to have at least half a list of generics as too few ships really makes me feel vulnerable. I also think that the init bid is crap. Once you learn to fly generics it really can become easy to knock out ace players. Blocking is an underappreciated tool. If I have a game with 3 or fewer blocks, I am doing it wrong or failing horribly.
  7. I agree with Advanced Optics on low Init pilots. I have traditionally used them on regular Tie Fighter Epsilon Cadets at Init 1. Use the Focus for defense if you need to, but if you aren't being shot at, you can either use the Focus for modding your dice to hits....or changing a blank to a hit. How often do you fire and get a Hit and a Blank? Too often for me. In fact, I think it works better for the First Order Tie Fighters as you can get more ships. More ships means more ships with Focus and Adv Optics. It means more ships that are not shot at and will have their Focus to translate the attack into a hit. 29 pts for each ship is pretty cheap. Even if you just put 3 of them in a list and a bunch of better ships, you can do a lot with them. I just checked the probability calculator for 2 attack dice with a Focus and Adv Optics and you get: 0% of zero hits; 18.7% of 1 hit; 81.2% of 2 hits. That's pretty impressive for a 29 pt ship. It also gives a lot of ships to Phasma to bounce damage to.
  8. On the plus side, we did play FGA tonight. Civil War campaign, mission #2. Four of us flying Tie Bombers trying to stop some Firesprays blow up a base. It was a lot of fun and the dice were a little crazy. In the end, half of us were shot down (Including me - it was the **** Concussion Missile Scyks!). We even managed to finish it with Gold Star objectives complete! I think 4 people might be the best way to play the game. More is too many and fewer is not enough.
  9. I know people that don't like MyFace and ended up creating a bogus account only to do game stuff. It is a solution.
  10. Yep, FGA for short. You can get that on Board Game Geek here: FGA on BBG The Clone Wars stuff is on the Facebook group. I don't have a direct link to it.
  11. The link above is the link to the 2nd Ed documents. There are actually a couple of different versions (from what I understand), but this one is the most popular and had the most support from the original creator. There is a Facebook group that talks about it and has a lot of side projects. There is a Clone Wars version as well as an Imperial version based on the old Tie Fighter pc game from the 90's.
  12. This is a real thing. I had a list back in 1st Ed that was Vader with 5 Tie Fighters. Vader had that one EPT that gave him extra red dice for using other ship's tokens. I would go in and nail someone hard with Vader, and then peel off. All Vader would do is circle out of enemy's arcs while the Tie Fighters would cause bump storms and get a ton of R1 shots on people. It was a good strategy as everyone focuses on Vader. Tie Fighters did the real work in the list.
  13. I think you go with a very loose grouping to create a killbox for the enemy. I believe formation flying will be the worst for them (in most cases). Someone wrote a blog article (that I can't remember) that talks about this. I think it is the best thing for the X1 to go for. Their range of speed makes it pretty significant. It allows you to decide who goes for which target.
  14. Man overboard! Still, Bombardment Specialist makes all attacks possible at R4....if you have enough Calc tokens. I think you would need more than 1 attack to make it worth it....unless I am rolling the green dice!
  15. If you guys get the chance to play Flight Group Alpha (the Imperial one), it is pretty good. There were some recent changes that updated the career path changes. I find them really interesting.
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