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  1. OK....it's not like it's a different game than WHFB. It REPLACED WHFB. So, there is no other version of the game. Warhammer Fantasty Battle that you might have known and loved is dead and gone. It's not official at all. Instead, they gave you a different game that uses about the same minis, but they stuck them on round bases. Oh, the whole unit thing where the entire point of the game was about moving units around to flank and counter charge and all that....well...it's turned into a mob of the old minis on round bases that just kind of mob up in the middle. Forget all those cool rules and concepts of moving army units around. It's a just a bunch of gangs. The fluff for the game is ripped to shreds. Lots of armies just don't exist anymore. So, if that's your thing that you spent $1000 on, you just can't play the game anymore. Oh, they started off saying that there were no points in the game anymore. Just....show up with stuff that you want to play. Put whatever you want on the table. Then, when enough people complained, they did come out with some sort of point system. \ There are some people who hate Age of Sigmar so much, but miss the old game that went around and created their own version of the game. It's called 9th Age since the last official version was 8th Ed. It's basically 9th Ed. I read through some of the rules and army books and it's pretty much the most well balanced version of the game to ever come out. I know long term fans that swear by it. From what I understand, the majority of the UK gamers just went with AoS as they have to play in GW shops and all that. The US pretty much plays 9th Age and are enjoying it. I.....saw what was coming and dropped the game to start playing X-wing and have never been happier.
  2. Unless you give it Unguided Rockets, then it doesn't need GC.
  3. The Tie Phantom doesn't need a buff. It doesn't need anything. If it's not on the table then the world is a better place.
  4. @#$!, (%&^-ing No!!!!!
  5. Yes, you can't fire the Rockets if you Boost, but sometimes having the option to Boost instead of firing the Rockets. I'll take it. There are a number of systems that you can use. Sensor Jammer Advanced Sensor (get your Focus first) Electronic Baffle Collision Detector Don't forget that new Bomb system that we don't know about. I'm sure this is going to rock for Tie Punishers.
  6. I never make mistakes, especially if it's about a mission that I'm doing for a podcast review. I'm being sarcastic.
  7. Sure it's cheaper on a Bomber, but the Tie Punisher is a different beast. It's got more hits and it's got Boost that are different than the Tie Bomber. Also, it has System slot. Don't forget that it has 2 Bomb slots. Great to use the Bombs to better effect and just the Rockets for all attacks. I don't see a problem.
  8. I thought the Tie Punisher fix was Unguided Rockets? It's perfect for the Tie Punisher.
  9. In epic? I usually see Aces shot to pieces in the first pass. They tend to be a waste of points in most games.
  10. I had that link....and was looking....but didn't see that bolded part. Not sure why I missed it because I looked for it. Oh, well. Thanks again internet friends!
  11. What I like about a Goznati with Suppressor title, Single Turbo Laser, and Sensor Team you can really dish out some damage to people. If they have epic ships, you can hit them from long range with a TL to modify your dice. If you want to attack small ships, you can strip a Focus/Evade from them before you fire with a TL to modify. As I stated, if they don't have a Focus for their dice, you can get a number of hits through with a Single Turbo Laser. If you are worried about energy, you can go with Optimized Generators for an upgrade. This lets you get 2 free energy when you put energy on your Single Turbo Laser. You can have a free energy to modify one eyeball or for something next turn. Let's say the enemy comes for you, you can still move at high speed and even if you put 1 Energy on the Turbo Laser, you get 2 for free. Maybe skip one turn of shooting, but maybe not.
  12. Yes....sorry. You can put on any hard point. Single Turbo Laser. Ion Battery is also good (it is battery, right? I don't have my app with me).
  13. Thanks so much! It's really helpful for me today. They really need Star Wars smilies.
  14. Hi Guys, I'm not near my stuff, but I'm trying to figure out if the starter missions for the 2nd starter set tell you that you can play the game with 100 pts of ships instead of what comes in the starter set. What I mean is, for the first Core Set, they have the 3 missions. They tell you what to take and build the list with what comes in the starter set (1 X-wing and 2 Ties), but then say you can play the mission with 100 pts on each side. Does the Force Awakens starter set have the same verbiage in it? Thanks!
  15. I'm betting they errata it so that you don't need Jabba on the table to use the tokens. Fluff wise they are his guards and they get extra goods, even if he blows up.