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  1. Hey, I got a second hand Tannhäuser first edition with Yula included awhile back. When I sorted through the tokens and Everything I noticed that 6 Yula Tokens were missing. They were specifically Three fire and Three smoke tokens. I found it odd that it was exactly those tokens. The guy I bought it from is usually quite careful with his games and Everything so it just seemed odd. Are there different versions of Yula or any promos etc that did not include those 6 tokens? I got Everything else at the clearance so now I basically have Everything Tannhäuser except those 6 tokens, OCD mayhem here . Regards //Shik
  2. It shouldn't become a problem given the "Shuffle Deck" card?
  3. I played it the other day and I enjoyed the card system, took awhile to get it nailed down but after that it was fastpaced and utterly ruthless. None of us survived any of the game sessions, mostly due to traps and whatnots but we also did get a nasty thrashing now and then. I still wonder how that fiery flame demon managed to sneak up on me in the Catacombs. Haven't tried any combat variants yet but as it is now I don't see a reason why I should. Will probably try it out eventually though, this is the "toughest" game i've played in quite awhile.
  4. One tactic I use is to try and corrupt imperials in the laser fortifications. Even if you just get one it will turn into a 1 on 1 coexistance battle and either knock the laser out or severely weaken it. I do not anything into the eternity wall unless I have gotten ride of at least 1 laser preferably 2. Dropping down on 3 lasers is insane. Played last night and shoot down 2 marines and a thunderhawk that my traitor friend tried to put on the ground and he still activated the sector, for nothing. I agree with port landing down south and then act depending on what bombardments did. Don't forget that bombardments can cause breaches as well opening up the fortress.
  5. Hi all, I am kinda split about this because it is indeed like stated in the FAQ, He Cannot attack from activated area. This however is held true for any unit so the question is like stated if a card that allows activated units to partake in the battle includes him. Once again as stated is his getting into battle a "movement" or a part of the battle. I would argue that is definately reasonable that he could join in given these specfic circumstances. I don't think it unhinges any balance in the game and I am generally more understanding to "positive" interprations of rules as long as they don't obviously break the game or unhinge the balance.
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