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  1. The last game I played was with three friends. We decided to just split the Reich and Union teams as evenly as possible. But, since I had the trooper packs, everyone was able to field three characters. One player on each team had one hero and two troopers, the other two heroes and one trooper. It was a simple deathmatch and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the game. It came down to the wire with only Hoss H left on one team versus Hoax and one trooper,............................................. the Union won. In retrospect it would have made little difference to give everyone two heroes and one trooper. An extra trooper over the top of this would simply extend the game a little longer, and since we enjoyed it immensely, I can't see this being a problem. I haven't played the game with more than four using the new ruleset. I did when I had the old rules and it also worked out fine - although the game was more lethal with the old rules and didn't last long Good luck and welcome to Tannhauser! -Nhoj
  2. I do play RPGs and am following with considerable interest. As soon as I get enough time I will begin giving you some positive input / critique -Nhoj
  3. I'll happily take the Reich team I'm on Greenwich Mean Time, I live in Glasgow, Scotland I'm available most Saturdays and Sundays, as well as weekdays during the day. I'm a musician I will of course add you as a friend Moebius (and the others too, Artemus?) I don't have Skype yet, this gives me a good excuse to get it Looking forward to it, I have the online programmes but have yet to watch the how to videos, this is in my to do list of course -Nhoj
  4. OK I'm definitely in Now how do I find the readme document? I need nice easy steps, I can see all the maps counters and character sheets, so I'm getting there -Nhoj
  5. I'll volunteer if I can understand the programme AND synchronise with opponents -Nhoj (this is a big ?)
  6. Nhoj


    ??! said: Very interesting team set-up and game! I know I shouldn't have thrown Asteros' axe! Reading this really makes me want to experiment around with Asteros vs. Natalya set-ups again. Why didn't Natalya, instead of blocking Asteros, not simply pick up his axe? She is epic and allowed to wield it -Nhoj
  7. I'd be up for the tournament Just let me know when you have version 3.0 available and how to download it? Regards -Nhoj
  8. Nhoj


    Artemus Maximus said: **** good idea! Operation: Clash of the Titans! technology with Natalya & Zor'ka backed up by Ramirez or Irishka (or both!) and a pair of Voivodes. supernatural with Asteros & Itami backed up by Heizinger or Hoss (or both!) and a Stosstruppen. Operation: Clash of the TItans! on labirynth map... Exactly the map I was thinking of!
  9. Nhoj


    Well as I've reported before - I've played five games with Asteros on one side. All were solitaire, The team with Asteros won three out of five. In my last game Hound Dog took Asteros down, through an unbelievable stroke of luck it has to be said. I don't believe he is overpowered in story or objective mode, and I use Deathmatch (where he is ridiculously good) only to teach the game to newbies I'm planning to make my next game an Epic versus Epic game - on one side Natalya and the heavy marines Barry, John etc - the other, the aliens from beyond team including Asteros and Itami ...... wait a minute a girl in power armour versus an alien warrior? Maybe this idea has legs -Nhoj
  10. This looks great! Entirely within the spirit of the pulp SF and frankly bonkers world of Tannhauser Can't wait to try it out -Nhoj
  11. Tutorial for the clear bases for me too! -Nhoj
  12. Moebius said: I support the unofficial FAQ Idea, we could start with the questions Miah compiled as we got already official answers from FFG mails. My proposal: Nhoj opens a new thread (this is his idea) so we can put together all the doubts that have arisen and are not included in the first faq. The community starts posting the doubts there AND the solution, be it an official solution (FFG mail) or a proposed solution. In case it is an e-mail solution it should be marked as such. In some time (say 1 or two weeks) we (by "we" I mean myself if there are no volunteers ;-) gather all thats its in there and create a nice looking doc that contains all the first FAQ plus ours, we post it here (and hopefully in the blogs as well) and we send it to FFG customer support in case they want to approve it. Nhoj are you up for it? I could have just opened it myself byt did not want to steal your idea... If you do, you should include some guidances about how to post like the ones I just mentioned. On a different subject about Tannhauser Online demos I would suggest doing a couple of videos about it, one for installation and a second one on how to set up a game and play. Miah has quite some experience with demo videos, if you are reading and are up for it I could support you so you can get it set up and running. On the "Level 1 support" I wrote in my mail that they should ask for volunteers for a "community manager" and give him som freebies in exchange for his commitment...we will see what they do :-) Hi M It may be my idea but the fans will make it work or not ..... Go ahead and open the thread yourself, it won't be long before I start contributing -Nhoj
  13. Horsa said: What happens to Tannhauser seems up in the air. In truth, I think there are enough models to play the game many times over. The planned expansions, although welcomed, are not essential. Adding characters is very easy. The problem is that this line cannot compare to any of their major products, so it is hard to see much time being spent on it. The old rules that you get in many of the boxes is not very positive. In that case I personally think that we the fans should come up with an 'unofficial faq' Perhaps the most interested members could give their own interpretation of each controversial or unclear rule and we could then come to a consensus as to how it should be played? I'm prepared to have a go (I houserule difficult or ambivalent rules for my own boardgame collection all the time) .... Anyone else interested? -Nhoj ps we could then present our results to FFG for approval / disapproval
  14. Hi guys sorry to rain on the parade but I have two points to make regarding the Shocktruppen in the 'trooper pack' The Mechanised arm in the command pack - I'm sorry but I believe that this only gives 4 dice total ----- reason - Demon taint in the Stosstruppen pack stipulates --- add one additional die to your attack roll for each h-t-h attack, including this one ---- since the words "including this one" are omitted from the mechanised arm it must be a basic 2 dice plus 2 dice roll ........ Ruling otherwise would mean I would almost never take a Stosstruppen When you put a Shocktruppen on free overwatch I do not see why you have to be bound to it? Take a normal overwatch attack if you wish and turn the 'keep firing' counter over for the turn (this is me going out on a limb btw and NOT supported by the rules) -Nhoj
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