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  1. Why do you think the Rebels are hurting?
  2. We managed to get 4 person races done in...90 min? Don't go more than 4 people or it takes too long.
  3. Oh, found the files HERE.
  4. Shuttle Tydirium did a few events at GenCon. It was pretty fun. We play tested the rules and such and thought of a number of things to speed things up. If you don't watch out, then the games can go on forever as no one ever finishes the race. We had 3 different tracks. One was a diamond pattern with short cut alleys. Some say it looked a bit plain, but was quite fun and interesting. There was another that was a bit like a circle 8, but you could choose which side to do first. That one was pretty fun. The last was a drag strip type long track where you had to go to the end and then come back. It allowed the leader to get shot at more, which was fun. I can't find the rules we used this moment, but I'll find them and post them. We have graphics for all the cards and such if anyone wants to use them. We had three types of races: Stock class = generic ship (either Z-95 or Scyk) and 5 pts of upgrades. You can take as many EPT's as you want, but no zero point ones. No Engine Upgrade as it was too unfair. Modified class = 24 pts with standard prohibited items. Open Class = was it 40 pts? I can't recall. I'll have to check. No Dead Man's Switch, Lone Wolf, Cloaking, Advanced SLAM, and a couple others. Personally, I love Stock the best. Stacking the EPTs is fun. Snap Shot is a great card for this, as is Elusive. Ships with turrets are good, too. Haven't tried Bomblet Generator. Lt Kestal with Ion Cannon Turret ruled the game I played with her. She shut down Soontir Fel like a fiend and almost won it. It came down to the last turn and a Green Shell fired backwards destroyed me. I would say I've played about 20 games of Mario Kart. It's very fun.
  5. I'm thinking that Minefield Mapper could be good for lists that were like Ghost and Biggs that just went back and forth along one board edge. Stick some Cluster mines on their side and they will actually have to move around the middle!
  6. Welcome back Shadowmax. As someone who's had health issues, I'm glad to see you back. Have you tried Heroes of the Aturi Cluster? It's pretty darn fun...
  7. I'm enjoying the game so far.
  8. Yes, there is! Shuttle Tydirium Episode 66: Stick 'em up. This is an Intel Raid! Listen here online Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium podcast for episode 66! We got our first look at the M-12 Tequila fighter this week, we talk a bit about the Global Grayskull campaign, and we also got into a very in-depth discussion of mission C2A, AKA 'Intel Raid', AKA 'The better Mission 2'. Captain's Question: 5:30 Global Grayskull Narrative Campaign: 17:00 M-12 Tequila fighter expansion preview: 21:25 Ready Room: 45:00 Music in the dramatic reading is by Kai Engel, used under a creative commons license, (and adapted for our purposes by Phil Meade). Check out Kai Engel’s excellent compositions here: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Kai_Engel/. If you really like his stuff put a buck in his tip jar! Thanks to our Patrons Jan Ullerup, David Brennan, Steve Ruples, Kletus Van Dam, David Holland, and Tim LeBeau for lending their voice talents to the C-ROC campaign readings! Facebook Gmail: the.shuttle.tydirium@gmail.com
  9. I'm still waiting for someone to put Minefield Mapper on a Punisher and see how it goes.
  10. We just care about having FUN! It's not about who's blaster is longer with us. We just like to have a good time with our toy space ships. PEW PEW!
  11. No. The Resistance Bomber has 2 Bomb slots. See the bomb icon in the lower left? This takes up a Bomb slot, like Extra Munitions takes a Torpedo slot. So, you can have 4 of one Bomb type. I dunno.....this thing will have to be cool in the movie to make me want to fly it. Still, I like the "Resistance" boost instead of just Rebel. I really just want the bomb upgrades for the Tie Punisher.
  12. I agree with all that Kommander Keldoth says. Not only does formation flying look cool, but it also speeds up the game. Once you get used to Epic, it doesn't take as long. One reason people say it takes forever is you have to get used to the new rules and such. There are thoughts about new strategies and "am I doing this right?" Overall, the more people play, the faster epic gets. Another thing that helps speed things up is that not every ship of the same type is the same PS. Nothing is more boring than when your opponent has to figure out moving 12 Academy pilots. Break them up into different PS pilots, even if it's not super efficient points wise. It's efficient movement wise. Also, having ships that fire before the epic ships is also pretty good. Or even at the same time, so if they are destroyed, they still get to fire. That's actually pretty important, especially with ordnance carriers. If your store has any 40k terrain or other stuff, it's fun to put that on the table, too. Have a fight over a ruined city, jungle, or in Beggar's Canyon. Visually pleasing makes it more fun. More generics is better. Don't dump your points into expensive ships. Having a bunch of cheap Khiraxzes is better than a handful of aces.
  13. Unlocks keep the game fresh as you get to use different weapons that you had to earn. I'm not saying I"m enjoying it, but it's what happens. I have found in some games that I go to unlock weapons that I don't even use, just do have them unlocked. Silly humans....
  14. Actually I did figure the crates and the crafting bit. So you do get star cards and it's not too difficult. I am trying to maximize my officer class as I think that's pretty darn cool. I just want to get the better pistol.
  15. I did notice that you can buy "trooper" kits for 4,000 in game credits. I had enough to buy 3-4 of them and I have not that many games in. I did manage to get a number of useful upgrades, as well as bits and useless upgrades. So, it's not impossible to get these various cards. I don't understand how to craft anything with the bits yet. I know you can make star cards, I just haven't bothered to look. I know there are extra star card spaces that you can unlock with "lvl 5" something or another. Not sure how or what you need to do. Overall, though, it seems like the various upgrades won't be too bad if I've already earned a few of them.