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  1. I will say that Heroes of the Aturi Cluster is going to love Intensity! So...many.....uses....
  2. I agree that it will make some of these guys more playable, like Zeta Ace. OP? No, but more playable.
  3. I was thinking the next turn, if he doesn't need to Boost or BR, he can both Focus and Evade to then hopefully have one left at end of round to adjust. If he's using ATC, he should still have his TL on someone already.
  4. I've not played tournament Epic and most games that I've seen tend to shy away from boosting the Epic to a higher PS. We tend to be a lot more laid back and don't really like the idea of someone like Jonus hanging around a Raider, just to boost all his attacks. Then again, I know we are weird. As for the missions, it can depend on which mission. If it's a well made mission (like the ones we are play testing for our GenCon event), then it's usually much better to get more generics than a few aces. So, if you have someone at PS 5, he's a big shot. Also, the mid-named guys are usually real beasts!
  5. Yeah.....Epic is big on PS, especially if it fires before any of the Epics that shoot at PS 4. Missions are also good for those mid PS guys.
  6. Rainbow Bridge would take forever to finish as everyone would be falling off and starting over. We found anything to streamline the game ending sooner is a good thing. Otherwise, it tends to drag on.
  7. Onyx Squadron at PS 5 isn't a bad deal. I'll agree that you will probably go with Double Edged over the generic, but the high PS generic isn't too bad. PS 5 means he's going after a lot of ships. You can actually use those Missile slots for real missiles. Also, if you go with Autoblaster Turrets on them, you know where to go to get into R1 with a lot of ships. Yes....there is always Fenn Rau at PS 9, but there are enough mid to low PS ships out there it can beat.
  8. OK.....I will admit that I'm thinking of more than tournament play. I should always say that when I post things like that. So....with some of the lesser seen pilots, I think it is still viable, especially in missions. I've been doing a lot of mission play testing and I find the mid-PS guys to be amazing in missions. OH, fixed two of those errors for people who couldn't take what I listed. Doh! I do think that I haven't thought a lot on the whole flipping it over. It will be a big part of it. Surely it will change a few of these. I will also agree with some of your points on a number of these that maybe aren't the best, but even then....sometimes it can be fun. Some I do want to counter point: Turr Phenirr = The PS War is not as bad as it once was. So, you don't have to have PS 9 or die nearly as much at all. Valen Rudor = he might be able to peel off and flip. I know 2 attack are dead in tournaments, but not all are tournaments. T-70's = I think even a generic with EPT will like it. Yeah, it's not amazing, but it's not bad, either. It can work for almost any of those guys, even Ello as he can white T roll, Boost, and still get his Focus. Zeta Ace = he can BR for 2 and it's possible avoid some shots with that. Not OP, but I think it makes him definitely more viable. Attanni Mindlink = Just for something different. Serissu = She works best not with swarms, but when you have at least one ship that will take a lot of fire. Giving her the BR allows her to pretty much ensure she is near that one ship that you really want to defend. Thanks for taking the time to seriously read it all and respond. Glad I'm not just typing for nothin'.
  9. Fixed it. Thanks. So....lots of initial chatter about the Lt. What about Double Edge? 19 pts and you get an EPT. PS 4 is decent enough. Unguided Rockets for only 2 pts seems like a good start. Save your Focus unless you really think you will use it. Seems like someone you want to load up with weapons, but be careful. Don't get too crazy, is what I'm thinking. I'm probably thinking something cheap, like Dorsal Turret. You get the chance to fire at someone close to you or you can fire main guns out the front. Ion Cannon Turret isn't a bad idea, either. I can even see taking a Focus action and then firing ITC at someone behind you. Don't spend the Focus and save it for an Unguided Rocket if you miss the ITC shot. Autoblaster Turret might not be bad, either.
  10. He can't. Someone complained and he's told he is "spamming" if he does it anymore. Looking at Imperial ships with a 2 Green bank: Tie Fighter Tie Bomber Tie Interceptor Tie Phantom FO Tie Fighter Decimator With that list of similar ships, I am thinking the dial has to be pretty decent. The only dial that some consider "bad" is the Bomber, and I think only the 2 hard red is bad. Bomber has a pretty open dial. Throw in the comment in the article about it having an "open" dial means that I am thinking it will have few red moves. Maybe not a lot of green, but do you really need green to do really well with it? Then again....that 2 bank Green is pretty nice. I'm thinking it's not going to hurt for Greens.
  11. Whoa! I didn't even think of that! That's super cool! Yeah, I agree that anyone with R7-T1. When I've used that astromech, I've found it's pretty easy to be in R1-2 of an enemy in arc. Oh, and you can then use it for an Evade if you are still in firing arc. That would be a good combo for HotAC, actually.
  12. My first reaction to reading about Intensity makes me think of A-wings. It completely seems like a boost to A-wings. With their Test Pilot title, they can get two EPT's and really take advantage of Intensity. PTL on any A-wing is silly as you can do a Boost, get the free Evade/Focus, and PTL for another action (TL, Focus, or Evade). Jake is just silly with it as he can get a Boost, Barrel Roll, Focus, and TL all in the same turn! Or trade out one of those for an Evade if you want. You could even go with Predator to give you the re-rolls on your 2-3 red dice and then get an Evade after your Boost. Snapshot is another good one. Boost to get to a good spot for Snapshot and then get an Evade or Focus as a bonus. The possibilities are just crazy. Other people who like Intensity: Vader: With is 2 actions already, he can turn it into 3. Makes it easy to get out of firing arcs and still be effective. Or....get out of some firing arcs and still have a mod for defense if you really want to not be hit. Turr Phenirr: He can move up, get a Focus. Fire his attack (or use Focus for defense) and then Boost/BR out of the way and get a Focus/Evade. Valen Rudor: He gets shot...do a Boost/BR and get an Evade or Focus! What's not to love? Poe: He loves it, especially with BB-8. Gets his Focus for free and still can do an action. Any T-70: Use his Boost and get a Focus or Evade! Combine the Evade with Comm Relay and it's great. Snap Wexley: Gets a free Boost and then ads on a Focus or Evade! That's all before he gets to pick his action. Blue Ace: More likely to use the freaky Boost action. Norra Wexley with R7-T: She can Boost if someone has her in arc at R1-2, she gets a TL, and then she gets a Focus! Oh, and that rear arc can help ensure she still has a shot. Thane: Can use one of those free abilities to do a BR (w/ Thrusters) to also get a free Evade or Focus...and also maybe ensure there are other ships in firing arc to get more actions? Gemmar Sojan: Boost into R1 and get a Focus for that extra Green die. Sabine: In either ship she gets the free Boost/BR. Ahsoka: She wants to BR around to keep people in R1 and she wants a Focus. What's not to love? Wedge w/ BB-8: He would love this! Gets the free reposition and gets the free Focus or Evade. He could be a beast at PS 9 as he could still do action to either TL or Focus and then get a Focus or Evade for defense. Zertik Strom: Can BR to within R1 of enemy and still get his other action. Alozen: Same here. BR closer and get his free TL...as well as a Focus/Evade! Deathfire: Can do the BR to then get a free Bomb drop...and then get a free Focus/Evade. (NO EPT) Tie Defender: Any Tie Defender, even with /D title. You can reposition for possible arc dodge and still get a Focus for firing. Mauler Mithel: Can BR to get in R1 and still have a F/E. Black Squadron Tie Fighter: Not for formation flying, but you get one that can maybe Arc Dodge BR and get a F/E. Not crazy powerful, but not bad. Zeta Ace: Maybe you want to use Zeta Ace now as you get the extended BR and another action? Any Tie Striker: You want to be hard to predict? Use your Ailerons, move, BR, and then get a free F/E! Misthunter: Gain the BR ability and still get a Focus/Evade action! Combine that with FCS or something and you can put the hurt on someone. Any Kihraxz Fighter w/ V. Thrusters: You get the re-positioning they lack and an extra F/E! Serissu: BR to R1 of a friendly and get an Evade token for it! Quinn Jast: Need to flip your ordnance up, but don't want to be in the firing arc? Do a BR for your action and get that Evade token for defense! Inaldra: Need to ionize to get that shield back? Well, you can then BR and then Evade that next turn! Makes it easier to stay alive and Pulse your shield back. Any Fang Fighter: You can Boost or BR and get a F/E? Sure, Mindlink is cheaper, but you won't get the extra stress. Nice alternative. Guri: Boost or BR into R1 of an enemy....and get a Focus and an Evade! Combine with FCS and you should be quite happy. Kavil w/ Vectored Thrusters: Can be used for a lot of different things, depending on your turret. BR away for TLT shots and the extra action. BR close for Autoblaster Turret that is out of arc and roll 3 dice....plus that Focus! Dorsal Turret isn't even a bad idea as a BR can often get someone at R1-2. You get the bonus die out of arc, bonus die if in R1, and you still get a Focus to modify. Sure, not game breaking, but an actual option for only a 3 pt turret. OK.....that's it for now as I'm sure there are 3-5 pages of comment already to catch up on. Yeah, lots of these are top of Worlds cool, but there are a lot of different pilots that could really like this EPT.
  13. This looks all really cool. There isn't anything that I don't like, to be honest. Before I really get into it too much, I do have some rules questions for some things I'm not positive on. When does Lt. Kestal's ability kick in? Does it happen before defender uses Focus tokens? I'm thinking timing can make or break this ability. Does the Tie Striker's enforced Boost ability....is it considered a Boost? Would it activate Intensity? Or is that some sort of "maneuver" that isn't an actual Boost?
  14. Purple? I don't see purple.
  15. I fully understand that. I didn't read it, but I saw the older movie a long time ago. That movie was filmed in my state and I recognize a lot of places in the movie, which was neat. I don't really remember what happens and with it being a TV show, it's a bit different. I like it, though. Glad I don't recall too much.