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  1. Just keep the expansions coming. When King in Yellow came we used to play with all (3) expansions together but already then it seemed diluted, as Next Acts and Dunwich gates didn't appear that often. When Kingsport came it was the last straw and we began to play with max 2 expansions at a time ever since. It was great change because now every game has its own theme. Today Farao Exhibition and Kingsport, tomorrow maybe Black goat and Dunwich. I recommend this approach for anyone who feels it's becoming diluted.
  2. Best to contact FFG support directly. I believe through this form http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_atencion.asp
  3. Hipsu

    How to enjoy doom?

    Hmm, it does seem from my post that I don't like challenge but actually I do! And I also like that it's supposed to be a surviving game, running from the Invader and all that stuff. That's why I'd like to learn to enjoy it. But I just don't like the mechanic where the Invader can deal that "free" damage. It feels frustrating when it strikes you and you can do nothing about it (yea, yea, those ready actions are there...) On the other hand we might be playing this game totally the wrong way. Our marines seems to like to move slow and clear and explore every room... which makes the game long and give Invader many changes to do those ninja strikes... which again leads to all that frustration and rambling on the forums...
  4. Hipsu

    How to enjoy doom?

    Maybe once a year I come here to whine about doom and it seems now it's that time again... Something bugs be about doom. It's always somewhat unpleasant and wearisome experience and I can't enjoy it. I think the biggest gripe originates from a combination of these three things: 1. Some marine might have a tough armor but it doesn't matter because the invader always ***** the weakest player. Again and again. 2. Even with 3 marines, there will be a blind corner somewhere where to summon monster(s 3. After summoning, the monsters can move right away and attack. Those three things combined means the Invader can often deal "free" damage to the weakest player and it gets old and frustrating pretty fast. And since the frags are mutual... Sure, the marines have their ready actions but they often don't work and of course the invader has its own deck to make life even more miserable for those marines. Now I read these forums and see that many people really enjoy the game. How do you do it? I'd really like to enjoy this game. One thing I should mention. It seems both sides uses very much time just analysing the situation. I think we suffer from a major analysis paralysis and one scenario can take many hours. In the end everybody is exhausted and in dire need of fresh air. Is this normal or should we try to forget all that overanalyzing and just move with the game? How long should one scenario last? Does the Invader in your games play to the max, you know, tactically maneuvering those supposedly mindless zombies and always thinking what's the most clever move? Or is the Invader in your games more like a game master just providing that nice atmosphere and experience... Do you use any house rules? Is the game more enjoyable with 2 or 3 marines? Do you draw skills totally random? Often in our games one player gets totally useless cards and finds himself being raped by the Invader. Some other marine gets some totally uber combo and kills everything in sight (making the other players feel useless) Help me out here. Just tell me anything...
  5. Kingmaker said: This is fine, the obvious counter is to simply have everyone announce they're a Cylon. Sure if they have time to think, but out of the blue I think it could work. But I'm not gonna do this kind of stuff, not atleast in the first games. I never thought how unfun it could be, but I can see it now. Thanks for the responses guys.
  6. I haven't actually played the game yet, but I have read the rules and forums and stuff, and I know the Topic sounds ridicilous, but read on... The apparent stupidity aside, can a player simply ask other players if some of them is a Cylon? And can the Cylon one simply answer: "Yes, I'm a Cylon". (No reveals involved). I suppose yes, unless there's some secrecy rule that I'm not aware of. That's what I wan't to know. Anyhing preventing this? Here's the hypothetical situation. A 5 player game after sleeper phase and I'm a President and also a hidden Cylon. Of the other 4 I don't know who the other Cylon is. A player before me XO'd me giving me basicly 3 actions to take in a row (2 from XO and soon next is my turn again). I have drawn the 2 Quorum cards that can send people to Brig and during my actual turn I could use Admiral's Quarters. So basicly I could try to jail all 3 humans at once right? Now, I don't wan't to jail the other Cylon so I would announce my plan aloud: "Guys, I'm a Cylon and I'm going to brig three of you. Whoever is the second Cylon, please speak now so I won't jail you." Now of course if the second Cylon says he is the other one, then he would blew his cover as well but I think two known but free Cylons against 3 brigged humans is a neat deal don't you think?
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