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  1. Bummer! I missed it. Looked like a lot of fun. Hopefully you'll have more tournaments to come(?).
  2. Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! The expansion sounds awesome! Thank you for the update.
  3. Hi ColtsFan, Yes, I do have a couple of the Goblin box sets (including the band Goblins) which does alleviate some of the weakness of the Goblins from the basic set (along with being cool miniatures ). I guess my issue is with the severity that Goblins take hits when retreating. IMHO this seems too much of a negative against the Goblins, despite the positive Goblin Rush. I understand DOW and Mr. Borg's logic for the hit dice per retreat rule (Goblins scatter when their moral breaks). However, it seems a little too harsh, so, the reason for creating the houserule. I was thinking more about this and to add some strategy maybe the player who is playing the Goblins can either decide to to take hits or flags before the Goblin Run retreat dice are rolled. Thanks for listening to the my Goblin woes
  4. [read as if Info-commercial voice] Are you tired of getting stuck with goblins when all they do is run? You use your precious commands to move them up the battlefield only to see them run into oblivion at the first sight of combat, virtually dissipating before you eyes? You've been the victim of the notorious "Goblin Run". We'll never fear, BLAMCO Inc. has a solution for you! BLAMCO is offering a new rule, a house rule, for Goblin Run. Instead of rolling for hits on a Goblin Run, why not just roll for flags? Yes, it's that easy. No longer will your goblins disapear magically as they retreat from the enemy, rather they will continue running, possibly right off the board! Isn't that fun?! [end info-commercial] I really like goblins, but it's so hard to select them because imho the Goblin Run rule makes them very weak. Then during a "practice" game this evening, I was watching my Gobos do what they do best (run and be destroyed) I happen upon a Run roll of a flag and a green helm (for a green Gob unit). Typically that means a causulty, but then I thought, "Hey, what if instead of taking a causulty, I just retreat the Goblin unit another two spaces (via the flag roll) and roll another Goblin Run roll?" If another flag comes up the Gobs keep running, if not they stop. If enough flag rolls occur the gobs will eventually retreat right off the board (standard BL rules for units retreating off the board). What do you all think? Good house rule? bad house rule? Should I just give up on the Gobs?
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