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  1. evanger

    A generic shortage 2.0

    That is an interesting idea. In terms of the point system, granularity has increased. With PS, the opposite. Will it be harder to have differentiable new pilots?
  2. evanger

    A generic shortage 2.0

    Generics will be on the flip sides of unique pilots base tokens. I would bet the only contents people will want to trade from the conversion kits are for ships they do not own.
  3. evanger

    RZ-1 and RZ-2 A-wing scale in 2.0

    I agree. I'd love a smaller A-wing, too. I wrote a blog post about my argument; too long to cut and paste entirely. http://tierfoncampaign.blogspot.com/2016/07/a-wing-issues.html?m=1
  4. evanger

    TIE Phantoms are now 3/2/3/2

    I don't like that change. The lore says the TIE Phantom (with five laser cannons) has more firepower than most other small ships. More than Interceptor & Defender (four each). TIE Striker should win for heaviest hitter, though (6 laser cannons). Particularly when you can balance it all with points adjustments in 2.0, why not stick to SW canon as closely as possible?
  5. evanger

    Solo ships after 2.0e announcement?

    On the plus side, if they wait until the movie is out then they can design a much better expansion pack. Think of the sad U-wing (no K-2SO), TIE Striker (no bomb, no potential crew slot), and others from the sequel trilogy (lame T-70 pilot non-name names come to mind; unique pilot "Blue Ace" and "Red Ace", for instance; could've been Yolo Ziff and Bastian, respectively). We could've benefitted from FFG actually seeing the movie and supporting material before designing the game component. The point is that FFG is seemingly an outsider, Star Wars business-wise. They apparently don't know as much as Lego or Hasbro seems to before movies are released. Thus, waiting not only for the movies but the accompanying lore books, etc results in better products more reflective of the new canon.
  6. evanger

    May the 4th Be With You and Solo: A SW Story

    I agree. I thought for sure we'd see the new/old Falcon from Solo, perhaps as 2nd Edition's first new expansion. sad
  7. evanger

    2.0: Are you in or are you out?

    I am in, too. Very pleased with the apparent depth of the redesigning. Multiple arcs, different weapon values out different arcs, etc. I will be most pleased if we see a crew slot equipped BTL-S3 Y-wing and TIE/sk with crew and bombs.
  8. evanger

    Imperial Heavy Tie Fighter [Light Spoilers]

    Not Ralph McQuarrie. http://www.cantwellcollection.com/
  9. evanger


    I disagree. I vote they will definitely release this model solo. The only question, to my mind, is whether they release repaints in both standard Rebel red AND blue or just blue? Most likely is just blue, I'd wager. In a Scarif-themed pack with Antoc Merrick et al. They'd be silly not to do this. It's basically them printing money!
  10. evanger

    (Spoilers) Solo - Millenium Falcon

    That's Jarril's "Spicy Lady" from the book "The New Rebellion" (1996, 17 ABY). I just happened to finish that book last week.
  11. evanger

    Replacement ship tiles

    Most important: how can we get these AND are there any for X-wing, too?
  12. evanger


    Odd. I wonder why "Saw's Renegades" repaint expansion is considered part of Wave 14 and not an Aces set. "Most Wanted" was similar, as a part of Wave 6.
  13. evanger

    New preview: save the dream

    Saw was kicked out of the club for excessive violence. His partisans are more organized than bounty hunters and pirates, maybe. A pretty good analog to Hutt forces or ruthless Crime Syndicates in terms of bloodthirstiness. Definitely the dark side of the lower case "r" rebellion. As I consider Imperials to be clean bad guys and Scum to be dirty bad guys, the partisans might be called dirty "not-quite-good" guys.
  14. I think it's this (also seen in RotJ): http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Braha'tok-class_gunship
  15. evanger

    New preview: save the dream

    Ah. Rebels. 😐