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  1. Dog Solitude said: I'm starting to understand why they use the word "fantasy" in their name. Seems a fantasy that this game will ever take flight. That being said, I'm sure something will come along eventually. I'm just not holding my breath for it. Well said, have been awaiting the arrival of the copy ordered on this and keep watching the release date switch. R
  2. Very, very cool idea...well done with the graphics too. The command bunker office is stunning. Wow!
  3. Looks like they have shifted this back by a month. So, I suspect orders taken in November - delivery by the 15th of December or so. R
  4. diablo666 said: I would love for this to be true but I just dont see how. It is still listed as being at the printer.Can it really be done there,moved onto the boat and released to us in November?? I am really hoping this is true as there is a convention here in Michigan that I would love to run it at.The con is in the first weekend of December. I am crossing my fingers. What do you guys think? Boy, I would suggest calling them to see if you can get a demo copy - should have one availalbe as they are doing something in the next month or so at the game center if I read the NEWS section correctly. Would think they would love to have someone demo'ing this for them. R
  5. Nephilim42 said: I think daddy just found what he wants the kids to get him for Christmas! Thank Goodness I wasn't the first to post that....So, I will at least have your back when the lightening strikes both our houses! R
  6. Would love to see even a new map pack...that would be easier to produce one would think.
  7. Guac - Thanks for the review. I truly am excited about getting this as it will allow me to play a minatures game with my kids (9 and 8) that we can set up and enjoy rather than spending about an hour setting up and only dad enjoying and they get bored. Thus, Tannhauser and a few others sit looking for an adult group to play against! ;-) But, I also liked hearing that there are nuances in this game that will keep folks coming back for more and more. Looking forward to my copy coming in October!
  8. ritterton


    It's a great game with good graphics, straight forward rules - some clarifications have been posted over at BGG, and quick play time. I too would ask, why the tears?
  9. My FLGS made it clear that it was the end of September when I made my pre-order. So about five more weeks!
  10. My FLGS told me that this will be in hand in the first couple of days of October per the statement from his wholesale distributor. Pre-ordered and paid, so I am looking forward to getting this.
  11. Your points 4, 6 and 7 have helped me feel even better about my ordering this one. In this great interview -http://www.youtube.com/user/HaydenTeeter#p/u/3/Bjb5TcfTFbs I liked the fact that Paolo noted that you could play this one after a long day of work. That is one of the things that has me a bit frustrated with Arkham Horror, or even Tannhauser...you have to invest about an hour getting things all set up. Also, I need something that my kids and I can play and let's just say my wife won't approve of AH, and is somewhat dismayed at Tannhauser...but Dad plays the bad guys, so that helps. Can't wait to get this and a few of the expansion tiles. R
  12. Hey Chim - enjoyed the dialog over at BGG. Thanks for sharing the link. Will be interesting to see what the next set of figures look like. I am really interested in the fifth scheduled release. Oh, and yes, I have ordered this as well. Um, FFG is a pretty pricey date!
  13. http://www.youtube.com/user/HaydenTeeter#p/u/2/7VqduftJyJk This is a great review and I had this one in my sights before Hayden's GenCon review. Now, I can say that it has been ordered! Should be a fun one to play with the kids and it doesn't look like it has a ton of little components - so the nine and eight year old should be able to join me. Even the 15 year old, if I can get into her social calendar! LOL.
  14. Got mine today - some good cards in the booster. However, I thought it odd that the promo had a great story about the corruption of Slaanesh, but no specific Slaanesh cards within that tied to that story. Again, just a bit odd! Now to figure out how to use these..
  15. http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/ Saw this yesterday on TTGN and thought I would post it here. Congrats to the design team - well deserved. Origins Awards winners announced The winners of the 36th Annual Origins Awards have been announced. Best Historical Miniature Figure or Line – Wings of War: Albatross D.III by Nexus Editrice Best Historical Miniature Game Rules – Wings of War: WWII, Deluxe Edition by Nexus Editrice, designed by Andrea Angiolino & Pier Glorgio Paglia
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