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  1. I think klaymen_sk wasn't commenting on a lack of source material, but on the style of the setting. Koop doesn't seem to fit in there.
  2. Does anyone know if a variant of the Battlelore-scenario-editor will be published for Battles of Westeros?
  3. As much as I am in favor of reviving cards that collect dust in the binder, I'm against making them silver buillets (or, as you called it. antidotes) against specific other cards. There was a lot of that in the Decipher SW-CCG (one interrupt that canceled another interrupt), and it never sat well with me. I much prefer the things you said about the son of arnor: How the mechanics of a new card gave an old card a much needed boost.
  4. @ Gizlivadi: With A Song of Travel, which is quite fitting, considering its artwork and lore
  5. A guy on the LCG-boards speculated that FFG could use the House Arryn art from the new "A Feast for Crows" scenario for House Arryn cards for the LCG. But maybe, just maybe, there's a "House Arryn" faction for BoW in the making?
  6. @ brownmantle: During the second year of the Decipher game there was a time when the Frodo/Sam Deck with 4x "A promise" was one of the best. I wouldn't say they neglected the hobbits. Sorry for OT.
  7. @ klaymen: I thoight the same thing. But I guess one could reason that Imrahil is related to the ruling families of Gondor (if I remember correctly), while the knights of his following are of the land he rules. Hence the different traits.
  8. Since I brought her up in the other thread, I'll bring her up here: Ioreth as a Gondor lore heroine. Where, if not in Minas Tirith?
  9. I haven't seen Ioreth mentioned here. She certainly has a larger role than some of the characters already made into heroes (Elladan & Elrohir, for example), and she would be a fitting lore heroine with a powerful healing abilty. Just not sure how good her stats could reasonably be.
  10. Nerdmeister said: O Elbereth! Gilthonial! (spirit) is a card that rubs me a bit the wrong way. For a cost of 4 (secrecy 4) you can put an enemy which just attacked you on the bottom of the encounter deck but afterwards you have to raise your threat to the engagement cost of said enemy if it is lower. The card seems to be good for something like Mûmak or other high-profile enemies (who are not immune to player card effects). It does rub me a bit the wrong way to include cards for the benefit of one (or two at the most) specific enemy cards. If the game plays just right it can be very good but (without having tested it much yet) I suspect it will be not much use most of the time. And it's spelled wrong! That's annoying me most. But maybe that leaves the possibility of an Oh Elbereth! Gilthoniel! with a better effect ;-)
  11. So Boomer is a possible human, and Athena is a cylon leader. That's confusing…
  12. In another world, it's a drunk septon's name. Maybe FFG got the name from there?
  13. Yes. A figure and one stats card for each one should have been in your core set.
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