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  1. Hey it is great to see that the meta group has been growing. Kudos to all the new players for making me jealous of your chances to play. I tend to be a little bit of a seasonal player due to work/coaching committments. I am totally looking forward to getting back in the swing of playing, perhaps in May. I do play LCG decks mostly to be current with the trends/flavour of the game; however I don't mind busting out some classic ccg if that is what the group is focusing on at the moment. Still awesome to see the action on the board and I will try and get out to a game when possible. Yourmom will never let me stay away for too long. He needs somebody to frustrate his lame unfun control decks.
  2. Hey Everybody. Happy festivus and all that. It has been a crazy time in my life and very busy. I would love to start planning some game times again but lets see what people are available for. You guys rule!
  3. I think it might be interesting to see what kind of decks are lurking in the expansions and chapter packs. There are a lot of cards out in the field and there are probably some sick sleeper decks out there. The targ expansion came out a while ago and was kind of missed in our meta. It would be nice to see what else is waiting to be rediscovered. Maybe yourmom will make a crazy control deck next?
  4. We usually start around 1. Why don't you bring a deck of the other game as well and maybe we can all play a variety of games.
  5. In order to save Staton's mom, and return this board to some kind of intellectual class, I will play thrones on Sunday on two conditions: 1. Fatbob shows up. If not he is tucker immortalis. 2. Youmom can drive in the winter city that he has spent his whole life in. If not he shares tucker immortalis. 3. not a condition. Major props to yourmom for linking to a picture of tucker. That link, plus the banter that followed has made this thread the classic joy that only a handful of people have enjoyed for years now. It is puff wheat squared to the max!
  6. It sure is good you here from you, Staton. Though, I am a little sad it was just after yourmom shamed me into apologizing to fatbob. It really took a lot of shame at that. Otherwise, we have managed to get a few games in here or there, but the best part is the good natured burning and such that goes on with a comfortable meta. So, I now make Staton tucker.
  7. So, I think we had a great game session of GOT today. Nice combo of joust and melee and a nice combo of deck types. For Fatbob, I would like to officially apologize if I offended you in any way during Dave and my discussion of the value of other card games. It was not to suggest that anybody who played specific games was to be considered in a negative light. In fact, if fatbob wanted to get together casually to play said game then I would of course oblige. It was suggested that my disdain for said game was impacting your sense of self worth and I am very sorry for that. I hope that you can find it in yourself to forgive me and come back to playing thrones when you return to the city.
  8. I may have to coach a game at 2 around the U. I will work on not having to coach and let you know.
  9. Hello, Just some 2 cents on the thread, supported by the fact that i am also a casual player and usually wrong, on the subject of archetypes and strength. I think that there is usually more of a dynamic top eight in the big tourneys of GOT than say in other games. Over the years though, martell icon removal/challenge control and Lanni kneel/stand resource have been traditionally strong as already noted. Within the new chapter pack lcg version of the game, the dominant short term archetypes have been the ones developed in each pack. Usually to compliment another preexisting archetype in some way. ie. martell control with maester theme. lannister kneel with clansman/brotherhood. Great to see the discussion and happy to see all the new players jumping on the boards!
  10. In response to Fatbob, I don't think that we are hating Mtg as much as we are discussing the nature of gaming. On my way to work today I was trying to put my finger on the resource base/pacing of GOT. I am not sure of this one, but I think that the plot card cycle limits claim clearly to 1 or 2 in most cases. This means that i can usually anticipate how much power I will lose on any given turn. Alternately, I can't lose power if I don't have it. This controls the speed of the game to a certain extent and allows for a more reasonable play pace. Rather than hate on another game, this is why the GOT is a good game.
  11. 1. When I talk to people about game of thrones, the one thing that gets stuck in their craw is the fact that all players get all cards. This seems to bother them mostly because of the economic business model nature of the game. They feel that the game can't survive because people aren't forced to by massive amounts of cards they will never use. Here is my most common reply: Game of thrones is not intended for children. It is intended for a mature audience that has grown tired of searching/resourcing expensive and hard to find cards. The gaming experience ends up being exactly the same for high level players, but casual players don't have to feel like 'he with the biggest wallet wins'. Also, there is really only room in the market for one or two of these kinds of ultra secret invisible rare kinds of games. Game of thrones lives in a moderate in between place between table top and ccg. 2. How do decks become varied if everybody has the same cards. Here is my most common reply: Most high level players show up at Magic and Yugioh tournaments with virtually the same deck. If you look at tourney reports from other games, I am a super nerd, you find that there is really only one or two dominant archetypes that make the top eight. There were three or four in the GOT world championship joust in 2010. Message boards and decklist posting does more to homogenize decks that game format ever will. Top level players think and act a certain way. A small group of people will always have a similar thought process that turns them into tourney winning deck builders. 3. FatBoob: I'm not sure what trolling is but it sounds like somebody that doesn't play a game that shows up on boards occasionally to sarcastically comment to little or no effect. I take back the last points allottment and rescore it this way. 1 point for me, 1 point for yourmom, and zero points for tucker. 4. What about the strange lannister card in the last maester pack that gets 10 strength once per game. i have to use this card somehow!
  12. In response to being on crack, I was talking about how elements like vigilant and ambush have made their way into magic. Almost word for word. Now i am not sure how these ideas were started, but it has added a Got flavour to the game. You are correct about the turn structure being similar to yugioh. Initially, my thought was how powerful GOT was in terms of influencing other games. I hope that was the way it went and not the other way around. My dislike for both magic and yugioh is based on the annoying simplicity of both games. Who ever brings the correct weapon to the battle and has the best draw wins quite immediately. GOT has much more of a sophisticated card base for resource management and card types. Also the variability of play is greater in GOT. In yugioh there is only ever two top tier deck types for year, the dominant one and the dominant trump. In Magic, it seems that you play a pretty basic strategy of combo build until you think you can pull it off and win the game. Most games only take about five or six turns that move quite fast. I am not a competitive player but i imagine that top tier decks should be able to win on turn three or four. That has always been possible in GOT but never easy or common in the long term competitive field. Also, turn three or four is a completely different experience in GOT. Good point about the the next set, so that makes it one point for you and two for me. I win again, Tucker!
  13. Not totally sure about this yet, but i know the 16th is terrible for thrones. How about the following week? If there is interest I will investigate being free. Also, I have been playing magic and yugioh again mostly because the kids play it at work. I am intrigued with how much magic now resembles GOT. Yugioh is still a terrible game. I am worried about the next set of GOT being so focused on melee. The issues with the maester attachment I think get ballanced by errata and the fact that each expansion has introduced a super powerful archetype, but non of the archetypes are rotated out. Wildling/nightswatch is still powerful from last year. Maester is just powerful right now.
  14. I am going to send out some texts to see if there is any interest for this monday. At this point there hasn't been any confirmation so I will probably be out as well. Next week is very poor for me so maybe we should start confirming for the 17-18th weekend.
  15. So, I forgot that my inlaws and immediate family were all going to be visiting on the same weekend. It kind of ruined my plans to play GOT today. I hope that nobody got left in the lurch on that note. Can we plan to play on the monday of the long weekend? I will try and hard confirm asap.
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