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  1. Really, I am imagining much larger games than standard. Like entire collections facing each other at once sort of thing. 1500-2000 points per side. EPIC scale I was thinking about getting a second damage deck and shuffling them together.
  2. Will the SSD come with it's own damage deck? There are only 52 cards in the base Armada damage deck and you'd need 32 of them applied to just the SSD in order to bring it down. Seems like the game could be starved of cards. The super over-sized ship card: any idea on sleeves? I doubt that is a standard card size.
  3. I'd guess it's at least 32 inches, based on the guy holding it (and it being wider than his shoulders, sticking out on both sides).
  4. Here's a side by side screen capture from Crabbok's recording of the In-Flight report. Personally, I'd say the ISD and VSD are effectively dwarfed by the SSD. Exciting!
  5. evanger

    Y-wing 2.0

    The art is inconsistent, too. Horton Salm's card is clearly a Gray Squadron Y-wing flying inside Death Star II. No turret is shown for his poor gunner, Kin Kian to operate. Get it together, FFG.
  6. evanger

    Y-wing 2.0

    Why did they print the specific name of the single seat variant on all cards? The BTL-A4 is a one-seater, notably flown by Dutch Vander and Gold Squadron. The BTL-S3 (like the Clones Wars era BTL-B before it) was a two seater, notably flown by Horton Salm and Gray Squadron. The best pilot/gunner pair might be Wes Jason and Hobbie Klivian. The S3 variant was Legends, of course, but now is Canon again, thanks to multiple recent Disney-era mentions: The Weapon of a Jedi Luke Skywalker book and the Poe Dameron comics (starting with issue 17). I assume in 2.0 you can have a gunner (or other crew member?) added to the "BTL-A4", which makes no sense. Seems like a typo-level error. Ideally we'd have two sets of Rebel Y-wing pilots cards: BTL-A4 for the Gold Squadron guys and BTL-S3 for the Gray Squadron guys. It seems like the second time FFG has screwed up with the Y-wing. On the plus side, the new model looks great!
  7. evanger

    Reaper Article!

    Is that a 2.0 Medium base?
  8. evanger

    2.0 Base Tokens

    Oddities from Rebel Conversion Kit. Where's *Thane Kyrell (T-65), *Evaan Verlaine (Y-wing), and *Norra Wexley (Y-wing) in the official contents list? For the unique pilots of the ARC-170, Phantom I, Phantom II, Sabine's TIE: each pilot can only fly next to 2 of the 3 other pilots, using just the contents of just 1 kit. YT-2400 can fly with 2 generics; Falcon, Ghost, U-wing cannot.
  9. evanger

    2.0 Base Tokens

    As I understand it, the Conversion kit contains all Wave 1 pilots and no Core 2.0 pilots. Except for T-65 and TIE/LN generics, where appropriate.
  10. evanger

    2.0 Base Tokens

    Here is one cut at figuring out the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit partial contents. 95 pilot cards, 65 base tokens, 35 dials. Don't know if we have correct counts for card contents as of yet. This is mostly a guess as to the contents. (corrected some typos and aligning with spolied content list) *** 2 x X-wing (7 cards, 4 bases, 2 dials) Cards: *Wedge Antilles, *Biggs Darklighter, *Garven Dreis, *Thane Kyrell, Red Squadron Veteran x 2, Blue Squadron Escort x 2 Bases: *Biggs/Blue Squadron Escort, *Garven Dreis/*Thane Kyrell, *Wedge Antilles/Red Squadron Veteran, Blue Squadron Escort/Red Squadron Veteran 2 x ARC-170 (4 cards, 2 bases, 2 dials) Cards: *Ibtisam, *Garven Dreis, *Shara Bey, *Norra Wexley 2 x Phantom I (4 cards, 2 bases, 2 dials) Cards: *Zeb Orrelios, *Ezra Bridger, *Sabine Wren, *Hera Syndulla 2 x Auzituck (4 cards, 2 bases, 2 dials) Cards: *Wullffwarro, *Lowhhrick, Kashyyyk Defender x 2 Bases: *Lowhhrick/Kashyyyk Defender, *Wullffwarro/Kashyyyk Defender 3 x A-wing (6 cards, 3 bases, 3 dials) Cards: *Jake Farrell, *Arvel Crynyd, Green Squadron Pilot x 2, Phoenix Squadron Pilot x 2 Bases: *Arvel Crynyd/Green Squadron Pilot, *Jake Farrell/Phoenix Squadron Pilot, Green Squadron Pilot/Phoenix Squadron Pilot 2 x B-wing (6 cards, 3 bases, 2 dials) Cards: *Ten Numb, *Braylen Stramm, Blade Squadron Veteran x 2, Blue Squadron Pilot x 2 Bases: *Braylen Stramm/Blue Squadron Pilot, *Ten Numb/Blade Squadron Pilot, Blue Squadron Pilot/Blade Squadron Pilot 2 x E-wing (6 cards, 3 bases, 2 dials) Cards: *Corran Horn, *Gavin Darklighter, Rogue Squadron Escort x 2, Knave Squadron Escort x 2 Bases: *Corran Horn/ Rogue Squadron Escort, *Gavin Darklighter/Knave Squadron Escort, Rogue Squadron Escort/Knave Squadron Escort 2 x HWK-290 (5 cards, 3 bases, 2 dials) Cards: *Jan Ors, *Roark Garnet, *Kyle Katarn, Rebel Scout x 2 2 x K-wing (4 cards, 2 bases, 2 dials) Cards: *Miranda Doni, *Esege Tuketu, Warden Squadron Pilot x 2 Bases: *Miranda Doni/ Warden Squadron Pilot, *Esege Tuketu/ Warden Squadron Pilot 2 x Phantom II (4 cards, 2 bases, 2 dials) Cards: *Zeb Orrelios, *Ezra Bridger, *Fenn Rau, *AP-5 2 x Sabine’s TIE (4 cards, 2 bases, 2 dials) Cards: *Zeb Orrelios, *Ezra Bridger, *Sabine Wren, *Captain Rex 2 x U-wing (4 cards, 2 bases, 2 dials) Cards: *Bodhi Rook, *Cassian Andor, *Heff Tober, Blue Squadron Scout 2 x VCX-100 (4 cards, 2 bases, 2 dials) Cards: *Hera Syndulla, *Kanan Jarrus, *Chopper, Lothal Rebel 2 x Falcon (4 cards, 2 bases, 2 dials) Cards: *Han Solo, *Lando Calrissian, *Chewbacca, Outer Rim Smuggler 2 x YT-2400 (4 cards, 2 bases, 2 dials) Cards: *Dash Rendar, *Leebo, Wild Space Fringer x 2 Bases: * Dash Rendar / Wild Space Fringer, * Leebo / Wild Space Fringer 2 x Y-wing (6 cards, 3 bases, 2 dials) Cards: *Horton Salm, *Dutch Vander, *Evaan Verlaine, *Norra Wexley , Gold Squadron Veteran x 2, Gray Squadron Bomber x 2 Bases: * Horton Salm/Gold Squadron Veteran, * Dutch Vander/Gray Squadron Bomber, Gray Squadron Bomber/Gold Squadron Veteran, *Evaan Verlaine/*Norra Wexley 4 x Z-95 (8 cards, 4 bases, 4 dials) Cards: *Airen Cracken, * Lieutenant Blount, Tala Squadron Pilot x 3, Bandit Squadron Pilot x 3 Bases: *Airen Cracken/Tala Squadron Pilot, *Lieutenant Blount/Bandit Squadron Pilot, Tala Squadron Pilot/Bandit Squadron Pilot x 2
  11. evanger

    2.0 Base Tokens

    I see that the "Quick Start" cards from Core 2.0 are showing *Luke & Red Squadron Vet and *Porkins & Blue Squadron Escort. Thus, the Core 2.0 should provide 4 pilot cards for T-65 along with 2 base tokens: *Luke Skywalker/Blue Squadron Escort *Jek Porkins/Red Squadron Veteran EDIT: To be fair, these might be swapped. The only way to get 2 X-wings from a Core 2.0 set is to have 2 Core 2.0 sets. Thus a double up of tokens (i.e. using unique Luke face-up and unique Luke face-down; i.e. Red Squadron Veteran; would work just fine.
  12. evanger

    2.0 Base Tokens

    I don't know. I couldn't find base token details anywhere (except the T-65 unboxibg)
  13. evanger

    2.0 Base Tokens

    Really? I could swear I saw it differently. Where are the people with the kits when we need tgem?
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