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  1. New preview: save the dream

    Saw was kicked out of the club for excessive violence. His partisans are more organized than bounty hunters and pirates, maybe. A pretty good analog to Hutt forces or ruthless Crime Syndicates in terms of bloodthirstiness. Definitely the dark side of the lower case "r" rebellion. As I consider Imperials to be clean bad guys and Scum to be dirty bad guys, the partisans might be called dirty "not-quite-good" guys.
  2. I think it's this (also seen in RotJ): http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Braha'tok-class_gunship
  3. New preview: save the dream

    Ah. Rebels. 😐
  4. New preview: save the dream

    Bad: Saw didn't have (much less fly, personally; with a pilot skill of 6 no less!) a U-wing. Not interested in partisans. More like Scum than proper Rebels. No K-2SO included. Sad. Good: TIE Reaper. Too cool to not include.
  5. What will Wave 8 bring?

    I am wondering what Disney is doing with the Solo movie, support-wise. I bought two novels about Rogue One (a pre-novel and the movie novelization). I see no such books related to Solo on the horizon. Not as big a PR push across the board? More relevant to this game, I suppose, are the new Lego sets related to Solo. Perhaps X-wing will get a third Falcon and a new TIE? We shall see, I guess.
  6. TIE Conjoined

  7. FFG Needs an Official X-Wing App

    Sounds like a great idea. Also sounds like something FFG won’t do. They like to sell stuff. Cardboard, cards, custom dice, etc. Most of their games are full of fiddly bits and odds and ends. Dials, tokens, etc etc. Even “pen and paper”, “theater of the mind”, table-top RPGs from FFG are weighed down with cards and custom dice, etc. It’s in their DNA. Your idea sounds too clean and easy and too difficult to monetize. Sounds wonderful for us customers, much less so (I suspect) from FFG’s perspective. Perhaps if the app cost a lot or the updates weren’t free or something? Maybe they could go to a book-based system something like modern GW for AoS. A “General’s Guide” every year type thing (except in app form) I think the root of the problem here is the mounds of cards. Errata etc is not clean in this game and the rules are distributed widely over all these expansions over all these years. A real mess and logistical nightmare. An app would solve this issue nicely, for sure. I just can’t envision how they’d make enough money were you not forced to purchase products you don’t want just to get upgrades you do...
  8. Unknown Chimaera Commander

    Chimaera: No second commander. Not even the correct number of upgrade cards included. The photo spread shows 18 cards. The product blurb talks of “[Thrawn]...and 17 other upgrade cards...” 17 total are in the box. Huh. Profundity: went the other way. 13 cards shown in the photo spread. 14 included. This time the product blurb says 14, too, however. I guess we can’t read too much into FFG’s imprecise marketing material. Too bad.
  9. Profundity Unboxing

    So this one has 14 total upgrade cards?
  10. Chimaera Unboxing

    I am seeing 17 total upgrade cards. Is that correct?
  11. Flotillas

  12. Flotillas

    Nice! Where is the GR-75’s required wingman?😁
  13. Flotillas

    I like the notion of an entire squadron of 12 starfighters moving as one ‘blip’ on the radar. If they don’t work together, they wouldn’t get much done. The Falcon can fly alone around the table, avoiding the big ships as needed, because that is cool. But, somehow, GR-75s have to stick together. Irritating form.
  14. Flotillas

    Probably. It irks me, as a matter of form, that two ships of such similar size, the YV-666 (62m) and the Gozanti-class cruiser (63.8m), are treated so differently. On the other end, the GR-75 (90m) and the Hammerhead (~100m?) are different. All of the above are Sil 5 in the RPG, too. Armada seems to use 100m as a break point to be on your own small base.
  15. Flotillas