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  1. If you still browse these forums, one of my players just started up as a Runesmith, and I'm sure we could make great use of any/everything you'd be willing to provide. zefert1@gmail.com
  2. Mestre dos Magos said: That´s what I thought, although we did have minis in Chaos in the Old World, and to some extent, in Horus Heresy. I know I am bickering over small details, but I wanted better looking ones, those Busts look so weird In both games they didn't have "true" minis. For example, I Horus Heresy, all the mini's had multiple figures on the bases; while the single figure primarchs were cardboard busts. While in Chaos in the Old World, the demonic units were busts, while the cultists went the way of Horus Heresy by having multiple figures on the same base. That in mind, I would have even preferred cardboard busts, like the primarchs in HH. But, still looking like it will be a great game.
  3. FFG isn't allowed to make warhammer minis; so as not to compete. (based on their contract) So instead they are forced to make busts, which are a little odd. But, seeing as warhammer has large amounts of minis to chose from; replacement proxies won't be that hard to come by.
  4. (Dang, why can't I edit) Anyway, yay, this game is finally announced. Also, does anyone know who all ten characters are. From what I've seen, we have: 1. Ultramarine Captain 2. Sister of Battle 3. Commissar 4. Rouge Trader 5. Commando 6. Psyker The rest I can't figure out
  5. Though I haven't played the game yet, I imagine just from reading the rules and playing similar games, you can use them to broker unofficial deals. For example, Joe gives John three influence tokens if John will move out of a certain territory. Or, Joe gives John six influence tokens if John doesn’t attack him for the next two rounds. Whiles these can’t be enforced; they’d still be a possibility if you’re willing to take the chance. Also, I'm surprised you can't trade/purchase strategy cards from other players, I don't quite see how this would hurt the game, but like I aid, I haven't played yet and have only read the rules once.
  6. zefert1


    Miah999 said: you have to use FFG's insert image button, but it can be troublesome. Ah, thanks, I just couldn't figure that out. All the other forums I use are just a simple img code. Artemus Maximus said: looks good! I'd personally call him Imati, Itami's angrier twin if the clear coat you used looks too shiny comparatively and the coat is thick enough, you can take some steel wool to lightly scuff the shinier parts and dull the appearance (or brush on a matte varnish - vallejo makes one for under $3). It is shinier, but not as shiny as my picture makes it. Even so, the steel wool idea is great, I'll probably give it a try. P.S. Thanks again Artemus for the painting tips earlier, couldn't have done it without you.
  7. Artemus Maximus said: dont have the board handy, but based on the part of the map shown, it makes sense to me and is actually a perfect example of how the pathfinding system is awesome imo (if there are no other light blue circles outside of the image shown) 4 circles in question: A. Top yellow/blue circle B. pink/yellow circle C. door yellow/blue circle D. dark blue/light blue/dark green circle A & C each can see the other 3 circles - line of sight is not visually obstructed (unless door is there of course) B & D can see A & C but not each other, because the edge of the wall (that is covered up by the door token obstructs vision. either that is the intention, or they messed up i'll just play based on how it's printed - it's less to remember that way and there's already plenty of stuff to keep track of I would agree, but I was under the impression that it would break the "Path," since the circles would no longer be in a row. Like I said, I do see what you're saying, and it does seem like one logical way to play.
  8. While taking pictures for this thread. I noticed that on the flip side of the jungle board, the Japanese facility looking map, their appears to be an error. As you can see in this photo: http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o130/zefert1/IMAG0086.jpg The light blue path seems to jump a cirlce, If you look at the circle above the locked door token, you will see what I mean. It's only yellow and pink, while the one above it is the same light blue as the path below the door token. Also, this light blue circle does not belong to any other path, so it's not like they used to colors side by side. That being said, one of two things can be done. People can play as though the light blue path never makes it into the other room, or they can say that they circle above the door token is part of the light blue path for gaming purposes. My gaming group decided on the latter. I guess I was just wondering if anyone had any explanation, or if they knew the right way to treat this situation.
  9. zefert1


    well that didn't work. http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o130/zefert1/IMAG0085.jpg http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o130/zefert1/IMAG0084.jpg http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o130/zefert1/IMAG0083.jpg http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o130/zefert1/IMAG0082.jpg http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o130/zefert1/IMAG0081.jpg http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o130/zefert1/IMAG0080.jpg http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o130/zefert1/IMAG0079.jpg http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o130/zefert1/IMAG0078.jpg
  10. zefert1


    Well my younger sister sat down and painted Itami per your instructions, he looks great. Also, I think she used fingernail polish as a cealent for the acrylic paint. She hasn't painted the eyes yet, but here's what she's done so far.
  11. zefert1


    I've never painted minis before. So I was wondering what some cheap paints are that would work with Tannhauser? I don't want to do much, I just want to make a figure for the red oni using a Itami model? Also, should I strip Atami of pain first, or can I just paint over his blue parts? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. zefert1


    I would love an expansion for this. Or just another 40k game made with these mechanics
  13. Katsuyori said: ??! said: Now that I think of it, what I'd really like to see soon is the Matriarchy trooper pack! Come on, FFG, we know you have it! Why don't you just release it? Yessir! I know, I'm dying to try them out.
  14. zefert1

    Epic Question

    Cool, that helps alot
  15. zefert1

    Epic Question

    So I though I understood how epic heroes worked. Originally it seemed that they simply took the place of a hero and a trooper. However, I've seen in a few places references to FF removing epic heroes from the game. If so, how are the handled now? Any info or clarification would help.
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