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  1. I've been begging for a good Middle-earth dungeon crawl board game for ages now, and I've lost hope it'll actually happen. I'd prefer a Descent-style game, but I'd settle for a Middle-earth Talisman with expansion boards for some of the specific areas of Middle-earth (like Moria, the Misty Mountains, etc).
  2. I'm still hoping they continue with the series as well, maybe relaunching it with a big box Pacific starter, then reprints of everything else. I know they've said they're not doing the coffin boxes anymore, but I'd still like to see it for the ToI starters. If FFG doesn't continue, my other hope is Ares picks it up from them. I think it actually fits Ares catalog better than FFG's, and it would make a great WWII companion game to Wings of Glory. (I have the same hope that Ares reprints Battles of Napoleon, completing their Napoleonic line with Sails of Glory.)
  3. RAF1945 said: I wouldn't mind them making one for the Pacific Threater. I agree -- Pacific next, please! I don't want FFG to pull a Squad Leader (Avalon Hill) on us, and never finish the series with the Pacific expansion. It really sucked when Avalon Hill announced a Pacific expansion for SL, then dropped the series in favor of ASL before releasing that module.
  4. Does anyone know if the TOI reprint comes with the newer boards, with the updated art?
  5. kaufschtick said: To pre-order Or not to pre-order That is the question... I'm actually going to wait a bit, and (possibly) purchase it well after it hits the shelves. This will be the first TOI module I'm not buying right out of the gate, because I want to see what others have to say about it first. And I want to see how FFG supports the game after its release. With the extreme lack of information after it was announced, extended delay in production, and continued silence after it was put on the boat, I'm not sure I want to put my hard-earned dollars into the expansion just yet. TOI will have to earn my support this time around.
  6. Pirates! They're everywhere.
  7. kaufschtick said: I want some of what he's smoking. I don't recommend smoking the little plastic soldiers… …if you do the government will take them away from all of us.
  8. kaufschtick said: Hopefully we'll see a few more previews now, maybe even once a week? Good grief, man! You've only waited nine months for the thing to be put on a boat, what more do you want?!
  9. kaufschtick said: Well, it's officially listed as "on the boat" now, that's great news. Hooray! Well, it looks like it'll beat the anniversary of the original announcement, and I'm glad I was wrong about that prediction! And, as an added bonus, it may arrive in time for my birthday!
  10. BJaffe01 said: Yeah i've read a couple different accounts. sadly it could have accomplished more given some better intel. BJaffe01 Yeah, it's an interesting scenario to me, for a couple of reasons: it's a fairly small scenario, which I prefer, and when the British wake up they're already on the losing end of things—or so it seems.
  11. BJaffe01 said: AngelPark is the Stuka farm set in Tunisia or is it a different locality? BJaffe01 Tunisia. I pulled my WWII mag out again—to gather my notes for the accompanying historical article—and it's actually a first-hand account, not an interview. Nice engagement that makes for a good scenario.
  12. Aussie_Digger said: Nice, I really enjoyed your last issue, What theater will you be visiting with the scenario? Im working on a North African one atm (If you are interested in featuring scenarios from others) Not ready just yet though I actually have two desert scenarios in the bag—one I'm definitely using, the other I'm not sure about at the moment. The one I'm not sure about is an SAS raid, and the one I'm definitely using is "Stuka Farm," inspired by an interview in one of my old WWII magazines. It's a nice little battle with the Brits and Germans. I'd like to have at least three or four scenarios in this issue, so I'd be happy to take a look at yours once it's ready.
  13. Cyscott1 said: I wonder what they want for the rights to it. They don't seem to have much intrest in finishing it. I've said it here before—if FFG ever decides to drop TOI, someone in the community will step up, just like MMP did for ASL. That's it, dang it! I'm tired of waiting, so I'm doing another issue of Wave of Steel! Look for it on BGG, before FFG gets FotB on store shelves…
  14. blumax1981 said: When, if at all, will we see it in 2011? Guesses? My guess is sometime between the one year anniversary of the announcement and GenCon. That gives them an entire four-month span to get it on the shelves, but FFG is fully capable of missing that mark.
  15. kaufschtick said: CoolStuff lists Fury of the Bear as being expected by "Winter 2011" now on my wishlist! I sure hope that is not accurate information! I hope that means it may still arrive by March. But, I doubt that happens—it would have to be on the boat within the next 30 days for it to beat Winter 2011, or have a chance at beating the one year anniversary announcement. How sad is that? This has now gone beyond the point where I want to poke fun at the delay. OK, maybe that's a lie… Bring on Fury of Da Bears!
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