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  1. One thing I found better going to 2.0 was the damage deck. With the less shields and more hull shift, the damage deck is more effective. You really have to watch your shield levels and maximize them if possible to negate the deck. 2.0 is a much better game as ships are no longer obsolete. Even as a filler, they can all be flown. Scum needs more love but the addition of Republic and Separatist factions adds a lot of fun. Force is factor which needs careful management as it can run out just when you need it most. Calculate is a great option for droid pilots. All in all, less upgrades and more flying/positioning is key to winning. A plus in my style of playing.
  2. I was in a game store in Barcelona earlier this year and they had x-wing in both English and Spanish. I was surprised but I guess they sell to a lot of tourists/ex pats. They also had a section for english language games. As for Spanish editions in the US, maybe contact stores in states where Spanish is the second language like Florida or California.
  3. I switched from one binder " to hold them all" to 3 duo-tangs. I also keep my pilot cards in colour coded duo-tangs. Makes it easier to find cards. If more space is needed, I add a new sleeve. Doesn't happen much as I don't buy reprints and dropped two factions. Looking into tabs for the upgrades to help speed sorting/finding.
  4. I do recommend running a small metal file (I used what is called a small jewellers file) down the sides and edges of the tongue of each range ruler section. I slightly rounded the edges and avoided the bump near the end. They were still "hard" to get in but nothing like out of the box tight. Some needed more work than others and I tried each section in all the other sections. As a final prep, I lightly ran the file in the hole which the tongue slides into. I did round the bump slightly. The plastic used is very unique. It does bend slightly but feels like it will snap quite easily as well. The range ruler tongues especially. All in all a nice addition, better if the plastic used was more flexible, and makes life so much easier to carry range rulers to meet ups using my storage solution.
  5. I'm waiting on an actual picture of the templates before buying. Only the range ruler is of interest though. I have nice acrylic maneouvre templates from curled paw.
  6. It was still a dark red as you are colouring over blue. I coloured the "v" markings around the shield icon as well. Definitely noticeable beside a shield token but still dark. I finally went with curled paw as their tokens are amazing.
  7. I originally used an orange sharpie as it didn't make the red too dark. This can be visually displeasing to some, myself included, as too dark is as bad as no colour. I eventually went in on a group buy from curled paw to replace my cardboard. Keep in mind that 2.0 ships don't need as many shields as 1.0 ships did. Large 2.0 ships give you a fair amount of tokens as well. Lando's falcon is one example.
  8. What I fail to understand about 2.0, just like with computers/software, is the fact you don't need the latest/greatest. Yes, for tournaments you will, but this seems to be more casual based arguments. I upgraded because my gaming group did and I liked what 2.0 offers. If they didn't, or even agreed on certain improvements (barrel rolls for example), all would still be good. DM is right to stay with 1.0 as a casual gamer as it satisfies his gaming needs. Our group is a mix of casual and tournament players but when we meet, it is strictly casual gaming. Some try out their tournament lists but it is strictly casual playing over a few beer. The point rebalancing has been well received as most thought certain cards needed adjusting. FFG's ability to tweak ships mod slots also helps make more ships viable to fly. Is it perfect, no but much better than 1.0 with all the errata one had to remember.
  9. I tend to use the point list PDFs and then create a list in YASB2 so I can print it out. It and the official app are great for dealing with new point costs. My son's list had to be rejigged as slots were gone and points went up. He plays casual and is really new to the game. The apps helped make it easy for him to redo his list and still be interested in the game. I like the point readjustment as I could never fully keep up with the errata/FAQ of 1.0. It was quite frustrating for me. I'm still kicking the tires of 2.0 but do like the fact I can fly a lot more different ships/combinations. I can include ships I couldn't fly before, due to cost mostly, into my lists. Finally, I am a big fan of the faction separation. I fly R/E/S and don't bother with R/FO. This means my Ties and T-65s are still viable even against the "newer" T-70s and FO Ties.
  10. The T-70 my friend has is slightly a skew. When on a peg, it is crooked. The wings move better than any x-wing so far. I've switched to tokens for s-foil open/closed as it it easier to do and see at a glance.
  11. Nothing wrong with staying with 1.0 or playing HOTAC. You can also implement a few 2.0 changes into 1.0, like barrel rolls, to make 1.0 better. If others in your area are upgrading, maybe each choose a faction and just upgrade that or group buy the kits.
  12. especially since there was room on the punch boards. they are basically a "new" token as far as game play is concerned. That and the "new lock" tokens are pretty skimpy. some have said once you pick up a few expansions, all is good, but the idea of the conversion kits is you don't need to re-buy anything to play 2.0. save your bomb and astroids and basically all your old 1.0 tokens till you see what is really needed when building list. I took an orange sharpie to my 1.0 shield tokens, produces a lighter red over the blue, to update them. I have some curled paw acrylics on order to replace them.
  13. yup, it is going to take a long time to get all the old ships redone. Mostly because they will concentrate on new ship releases. Also, they are using 1.0 owners as play testers to see what ships are more popular and should be released sooner than others. this is why a lot of people recommend buying 1.0 ships and collections now. (plus it is cheaper than buying 2.0 ships)
  14. when I converted my collection over with the three conversion kits, I did this: Bagged all dials and cardboard ship bases in one baggy. Kept 20 of each token used in 1.0 and baggied the rest together. Left the upgrades in their mini binder and the pilot cards in their binder. This all sits in a box in the basement, but easy to access. I'll throw out the 20 of each 1.0 token if/when I have enough of the 2.0 replacements. (except TL's, I hate the new system) The binders will be reused when I no longer play 1.0 HOTAC, but till then they are handy if I start a campaign up again. I don't throw anything out until I am satisfied the pieces are no longer needed or no one wants them. Usually 6-12 months from 2.0's release.
  15. robert t


    there is always HOTAC for your group to try. No conversion needed as it is built around 1.0. A lot of fun doing the campaign.
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