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  1. Shadow4ce: I've achieved the reverse and one-shotted a Luther in Soft Cover with a Pounder a couple weekends ago. Rolled all 6's on Sustained Attack and he failed all his armor rolls. I have yet to use Long Toms or had them used against me. They sound pretty painful, but I don't see people crying out on the forums here about them nearly as much as I see talk about specific infantry units. So, Long Toms are good but not broken? Is that the general consensus? (excepting dice rolls at the ends of the bell curve, of course)
  2. Re: Dust trivia. Ac-tually, the Dust miniatures game was first developed by Rackham, but early in the process they decided to switch the theme to be more sci-fi rather than alt. WW2 and AT-43 was the result. This is why the UNA and Red Blok models have such strong similarities to the Dust figures… they were based off of Dust in the first place! As Paolo Parente pursued releasing an actual Dust-themed minis game, it was a logical extension for him to use the AT-43 system (and I'm guessing he got a pretty nominal, if any, fee). As Rackham sadly went out of business that option evaporated. In the heighth of our AT-43 playing days (which I miss) we never felt there was an Alpha-strike problem. We felt there were some pretty hefty unit imbalances (with Therians as the worst offenders) and that the Karman generally suffered as the weakest army overall. I only got a handful of games played with my Cogs before the interest level started to taper off and never faced an ONI army. My five armies sit impatiently in the closet hoping for more tabletop action, but my opponents have sadly moved on to other games. As a pretty sweet consolation prize, Dust Warfare has arrived and is popular with the local crowd. :-) The new recruits aren't fully painted (yet) but now it's their turn to enjoy a Little War. I would love to convert over AT-43 units to Dust Warfare and get those sci-fi troops back on the tabletop. Hmmm. That's not the only game I've discussed converting to Dust Warfare, but it's certainly worth a try!
  3. As a fan of both AT-43 and Starship Troopers I was hopeful when Dust Warfare was announced and that Andy Chambers would be writing the core rule book (I had immediate suspicions that Reactions would be involved). I did not own or buy any Dust Tactics products though; I was waiting to see the Warfare rules first and whether they'd be any good response once they came out. The D6G episode did clinch it for me; especially Craig's enthusiastic response. I now own two 300-350 point forces as a result. It's not the first time the D6G has cost me money, lol. I've gotten four games played so far and have enjoyed them quite a bit. I was a little worried about the power of Hammers w/Rhino, but as they completely whiffed for me last night, my confidence is growing that the balance is in fact there. Thanks D6G!
  4. "Heavy Kommandotrupp" is also missing an "m". (sorry if I sounds nit-picky)
  5. "Kommandotrupp" is missing an "m" in the unit title. These rawk, btw. Thanks to you all for your efforts! :-)
  6. Gah! Oops. I think that was Jughead that provided the Blutzkreuz, actually. Sorry for the confusion. (his link still doesn't work for me, though)
  7. reptilebro1 said: I will try to finish up the following tonight OZZ117, Chef, Johnny One-Eye, Action Jackson, The Priest Here is a link to my Box javascript:void(0);/*1337642533872*/ This link gets us to your Allied Forces, but the link you provided earlier for Blutzkreuz units isn't working for me. Thanks for your efforts (and everyone elses) on this project!
  8. After reading this thread, I re-read the rules for Retreat on p. 47 and didn't personally find them confusing. You need to consider "Retreating" as a definitive state that a unit can either be in or not be in. A quick check of the FFG Dust Warfare Glossary PDF gives us the definition we're looking for: "Retreat: A state of forced movement which arises when a unit gains more Suppression markers than it has miniatures remaining, during which a unit must make a Move action in the direction of the nearest table edge." Back to p.47, 2nd paragraph - "When a retreating unit activates during the Unit phase, it rolls to remove Suppression markers as normal. This may reduce its suppression equal to or below the number of miniatures alive in the unit. If so, the unit immediately stops retreating and proceeds with the activation, with actions reduced by Suppression and Reaction markers as normal." From this we understand that each Retreating unit has an opportunity to remove the "Retreating" state during its activation. If it manages to do so, then it is no longer considered "Retreating" and you proceed with the unit's activation as normal. If it has both Suppression and Reaction markers on it, it won't be able to take any actions. If it has just Suppression, or just a Reaction marker, it will take one action, etc. p.47, 3rd paragraph - "If the unit is still retreating after attempting to clear suppression, it takes a Move action. Every miniature in the unit must move directly toward the table edge nearest the Unit Leader by the shortest route possible. Any miniature that contacts a table edge during this movement is removed as a casualty." From this paragraph, we understand that a unit that has failed to remove sufficient Suppression markers is still in a state of Retreat. The paragraph then tells us what to do when activating such a unit. It makes a single Move action as described. Seems pretty straightforward. I hope I helped clarify it for you without coming off as obnoxious. Maybe it would have helped if FFG had bolded, italicized or capitalized the word "Retreat" to give it more emphasis as a formal state for units to be in.
  9. thejughead said: MIne are in the dropbox Blutzkreuz directory… ? I don't see a Blutzkreuz directory in Rodney's Dropbox. Just unit cards (13 of them at the moment). How do I view your Blutzkreuz cards?
  10. Thanks for the update. (I'll probably just pencil them in for now) For tokens I followed the advice from a YouTube video: pop the black Dust Tactics discs out of the bottom of the bases, print out the counters PDF from FFG on full-sheet label paper, cut out the counters using a nickel as a template and attach them to the discs. Free counters and plenty of them, easily made.
  11. Downloaded. Thanks for the heads up! :-)
  12. As many others have said, I seriously hope this means we'll see a non-cooperative card game. If it is a co-op game, I won't buy it. I already have several of those and don't need another. If it's competitive in traditional CCG-style then I am much more likely to pick this up.
  13. I've got a fairly large AT-43 collection and would be thrilled to see FFG pick up the (dropped) torch if at all possible. I really enjoyed the game and would love to see it return to "active" status. I'm not holding my breath that this rumor is accurate, but if it is and FFG confirms it (saaay, during the GenCon "In-Flight" report?) that would really make my day.
  14. The announcement that the Gears of War game is coming out renews my hope that SOME day we'll see Blood Bowl: Team Manager on store shelves too.
  15. Trump said: Toqtamish said: It looks like fun. It does? Combat sounds incredibly simplistic. FFG always puts out a nice looking product, but I think I'm going to need more info before I get worked up over yet another deckbuilder. +1
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