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  1. i like deep jungle because is cool and wild and my other favorite is Pride Land because simba and the lions cool..
  2. i like metal gear and ofcourse KH
  3. and the winner will have a chesire cat non foil or 1 alice lvl0 foil or monstruo lvl2 you decide
  4. hey i wanna duel tomorrow sunday 18 with you axel in room 1
  5. well i was thinking to do a tournament to monday 19 of january is the Tournament Of THE NEW MASTER OF THE KEYBLADE so i hope that you join in chatzy link is : http://www.chatzy.com/203238045257 players: 1.AlexKid36 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. ill hope you will be on the tournament thnx...
  6. hey when is gonna be the tournament?
  7. and giova you know that is in tag is junito my partner or Roxas and you gonna lose you better watch out with my deck im good in this and now with the new card so only kidding but i will beat you whenever so prepere yourself for this game you know it kidding.................................... :-p
  8. hey how is gonna be this game tag or 1 vs 1?
  9. Hey guys im in too so goodluck with finding the guys for the duel...
  10. Hey roxas lets play with my bro and giova in team with me so go to the same room of chatzy
  11. that was not my brother that was me
  12. I will trade Sephiroth for one Cloud so ill hope that someone plz someone trade 1 Cloud for 1 Sephiroth....~^
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