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  1. Interesting enough, that can result in honour loss. When you hit someone, it's supposed to be a clean, killing cut. Causing someone to cry out in pain - or inflicting a crippling blow - is considered shameful (the former to the person hit and the person who inflicted the hit, the latter for the person who inflicted the hit). As such, samurai are aiming for either a grazing blow (proving a point) or a clean, killing blow (to show skill and finesse).
  2. Wait, Champions tells you not to kill the characters? Another reason not to play Champions, I guess. I don't go out of my way to kill characters, but I don't hold back either. I just had a PC hit in the back with a poison dart, while he's all by himself trying to do the right thing (L5R). I gave him 6 rounds of actions, not telling him if the poison is lethal or not.
  3. Abusive? Mind you, I don't see eye-to-eye on everything he says, but I do agree with the idea of putting the players through the wringer from time to time. I just believe they should also win if they've earned it. That said, I love the mechanics he tends to write, and the settings he makes. And the lethality of L5R is a huge draw for me for the game.
  4. If they used Izanagi and Izanami, all that means is that there's access to the underworld, and the worst of it is 'unclean', and not much else. But that would also replace all of the various realms as well. Not necessarily a bad thing though - it'd be a lot closer to baseline Shinto. You have 'here', and you have 'there'. Tengoku is off limits, and... that's it, really. That's not a bad thing though. I decided to keep the various realms in my game, just because it's familiar.
  5. As far as I can tell, it's the same Rokugan - they're just starting the timeline from the beginning, following the same course, but focusing on new stories within that timeline. I've yet to see any clue of anything actually different, canon-wise.
  6. I have a Google Doc with this stuff written out, if you want the link.
  7. That sounds pretty cool. I've considered setting Rokugan as island-based, but hadn't quite gone that far. I've also considered allowing ninja to not be 'verboten' - they exist, everyone knows they exist, and people hire the Scorpion Clan to get things done.
  8. We don't have a generic 'L5R' forum here, so I thought putting this here might be better than... err, anywhere else? So, setting up the campaign, I decided to throw out the mythology of the setting. Why? Well, I wanted something that was 1) closer to Japanese mythology, and 2) something closer to Shinto philosophy. The entire background for L5R is way too Western for my tastes. Tsukiyomi devouring his children? Greek. How on Earth would the Rokugani even remotely accept cannibalism as something the kami would do? You would think Amaterasu would have shot him for that, then fished her kids out. Anyway. So for my campaign, that got thrown out. I had the story follow the Japanese myths, including the 'hide in a cave' and her brother being banished and doing heroic deeds (and founding the Mantis Clan). I had Amaterasu's contest with her brother be what created the kami which founded the Great Clans, crafted by Amaterasu and her brother. This (by the by) also allowed me to sneak Shosuro in as a kami. I removed the entire idea of Fu Leng being evil, and Jigoku being evil. This falls more in line with Shintoism - the spirits are neither good or evil. The idea of 'good' and 'evil' is a human concept, not a divine concept. The other thing I did was adjust what the Taint is. For me, the Taint is kegare. Spiritual pollution. It isn't 'Jigoku trying to claim the mortal realm' or anything like that. I still have the Shadowlands, but it operates differently: A maho-tsukai tried to steal the power of Fu Leng (who is the guardian of Jigoku - he looks after the punishment of the wicked). The ritual blew a hole open and created a gate to Jigoku. This caused a section of Rokugan to be permanently tainted with kegare. If you're in the Shadowlands, and you perform spiritually impure actions, you can get Taint. Which does most of the nasty stuff Taint normally does. Monsters still come out of the Shadowlands. They're not Evil. They're simply spirits that are trying to do their job. Punish mortals. In Jigoku they're fine. Here, that's kind of traumatic for the mortal population. These oni and goblins and such aren't evil - they're not malicious. They are spirits - lacking in the free will to choose their path (Void). So they do what they're supposed to do - to anyone they come across. And so they have to be killed (sent back to Jigoku), banished (sent back to Jigoku), or bound (and aren't you a bad person for trying to usurp control there...) I've also done some adjustments to the Kolat (made them closer to the Yakuza and got rid of this whole 'overthrow the gods' nonsense), and the Lying Darkness (again, something done by mortals messing things up, this time with Meido). So far, it's gone pretty well, the in-character adjustments are few and far between, and it feels more like mythic samurai drama rather than Western Hybridization. So, for the sake of conversation - what have other people done to tweak their game settings?
  9. Ooo, nice answer. "If your lord assigned you this task, then your lord should be providing you what you need. If your lord didn't provide it, you don't need it. Otherwise, ask your lord." And that's the crux. I'm quite familiar with how this kind of thing goes. It would take a lot of Sincerity rolls, Courtier rolls, and possibly bribes (depending on the Honour of the person) to get them to teach you something that your sensei should be teaching you.
  10. Spells are tied to scrolls with a specific cipher to your school. They're closely guarded secrets, so going to find someone else to give you a spell is... questionable. First and foremost, you'd have to go to a member of your school specifically, and then they'd probably be like 'and why should I let you copy my prayer scroll? Are you questioning your sensei's decisions?' And that's pretty much the answer for anything. You want to learn this kata, kiho, or school technique? Why? Are you questioning your sensei? And here comes the Glory and possibly Honour hit.
  11. Skills were something else. You raised skills by practice and using them, or finding someone who knew the skill - you didn't necessarily have to go to your sensei for those. But techniques, kiho, kata, spells, those came from your mentors, and thus could be denied if you weren't being an honourable individual or a member in good standing.
  12. Because spells are something given out by your masters specifically. 'Here, this is what we think you should know'. Just like if you've pissed off your sensei, when you go up a school rank, you might find you aren't learning your next rank technique. Or you can't find a teacher for your next kata, or kiho. Nothing's guaranteed.
  13. Well, the PC is getting the spells from their school, so the school decides - not the PC. Though the PC can offer suggestions, perhaps. And yeah, of course the universal spells - but then, you're talking about a world where every single thing has a spirit you can talk to. That's like, the foundation of Shinto right there. If you're going for Japanese fantasy, that's **** near to be expected. (And currently, I've got my PC party facing a guy possessed by a kansen of fire. Though in my game, kansen aren't evil - they're just the wrathful aspect of a normal fire kami. I'm going as heavy into Shinto as I can for my game, so nothing spiritual is 'evil'. But all kami have benevolent and wrathful aspects).
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