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  1. Turpin


    take the table-top mini's and multiply by 10 and add or subtract according Warrior Ws:40 Bs:40 S:40 T:40 Ag:30 Int: ?? Per:?? Wp:40 Fel: - Armor: None (4 all) Gauss Blaster B,100m, S/2/-, 1d10+5, Pen 4, clip x*, rld *,Exotic, *necron weapondry runs off the power inside of the necron, unless the wielder is necron or has the Gauss jury rigged to a large battery (-30 tech-use/-10 with forbidden lore xenos (Necron)) it would have a clip of 20 unless it is a heavy weapon then its clip is reduced to 5. All Gauss weapons has a war scythe or an axe that deals (1d10+2 dmg, pen 2) Gauss Cannon H, 150m, -/3/10, Id10+6, Pen 4, clip x, rld x, exotic x(see gauss blaster) Gauss Flayer B, 90m, S/-/-, 1d10+4, Pen 5, clip *, rld *, Exotic *see gauss blaster Gauss Flux Arc P, 35m, S/-/-, 1d10+5, Pen 4, clip *, rld *, Exotic *see gauss blaster Heavy Gauss Cannon H, 150m, S/-/-, 1d10+9, Pen 2, clip*, rld *, Exotic, Over Heats, 55kg *see gauss blaster Particle Whip B,100m, S/-/-, 1d10+9, pen 3, clip*, rld*, Exotic, Overheats, Blast 3, * see gauss blaster Staff of Light M, 1d10+3, pen 2, balanced** P, 35m, s/-/-, 1d10+5, pen 3, clip*, rld*, Exotic (P&M) *See gauss blaster **Counts as a Best Quality Staff
  2. My Assassin is a Fist Fighter who uses two Best Quality Brass Knuckles. At 2nd rank i asked my gm if I could buy Crippling Strikes and Street Fighting as an elite package for 500 each and he accepted. My Battle Fleet Assassin has Ws:45+(10 quality and close quarter fighting) Str:40 and Ag:41 (rolled four ten's in my stats) So I run around doing critical dmg for my attacks, punching the breath out of people and breaking bones
  3. Don't worry I am one too, when i ran my team through edge of darkness i charged the guard flak armor the npcs had to flak vests, The only person who has a mono-weapon is the mortrait assassin and the "medic" with a mono scapel
  4. does anyone know what page the aux. grenade launcher is on?
  5. Imo the spectre is just a sooped up gun, Iam happy with my Steadholder with Man Stopper rounds...
  6. In my group the guardsmen carries a red-dot and a telescopic scope and switches between them depending on the situation (on his autogun) and I declared a half action in combat to switch them out (sence in RL it takes about less than a minute to take off a scope)
  7. Drop Bear said: OK over the Easter Brake (long Weekend and Uni Holidays) I plan to run A test game of DH as I wait for my FLGS to get in a new shipment of DH stuff (I only have the Core Book), should I start with "Shattered Hope" or "Edege of Darkness" . Or are both Adventuers too tied to the Example Characters included with them? The Characters I have so far are A Hive World Arbitrator with Ok stats, She has bean alowed to trade around her Equipment (but nothing has bean free) a bit and has a Cbt Shotgun, opted for a Mesh Vest and also has Gang Leathers. A Imp World Assassin of Noble Blood with Good stats espechily WS, she has abandoned any Ranged Weapons (Except for some Throwing Knives) and uses a Mono Sword, also clad in Mesh Vest and "Gang Leathers". An other character being madeup at the moment is a War World Guardsmen with Good BS and OK other stats, who's going to go for a LAZ Gun with a good supply of Overcharge Packs and other usefull Tech at the expence of the Shotty. other posible characters are a Warp Born Navagator and a Adept or Tech Preist. Will this Roaster work for those adventuers or will their be problems? Is your assassin mortriat? if not i'd recommend it.
  8. Turpin

    Warp Travel

    SO by the looks of the pictures on your profile i'm guessing the Inquisitor takes the Eversor in his cadre?
  9. Actually I think that the Tau and Eldar would probably help Humans the best they could sence both are against Chaos aswell.
  10. Hmm as I would think is that the Tau would more than likley take in any humans who are willing to join, many planets like cadia and catachan wouldn't be effected by the lack of other planets to help them. I'd wouldn't be suprise to see that the space marines would probably give up the whole 1000 limit and probably go into hiding. The rest of the Imperium that isn't under tau control, hiding with space marines, or bunkering on their own planet would go into guerilla warefare mode and thats where i would place the game, average civilians forced into war to fend off the horde of chaos.
  11. In my group we have an assassin who specialises in thrown weapons (I.e Everything that he can pick up) he's a feral assassin who has 40+ str and 40+ T to start with and got 20 on his BS roll, so he literally just grabs peoples guns and knifes hurls them at people doing 1d10+2 dmg on improvised (which has killed many people). I also made a house rule that for every 4kg's the thrown object does +1 more dmg. And he proceeded to throw flak armor at people and rocks. And when they arrived at the final boss He punched a wall and grabbed a chunk of debree, threw it hit the guy in the face with 5kg slap which was 1d10-2+4(str bonus)+1(weight bonus) = 1d10+3 rolled a 10 and a 9 so a total of 22 dmg to the guys chest (I was amazed)
  12. There is the Breacher which is technically the same thing as the hunting lance, my group has a Thrown Weapon Master from a feral world and a Mortrait at that, and he carries a quiver for compact spears and a few breachers and uses a best quality lethium (miss-spelt) spear and he does alot of interesting stuff involving pole-volts and harpooning, fun times...
  13. Name / Handle of Player: Scoresby / Miles Turpin Intending Career Path or Trusting in the Emperor: Guardsmen Home World Type: Catchan (Feral) Preferred Ordo:Any Day/Days and Time/Times for live play and or the number of times you could post to PbP or PbEM 7 times a week, 4:30 pm+ 5-6, PbP
  14. Zarkhovian_Rhythm said: Turpin said: because when your a Dark Heresy Gm the party is the enemy and the enemy must die That really is just a disgusting sentiment. Glad I don't play with your group. Oh I wasn't being serious I forgot sarcasim dosn't work over text, it was suppose to be a joke referring to the old DnD Gm's who follow "The Old Ways" which is basically "The players are a team, that team is your enemy, this book (game masters guide) is your shield, and this book (monster guide) is your sword, together use them to slay the ENEMY!"
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