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  1. There is no mention of suppression in the Fire Support rules (at least I didn't see it). Does suppression matter? Can a unit use Fire Support no matter how much suppression it has on? Does it forego the rally step?
  2. Greetings aces I am really happy that the UKGE picked up the UK Nationals for several FFG games after losing the FFG Euros. Legion is blatantly absent. Are there no UK Nationals for our beloved game? Kirin out
  3. I would welcome Armada 2.0. Not for a drastic change because I think Armada is in very good shape at the moment. But more for refining and balancing. The move to an electronic fleet builder and therefore more easily updatable upgrades would be very nice. Also a new core-set is more than due. Damage cards are so hard to get hold of and the movement tools start to disintegrate - that would be a great opportunity to restock - given we get something in the box that is appealing for veterans as well.
  4. Happy (kinda) - I don't think the SSD will add anything to the game. It's certainly cool and pretty and all but it's a still a novelty. I'd much rather had some "serious" releases, including Armada being part of The Clone Wars surge of late.
  5. Legion seems to lend itself very well to comptetitive play. Streamlined rules, clear armybuilding with little abusive potential (up to now), important turn 0 decisions (terrain, mission, deployment) - everything points at a very tactical game in which every decision counts towards your victory. Playtime seems to be at the sweet spot for tournament play - not too long, not too short - I estimate around 90min. I am looking forward for Legion to push through the competetive scene. Can't wait for the tournament ruleset.
  6. Greetings aces With a heavy heart I have to finally let go of Destiny. I really do love the game but noone around me does play it anymore. So put up my collection for sale. The Awakenings playset is 97% complete, SoR playset 88%. You get a lot of extras like Battlefoam dice trays and deck pouch and a custom Rogue One themed playmat. Also I have plenty of promos from various events. All the playset cards are sleeved. Most cards are in English, some are in German, a few are in Polish. I am located in Switzerland. Will ship globally. If you are interested drop me a PM.
  7. Well, tbh, I am very undwhelmed. A 2 player box as the gread Force Friday reveal is meh at best.
  8. Sorry to say you're wrong. I love tabletop miniature wargaming (as a grognard could explain to you a real wargame uses cardboard chits). I love to shove around beautfiul figurines on beatiful terrain. FFG could sell me a ton of prepaints. If they do not I will comission them to a trusted painter.
  9. I played a fair share of Warmachine/Hordes back in the day which is a traditional miniature tabletop game but skewed heavily towards competitive play. Huge meta changes after new releases were common due to the combo'y nature of the game. Spamming units after release was also common - despite the work and money needed to put in. You wouldn't stand a chance in a tournament if you didn't come prepared for the newest killer combo. The double list format mitigated the list chicken problem a bit but meant even more effor to put into your army. Still the competetive players always were ready with the newest hotness.
  10. Greetings aces I cannot seem to find an info or registration page for the UK Nationals in Liverpool. How many seats are there? Are tickets still available? I might consider a quick jump over the channel for this! Cheers
  11. That's not true for everyone. I truly enjoy miniature tabletop games. I like big battles with hundreds of nicely painted figure. I adore beautiful terrain on the table. I don't mind slugging it out on the battlefield for several hours. I just don't like sitting down for hours and hours and try to make stuff pretty. I'd rather spend that time actually playing the game. That's why I comission a lot of painting. And there must be others like me otherwise there wouldn't be as many studios that do comissions.
  12. I don't like painting minis - I never really did. But I like to play with pretty miniatures at the same time. I painted a fair share of minis in my past gaming history but I am done with it. Nowadays time is much more valuable for me than money. So I actually pay people to paint my minis. Pre-painted would be an insta-buy argument for me. There has been fairly well done pre-paints in the past like AT-43 and Battlefield Modern Combat. Also the Star Wars franchise is so very well set with their aesthetics that the studio paintjobs probably will be very popular. Blue Stormtroopers don't roll. I wish FFG would do a Deluxe line - like with Dust. I'd be sure to pick up some packs that way.
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