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  1. I like that store. Also a bunch of Charlotte people heading up. Not me, but people.
  2. Wow.....Darth....I never realized you didn't convert over. I'm glad you did, though. Was it your brother's first games, too? Was it what you expected? Different? Had you been playing 1st Ed for the past year? I would love to hear some thoughts on it.
  3. heychadwick

    The Hyenas

    @MasterShake2 I have swapped out my Proton Torps for the Struts and I have to admit that Struts are pretty clutch in a lot of games. I do miss the extra attack die, though, especially if I manage to live to the mid or late game. Overall, I appreciate your help with strategy. Yeah.....I feel like I play a different game than some of these guys. I played against someone who had an 11 point bid!?!?!? I MAYBE have a point, and that's just because I can't find anything. It's really very different when playing with more than 3 ships. What is "good" changes.
  4. If you can get 2 ships on the template, you can pick the ship.
  5. Backstabber is my pick. I played the **** out of him since Wave 1. He was my go to Tie Fighter pilot. Great in any list. Man, I miss him.
  6. I feel there was more to it than just the rear firing arc. Part if it was power curve. I knew of a lot of groups that felt it was boring to start with just the X-wing and Y-wing. They wanted to start with something like the ARC. Next, you gain levels and experience. The ARC has so many slots to fill. You can also get all those extra Talents and Modifications. If you compare this ship to an X-wing, once you hit mid and higher levels, the ARC is a vastly superior ship. I almost think you have to limit the number of Talents and Mods you can get on the ship to make it of the same power level.
  7. With I5 it's not like it will be that crazy to think he can get a Tractor Beam token onto someone. Once that, it's not that bad to think he can get a hit on, especially if in main firing arc. If you are going to fit in more than one Nantex in your list than you are going to go for this guy, even if it's just for the I5. I think the higher Init will be worth it on these ships. Also, in larger games, I think Berwer will be worth it. I'm talking these Epic games that are coming out. You can easily have enough friendlies with a TL that did not Calculate that round.
  8. Not that it matters too much, but I think it was designed around Ensnare and Gravitational Deflection. I could see that all of them have a slot. I think Gravitational Def is for the lower Init pilots because you can't be sure you will be within R0-1 of someone in your turret arc.
  9. heychadwick

    The Hyenas

    Yeah. Stuck in 1.0 mode for upgrades I don't usually take. It was a good fight and I'm surprised how I was able to come back. I need to get better on the opening. I'm figuring out what NOT to do, at least!
  10. #^#&$* !!! I thougt Gravitational Deflection was a Mod!
  11. There are places you can print out the new dials and glue them onto the old ones. I've done it for ships I have a ton of. Also, I believe conversion packs will go on sale this fall. There have already been a few sales, but I bet there will be more to come. The conversion kits cost .50 cent per ship if you upgrade them all. I have really enjoyed 2nd Ed and I don't really do the tournament thing. It's a better game and much more enjoyable, especially with Munitions.
  12. Is Berwer's ability dumb, though? DRK-1 can ensure a lot of ships have a TL well before engagement. He fires before everyone else. Berwer can use Entangle to toss a TB onto someone and take his shot. It doesn't seem too crazy a shot with -1 green. Main question....can he allow you to do a 2nd Calculate action in the same turn? If so, then this is awesome. If so, then I see it totally being worth it. Everyone getting TL and Calc tokens all day long for offense and defense. If he can't let you do 2 Calcs a turn, it is probably a bust. I can see maybe a pack of Hyenas going for the TL and hoping Berwer hits. It being a red action doesn't matter that much to me. These guys clear stress pretty easy with blue hard turns and a good forward set of blue moves.
  13. I think the more ships on the table (for both sides) make GD better. Higher point games might be pretty popular once Epic hits. Or multiplayer games. That is absurd. I do like scaling, though, as I feel that matters quite a bit.
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