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  1. I have 3rd edition and tatianna's ability is : ...reveal the top 5 cards on the combat deck and add any cards with a ranged attack type to your opponent's damage stack... I use the classic combat variant (Quick shot,Slash,Bolt of agony) and tatianna's ability is unchanged, can someone tell me how tatianna's ability is used in classic combat variant since there are no damage stacks?
  2. Which one is your favorite, monster-alien? and which scenario did you enjoy the best?
  3. come on man keep them together, never seperate them. have fun and run fast....(or you can play the doommaster, like me) oh by the way check out if the doom master cheats on you.
  4. GREECE..................does anybody read minds? i must play
  5. BroLuk said: I wondering about making some monsters ranking. You can write here top 3 your beloved monsters which you like playing as Overlord. My top 3 is: 1. demons 2. giants 3. spiders (number 1 means that i like play this monster the most, number 2 means that is second, etc). You can type here all monsters from all expansion sets.
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