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  1. Yes, we are all eagerly awaiting more pics.
  2. That is destructively awesome. Cynr, mind postin some pics of that spiral bound? I'm very curious.
  3. I'm sure this topic has been posted before. If it has a link would be awesome. Anyway, I'm having trouble thinking of an organic way to bring my characters together, obviously the inquisitor is an "easy" way out, just have him take them. But I would like it better if it happened naturally. Your stories? Any suggestions?
  4. I'm very tempted to use that. However would the pay be enough to sway these "evil-doers"?
  5. Thanks a bunch! Do you think it would be easier to do this with violence or no? I want my players to get the point that this is a game of more than combat, we played cthulu for awhile so they are alright, but I would like some extra reinforcement.
  6. I just picked up DH and I love the book. I am moderately familiar with the universe, I read a lot of the novels. I've also run some WFRP. I am a fairly competent GM (at least I hope). So my question is this. I want to start my players out as "regular" people who are recruited in the Inquisition for the first session. Kind of like a primer. Does this sound feasible? If so, any tips? Also, which free adventure is better, The free adventure in the back of the core rulebook or the downloadable one? Also also, This is my first post.
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