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  1. I do like that name....
  2. I think it can be set up so that not ever mission grants victory with an alpha strike win. That way, you have to take the same list not knowing which missions you will have to do. It means an alpha list would have the advantage in some missions, and utterly not in the others. It is also match dependent.
  3. I am a bit miffed that I haven't tried any of them yet. I had car trouble 2 weeks ago and we played HotAC too late the next week. I'd really like to get some games in here.
  4. There are ways to set up the missions where losing ships is important and could cost you the game. This should be a good thing. So, it is possible to just blast the other side off the table to victory. Some of that comes down to a few things, though. At the moment, there are some tournament lists that are about avoiding damage and/or out lasting your opponent. Those types of lists wouldn't do well if your goals were to kill the enemy quickly. Also, if your opponent managed to get around you and got to the objective while you destroyed half to much of their list, it might just come out as a close game or lose for the person going for the kill. Depends on the objective points and how many you got to kill before they hit the objective. There is also the idea of a mini swarm or swarm where you can only kill so many enemy cheap ships a turn. This could favor the opponent as they can hit the objective before you can kill enough of them to make the points matter. So...I think being able to win by killing the enemy is a valid tactic and should be something people think about, but I would say it's not always a winning strategy to play. This was all around when 8th Ed WHFB was coming out. There was a pretty strong tournament scene internationally. We even had 100+ people tournaments here in NC at least once a year. There were many podcasts and such. Before that, it was just "kill them all" games that scored points purely on defeating everyone. GW declared that all tournaments would be with the d6 mission in the back of the book (with one being a "kill them all" mission). They were pretty simple and interesting missions. If you were clever and had a flexible army list, you could claim victory from a beat stick army that was bashing any unit it faced. It took feints, distractions, and cheap units to go for the objectives while you sacrificed the rest of your army. Many people hated the idea. Nay sayers said it would be the end of tournament play. There was no way you could manage that in a tournament. It would be too complicated. Others said it took away from the purity of the game and the true essence of what it was to play it. Many of the same arguments I hear about introducing it to X-wing. That's why it completely makes me think of that transition. It turned out to be a piece of cake and most people enjoyed it after the fact. There are always salty dogs, though.
  5. This idea pops up every 12-18 months. I always like it. There is a debate about what missions would be fair or balanced. People often come up with ideas. There are a lot of traps to watch out for with to fight Suicide Runs and things like that. @Babaganoosh is much better than myself for building missions that are pretty balanced. You should look at some of his. Overall, many people like the idea and want it. There are a lot of people that don't want it and say they wouldn't play with it. I always talk about how with WHFB they said they were introducing missions. Many claimed it was the death of the game and you couldn't play tournaments that way. It turned out to be a big hit and worked really well in tournaments.
  6. I had fun with this one.
  7. I also have fun with @Cubanboy's idea of using 20 asteroids on the table during a match. There is "only Generics" or "no one above PS 6".
  8. I'll agree that if you have been playing the game for a while, you do like it. There are times when the game just pisses you off for some reason. It pisses you off not because you hate the game, but because you love it. Maybe you started in Wave 1 and don't like the power creep. Or the dials are always amazing when compared to old ships. Usually there is something that sets you off because you love the game and something you see unbalances it.
  9. Wasn't there some video where some nerd lady debated it and came out with some official ruling that it was @-@? I wish I could recall the link. I've always heard it said @-@. Very rarely A.T.-A.T. @-@ just rolls off the tongue better. Wait....
  10. I think it takes a bit of knowing which threads to jump into and which ones to stay away from. Or....being able to ignore certain threads for what they are and deal with the people that are decent in each thread. I have found that talk of casual games have gained more acceptance than they used to. Just make sure in your posts to state you play one way or the other and you don't end up with one of those arguments of casual vs. tournament. I think both camps have learned to just not bother entering into that discussion these days. I'm happy about that. I can say I have fun with "x" ship and not get lambasted because it's not been seen at the top tables of worlds. Also, less "militant casual" people blasting those that play tournament that they are doing it wrong.
  11. What about Minefield Mapper, though? No love for that? Maybe let him play with the stuff early, but his buddies don't get to use the new Mapper or Generator at all yet? That could give him an edge early. You can always try the Punisher mission I made up. It's fully of Ordnance Tie Punishers blowing the crap out of pirates. That should cheer him up!
  12. I really like the campaigns with the big ships. I think when you play it, you need to agree not to take really powerful stuff when you play it. For example, as many Tie Phantoms or ships with HLC can ruin the campaigns. You just need to agree to do a lot more generics and regular ships instead of the crazy powerful ones. If you can agree to that, it's not usually too bad.
  13. I think GenCon is the mother of gaming conventions. So, it's mostly gaming. We are doing an X-wing event on that Saturday. We are pretty excited as we put a bunch of work into it.
  14. It's my first year going, but I have no idea. I'll be busy running games almost the entire time, too. I won't get much of a chance to check things out.