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  1. Finished first round of Mario Kart at GenCon. Fewer signed up for the morning event. Still had a blast. Will post pictured eventually. Everyone had a good time.
  2. I keep thinking of some cheap Mangler Scyks and Captain Jostero with Harpoon Missile. First, you hit someone with the Harpoon, then you hit them with the Manglers. Each crit will cause damage and at least one of them will let you fire again. Maybe a better idea would be Quinn Jast and Harpoon Missile, plus a bunch of cheap Mangler Scyks. That would probably fit more in. For something you can hit with 3 dice, that will rip apart a large, non-agile ship!
  3. I would also recommend looking into a fan made campaign pack that is free. It's called "Heroes of the Aturi Cluster" and is a co-operative game. That means 2-6 players all on the same side playing vs. a surprisingly nasty AI Imperial opponent. It's some of the best X-wing you will ever play. It is good fun. You will find that there are people who play tournament level and there are those that play....more casually. If you don't want to do high meta builds, look for the casual players. Then again, if you want tournament, you shouldn't have too hard a time finding them!
  4. We have done a number of the missions for our podcast, but there are still a lot more to do. I'd say we have done 1/4 of them? We did cover the CR-90 campaign, but none of the rest.
  5. I agree that people on both sides can be bad, I will say that I have been I many early discussions of causal gaming and been attacked by tournament types pretty badly. The hostility I've been on the receiving end of for not preferring tournament style has been harsh. I can say I have seen it happen, even if you havent.
  6. It's been a while since I played epic. I think I should do the C-ROC campaign.
  7. I would recommend over the ear bluetooth. I'm older, though, and can say listening to podcasts through ear buds usually hurts my ear. I prefer over the ear. I know that's just my preference, though. If you go that route, look for ones that don't have cheap plastic bands over the head. Think about what would happen if sat on or dropped. WHAT?!?!?!? Do you know who I am? I'll get you banned from X-wing for talking to me like that! How dare you..... Actually, I'm surprised people listen to mine! I will say that we have a lot of casual stuff still to cover. We have only played through one epic ship campaign so far. Lots more missions to go through.
  8. There will always be some posts you just have to ignore. Just hope your thread doesn't become a meme train.
  9. You don't usually see people outright say they dislike casual players, but you definitely see posts like this. To me, it says if you aren't a serious tournament type then you are an idiot. It's not usually a direct insult, but it's there. It's also in all the comments where people say "maybe this game isn't for you". To the OP, I've found it important to post in the initial post about either being strictly tournament or strictly casual. It tends to avoid the contusion.
  10. Don't put your epic ships near the board edge. When they turn, their end skids out like a Tokyo Drift and that will put you off the board. Don't take too many upgrades that require you to remember a bunch of things as there is so much going on that you won't remember all the special rules. More generics are generally better than aces as you can have a lot of generics concentrate fire and shoot down an enemy ace pretty easily. Make sure you understand the epic rules before you go into it. What takes a while is just remembering all the rules. Protect your epic ship from enemy fighter screens.
  11. He's not a person, he's a life(death)style!
  12. I've found all the named mid-PS Tie Advanced pilots to be pretty effective. I used them a lot to play test my Narrative Campaign games and they were ugly. I found even Zertik Strom with a bunch of Tie Fighters to be ugly when they joust you.
  13. I am betting someone takes him to our GenCon narrative event. Well, a lower level Tie Interceptor can be upgraded into him after 2 matches. I'm sure SOMEONE will bring him, right?
  14. I just keep picturing him like a young Hugh Heffner. He's got a smoking jacket and some booze and he's looking smug as ****.
  15. Of course, I had heard of the game for months, but I was going to avoid it. I was playing WHFB and that was fine. Yes, it had problems, but I didn't need a new game to run into. I was going to stay far away from X-wing. I heard it was a lot of fun from those few people who can go to GenCon, but....