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    I just purchased Relic and played it with my gaming group. My first impression is that it kicks Talisman in the face. I own 90% of all the expansions of Talisman (all but the Dragon expansion) and have been playing Talisman for the past 15 years, so as you can see I am a pretty big fan of the game. However, having the experience I have in playing Talisman I have come to realize that there are many elements of the game that need some serious house rules to make it more enjoyable. Well, when I began playing Relic i realized that they fixed 90% of the problems I saw with Talisman. I sincerely hope that FF makes some expansions, especially if they make expansions with full size characters! No more busts. Anyone else think they could have made way more money if they would have included full size 40K figs? Most of my 40K fans would have bought the game just for the figs to add to their armies!
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