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  1. More different types of units, that's what I'd like. What better way to really immerse yourself in the game than with more plastic? Mechanized units, mecha, corvettes, orbitals, leaders, just to name a few ideas. I often missed the leaders in TI3 because of the clutter of units in a hex, so I'd prefer miniatures.
  2. I think the price is just fine for a game of this magnitude.
  3. Yes, we use them all. And mechanized units, we will miss those if only because they look cool. The only thing I won't miss are the representatives. That mechanic slows the game down immensely.
  4. The core set is a hoot and a blast. You will have tons of fun with it. It has enough replayability to be played for a long time. The expansions will spice things up of course, but the core game is sound as it is.
  5. Let's just hope there was still one piece of unfinished product left that was halfway through the design process when it was decided to switch attention to RW:TMG and that renewed interest through holiday sales will give the momentum to bring it to a launch. Wishful thinking? You bet it is.
  6. P Then you really need elves! They would be your perfect foe. Is there anything more satisfying for a dwarf than seeing a frolicking elf being beat into the dirt? I guess not. After all, squashing orcs with your axe is easy and gets boring after a while. And always fighting in those damp tunnels. Grant yourself some fresh air, hit an elf out of a tree. Elves->Dwarfs->Orcs, that would be my preferred release schedule. I wonder if we will see any of it.
  7. Vallejo is the big name here. I remember that painters of the 'Eavy Metal-team from Games Workshop also used Vallejo in secret in place of their own Citadel-line.
  8. You forgot Terrinoth and Twilight Imperium, now those are two settings I want to hear more about.
  9. Speaking for myself, I'm glad the agreement ended. Current Games Workshop IP is not that interesting to develop further. I'm very curious how FFG will flesh out their own fantasy and sceince fiction related worlds now. That being said, a couple of existing games could have used more expansions (for instance Forbidden Stars), but I guess they will be revamped into Terrinoth or Twilight Imperium style games somewhere in the future.
  10. Are we talking about token heroes or actual miniatures? With tokens, there is no need for a figure swap. Also, it the last figure is always a 'hero', then the hero is basically an upgrade to a unit. The whole unit would become heroic instead of being lead by the hero. A hero, in this case a leader character, should be killable outright (imho). Devastating to morale, forcing the unit to retreat 1 extra hex. My choice would be to roll the extra die to see if he/she is wounded.
  11. I still hope that Battlelore will get supported with new expansions.... and if it does, I'm certain at one point we will get a heroes-expansion. This would, of course, make fanmade content obsolete. However, the thought about an expansion like this has crossed my mind repeatedly. As there already is an old heroes-expansion, it is helpful to look into that. Here are the rules from the 1st edition for heroes: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/battlelore/battlelore-heroes/bl-heroes-rulebook-en.pdf Reading this, the first question comes to mind: when do heroes die? With the first wound (like shock troops in TI), or the last one? Or maybe, like in the former edition, you roll an extra die to see if the hero is wounded each time?
  12. I share your fear. Battlelore is amazing. Runewars:TMG looks awesome and will possibly be the game former GW-players are waiting for. Both games should not exclude each other! In another franchise X-wing and Armada both receive love as a lighter and heavier skirmish game. This can also be the the case for Battlelore and Runewars:TMG. What would be really great are paired launches. For instance: elves for Battlelore and elves for Runewars:TMG, launched weeks apart, so the popularity of one game can affect the other. We will see.
  13. Well, if this is a war, then GW has already lost. They axed Warhammer Fantasy Battles and replaced it with Age of Sigmar, which is a silly excuse for a game. Everybody in my gaming club quit WFB. All my friends. These are serious gamers, who will invest in something new as their old WFB-armies gather dust. I sincerely hope that FFG will not forget Battlelore! It is such an elegant game. I hope there will be new expansions. Battlelore and RWMG do not exclude each other.
  14. Yes, still playing 1st edition here! One of the greatest games ever. I like the grind and complexity of the 1st edition, even if a game takes a long time to finish.
  15. It will be the imperials for me. Is there anything more satisfying than blowing up a planet while haughtily snorting "You may fire when ready"?
  16. Until an official statement, the occasional slip of the tongue is the only information you will get. Nobody will vouch for his or her statement if it means a break of contract. That the elves are next may very well be true.
  17. Great news! Even without a timeline or official statement, it's good to know there's something in the pipeline.
  18. Yes, tag-team is fun. We do this also if all players agree to it. It would be even more fun to fully integrate multiplayer rules in the game, like the Overlord rules do with Memoir'44. Having an overal commander who can only communicate with his field generals at specific points and who distributes command cards with or without full information is a lot of fun in that game. We tried it with Battlelore 2nd edition and found playing multiple command cards in a turn not adding to the game. It makes the experience more dull and it upsets game balance, because it is very difficult to anticipate the effect of multiple command cards in a turn. A special deck of multiplayer command cards would be best.
  19. The game would surely benifit from multiplayer mode. It would get more gametime on the table. I often find myself in the situation that a friend brings another friend along. This game is not prepared for the unexpected friend! Memoir '44 has multiplayer rules. We tried them with this game with poor results.
  20. Ameritrash used to mean glitz over gameplay when I was younger. As such, I don't consider games by FFG as Ameritrash. Yes, there is a lot of glitz, but I don't feel that the rules are therefore badly written or gameplay has suffered. There apparently is no definition for glitzy richly themed games with good game mechanics? This review is so super positive it is sucking my wages out of my wallet as we speak.
  21. You could make some houserules for the dragons.... Then again, the 2nd edition Great Dragon from the expansion pack completely dwarfs the dragons from the 1st edition. They look like baby dragons in comparison.
  22. The first edition of Battlelore did have a hero expansion. It would be awesome if we'd see heroes in the second edition. Heroes that upgrade your infantry/archers/cavalry by replacing a single miniature and adding an extra buff to the unit. Extra dice, rerolls, regeneration or command abilities on nearby units are a few of the possibilities. The expansion could have named heroes for the factions or general heroes usable by every faction, like in the first edition. In time, multiplayer rules would be great too.
  23. Podlet, I feel the same way. Star Wars is just too popular at the moment, so it's logical to focus on the hype. Ffg has great IP, like the world of Terrinoth and Twilight Imperium. I hope we will see more new releases in these settings when the hype settles down.
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