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  1. I think this is the key... I am a player from Emerald Edition, and the story is just getting a bit too wacky and too incoherent as time goes on.
  2. I know I know... just saying you was asking for Moto. But at least in RPG, the Moto was still part of unicorn just a very small part. So you will still see Moto some where.
  3. With some of the Gender re-set... Doji Hotori was best friend of Akodo Toturi, so Doji Hotoru maybe lover or remain the best freind to Akodo Toturi? Kachiko and Hotoru maybe rival / best friend at the same time?
  4. In regard of named weapon, I think you can duplicate them by using customize weapon in game. Add on a few mod to similate the bonus you get, and talk to GM to agree on a price tag on the weapon. voila! you got your self a named weapon.
  5. Shakespearian_Soldier said: Guys, I'm not sure whether I've found a typo or not, so I'd like your thoughts on it: Page 26, Derived Attributes. Wound Threshold and Strain Threshold both state that increasing your Characteristics post-creation DO NOT increase your respective Derived traits; it then states that "increases to a character's Brawn rating do increase his Soak value". This is the same wording as in the other Derived Attributes write-ups, albeit without the word "not". I could be wrong about whether this is a typo, but it just feels to me that there should be a "not" there, which would change the ruling completely. Am I wrong? Thoughts? I don't think it's a typo, as your base soak rating is always Brawn. Wound Threshold and Strain Threshold have talents that specifically increase them.
  6. I am writing to try to re-create some movie icon character in under the general section. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=319&efcid=3&efidt=704055
  7. Dulahan said: But I am confused why Rebels are a higher tier than Edge of the Empire style people. I can definitely see a great argument for Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, and the likes not being any different from Rebels aside allegiance, and am a bit perplexed why they need to be a separate game at all. Compatible or not. And I imagine a lot of EotE games are going to end up being de facto Rebellion games in play. Due to focus on Rebellion, you are run into Military organization. I think in general Military Organization is better trained than Civilian organization. Also, generally Military Organization have access to BIGGER guns. The other issue is acquisition in Military organization. In Military organization, you request gear instead buy them. So character will be generally better equiped compare to civilians.
  8. Dulahan said: No, I'm not. And I never said give rules for a full blown knight. I said don't just stonewall the Force Rating right there. Especially since for better or worse we're at least 1.5 years out from Rebellion, and that's not even a guarantee it will have high level Force Stats. And probably 2.5 from being able to do anything Jedi. We might not need Jedi stats, but give us abilities and it helps solve the issue that for a LOT of people The Force *IS* what Star Wars is about. So since this is a beta, it is the time to discuss this stuff! Whether the answer is a "Force Exiles" Sourcebook or whatever to give further options. If enough people are believing it is an issue, then it is an issue. More options is not a crime. Actually, with 2 Force die, you have a good chance to activate all 3 Force Ability present in the book. The other thing is the Force Exiles actually is kind a boost tree, it have so many things that may added to your other skills. I would encourage you try to do a few test die roll with force ability with 2 Force die, and see if you can use those abilities in a reasonable rate. I want to bring up a point that I like which is that Force Die actual reflect that beginning character is easier to be tempted by the Dark Side because it was easier to access it.
  9. I see abandon of specialization and all non-permanent talent as a character's decision that he will not use these skills again. And we all know if we don't use a skill over a period of time, you do forget how to do something. Of course, you can go back and re-familiarize yourself with the skill again, but you need re-invest time ( aka spend EXP), to get those skills back. In theory, you can switch specialization again and again forever until you up all your trait to max, but in praticallity no one probably will do it until they ran max out option in current specializations.
  10. Shakespearian_Soldier said: So, if I understand your logic correctly, you could only increase your characteristics by a maximum of +3 (in total), as you can only choose 3 specialisations? Actually techincally, you could take drop a sepcialization, and take on a new one. Run the tree to the bottom to get another Dedication. Since Dedication is a Permanent Talent, it will not go away when you take a new specialization. The way I conceive Luke's character is that Luke will keep taking more and more Jedi Specialization as he evolve, and drop his previous specialization.
  11. And, when Harrison went to shopping for his character, he found he barely have any credit for anything. So he just bought a Blaster Pistol for 500 credits, and get it done. George's next player is Peter, and his concept is a wookie. Peter first roll his Obligation and get 51, which is Dutybound. Peter decided that his character was Dutybound to Harrison's character because Harrison rescued Peter's character from the Empire. Peter decided to to take +5 Obligation to get additional 1000 start credit, so he can buy a bow caster for his wookie later. Peter's race, Wookie, give character gives him 90 exp, starting with one rank of Brawl. Brawn starts at 3, and Willpower started at one with rest of characteristic at 2. For Class, Peter choose the Hired Gun which let him choose to get one rank of Athletics, Resilience, Brawl, and Melee. For specialty, Peter choose Bodyguard which allow him to choose Gunnery, and Ranged (Heavy). Next, Peter start to spend his exp, and he spend 40 exp to increase his Brawn to 4. 5 Exp to get Barrage at first level of talent tree, 5 XP to get Durable, 10 xp to get Barrage again on second level of talent tree. 10 xp to get get Mechnical Talent tree, but he wouldn't dig into that until he start to play the game, and finally 20 xp to get his Willpower to 2. For spending the money, Peter just spend his entire 1500 credit to get a Bowcaster which get +2 damage from his Barrage skill at medium and long range.
  12. I guess they really want to character to take additional obligation to increase the starting credit. I noticed that range weapon tend to cost a lot more than melee weapon. I guess it's a way to balance range's advantage over melee based equipment?
  13. I have a concern about starting credit of 500. I think it's a bit low. As a Blaster Pistol is 500 credit, and a set of Heavy Clothing is also 500 credit… Even if I go for hold out Blaster Pistol, it will cost 300 credits. It really doesn't give you much purchase power.
  14. KommissarK said: So in theory, a PC could cycle through all the specializations, cover all the skills as class skills, and effectively save xp? Obviously the GM would need to slap them for doing so, but it seems kinda gamey to me. No, you can only have 3 specialization active at one time. That still give you a ton of class skill.
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