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  1. If it was the result of a passed skill check then it jumps immediately. Then the Raiders activate (=nothing happens) and then you move one on the jump prep. You were lucky.
  2. I printed out tiny tiny expansion symbols on a sticker paper (or label or whatever), carefully cut them out with a rotary cutter and then spent a whole day painstakingly applying those sticker to the monster markers. But now it's done. Afterwards we played an Innsmouth game with only Innsmouth monsters. It was nice to see more deep ones and hybrids compared to our usual games where we've added every monster from every expansion.
  3. The intention is to leave them out (and I do). But I see Arkham as a highly customizable game so if you WANT to increase the probability of drawing lanterns and healing stones then I don't see a problem with that.
  4. Does the new FAQ answers when the new investigators enter play after being devoured? Next phase? Upkeep? If upkeep, if the investigator gets devoured in upkeep, does the new one come into play immediately or in the NEXT upkeep?
  5. Hipsu

    Line of sight...

    It's not limited by degrees. If in doubt you can use a string or a straight edge like your friend suggests. Check this play aid made by Tibs http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/15988/los_guide-jpg (although Tibs claims that figures do not block line of sight to themselves but that's not in the rules, so it's a house rule.)
  6. Baenre said: Because people paid $400 or more to get those oversized cards in the CE set. I'm sure people would be pretty peeved at FFG if they just reprinted the cards into the CE size to buy alone. Actually most of the CE owners would be pretty pleased if they could buy an extra set of CE cards...
  7. I guess I'll show my progress too. (Before I've only showed to my family and friends.) I've never painted miniatures before. My ultimate goal is to paint all the 200+ figures of the War of the Ring some day and I because I want them to look good I felt I needed a project to practice with first. I chose Doom which has mostly gathered dust on my shelf lately. I've studied lots about techniques and theory but nothing beats practice. I've settled to paint all the figures of Doom and it's Expansion before I move to WotR but the progress has been sloooow. I started sometime spring 2009 and I've only gotten this far. Above are the first miniatures I've ever painted. Actually the left-most blue-one would be the very first. Next I painted Imps. The Revenant on the left means that it's the next one on the list. Here you can see an Imp in a bit better lightning. I might revisit those eyes and make them darker because now they seem to just blend in the skull.. And the Revenants. I'm very pleased with the result. I feel like I'm already better at this. A couple days ago I finished with the Trites. Next I'm going to paint the Archviles so expect new pictures in 2-3 months (at this rate). By the way, Haslo, I hope you won't mind but I will steal your idea of flames behind rib cages.
  8. jscottbowman said: but you have effectively confirmed that an army including a leader, can ONLY be moved Or attack with an army including a leader, by using the sword icon on dice. (Or its equivalent like Will of the West) Or with the Army die.
  9. I sort out Mythos, OW, Locations and Allies according to expansions we play with. But I keep in everything else (items, spells and skills). I don't sort Monsters as it's too big a hassle. Obviously stuff like Injury and Madness are always in.
  10. Besides, with all these Elder Gods and other pagan stuff, if anyone, it's the Christians who might feel uncomfortable with these themes. Remember I said "if anyone", I'm a Christian myself and don't mind this stuff. Atheists sure don't mind. Holy water and stuff is common in movies and other popular culture against vampires and demons so nothing new here.
  11. I've never heard anyone having issues with this game and their religious orientation.
  12. Doom's pretty much dead. Since 2005 when the first and only expansion was released there has been absolutely no info about future plans. Then came Descent.
  13. No. (Stupid FFG Forum software. It doesn't allow me to simply answer "No" because it's "too short". So I have to write some unnecessary extra here.)
  14. They are "Tarot sized" cards so there are no sleeves for them as far as I know. At least not from FFG.
  15. If you are a huge LotR fan, then you must get this game anyways and you won't regret if you buy it. To me it truly feels like I'm in the Middle-Earth when I play this masterpiece. I have not played Middle-Earth Quest but I've played some other LotR games and War of the Ring is the only game that actually feels like Lord of the Rings. That said, we played with four players once. It was NOT an enjoyable experience. It felt very clumsy. You can't, for example, show or discuss your cards with your ally which is frustrating as you can't then really discuss about some killer tactics you have in mind that depends on the cards. And the new player in my team couldn't really ask if this or that card is nice or not because he can't discuss them. And then there is the ambiquity about which one of your team can actually play the card, so you grab the last page of the FAQ (which I printed in 4 copies) and try to find the card in the list... Overall it all felt way too strick and complex. I'm not sure if I ever want to play a four player game again. But the two player game is how this game is meant to be played and it's VERY good. You said you generally have at least 3 people but surely sometimes you're in a situation where there are only two of you? About the expansion, you really don't need it until you've played some good amount of the base game.
  16. Hem said: - Why a hand limit of 6 ? - and why a starting TIME limit to 6 ? - and why two "-1" Trauma tokens when asked to "gain 2 traumas" and not randomly drawing "two trauma tokens" that could possibly then become "-3 + -3" If you're asking where to find those rules I can point you to to some pages, but as for why, no one can answer but the designer himself. 1. Page 13 says you can't draw more cards if you have six cards (Except Raymond). The designer himself have confirmed that the hand limit is six but I don't feel like searching for that. Remember, there is no draw-first-then-discard-down-to-hand-limit system like in many other games. If your hand is full, you can't draw a card. Period. 2. Page 12 says you have 6 time. 3. Page 6: "Three –1 VP counters may be traded in for one –3 VP counter if more trauma counters are needed."
  17. Veldrin said: As for a second expansion I wouldn't hold my breath ... Hey, Veldrin, do you have some inside information about this? Or was that just your personal opinion? I read some older posts at BGG and it seems the developers were enthusiastic about more expansions 2-3 years ago. Sure they've been busy with the Collector's Edition and other stuff like Conan, but why wouldn't they resume making a second expansion after CE?
  18. Hipsu


    As for Arkham, I bought this set which I like to call "Mythos Green". And 36 dice is just about enough for four players around the table They go by the name of Chessex Phantom 12mm d6 Green w/White Dice Block (36 dice)
  19. Can you guys make out what it says in the bottommost (Boomer) card? Sympathetic Cylon? Sounds like a replacement for the current Sympathiser.
  20. I wonder if there will be new skills for the existing colors besides the new orange Treachery deck...
  21. Oh man, notepads? You guys are hardcore. I read the thread and I think you really should listen to Trump. Another game might be better for your group. You say that you enjoy BSG? I get the feeling that Humans do enjoy rooting out those cylons with your notepads and such, in fact I think that really stimulates the analytical minds of such programmers as you, but how about your Cylons? I bet they don't enjoy it very much. I know I wouldn't. There's no chance against such a careful approach. I really see three options 1. Change the people. Get yourself drunk and throw away those notepads. 2. Change the rules. You really need to make some heavy house rules to make it easier for Cylons. Modifying the destiny deck and making secrecy even stricter sounds the way to go. 3. Change the game. I bet there must be some nice detective game out there that rewards that kind of careful logical analysis stuff.
  22. Dam said: Hipsu said: Someone sorts myhos deck, other goes through Other Worlds and the rest trims the Locations. With teamwork it only takes a couple of minutes. We keep all the items, spells and monsters though. Hey, I was sceptic too at first for removing expansions but it really makes a better game. And more thematic. And when you play solo (like me)? Unless you leave in DH and BGotW (and KH), you're cutting down on gate bursts, which is BAD . Taking out everything but gate bursts might be an idea. Well, you know, my system is pretty straightforward and can always be improved with stuff like that. I have not yet missed those gate bursts but it would be easy to add those to the deck if needed.
  23. Dam said: You separatists have way too much free time on your hands. Or something. I for one can't even imagine going through the hassle of separating cards from the decks Someone sorts myhos deck, other goes through Other Worlds and the rest trims the Locations. With teamwork it only takes a couple of minutes. We keep all the items, spells and monsters though. Hey, I was sceptic too at first for removing expansions but it really makes a better game. And more thematic.
  24. Just keep the expansions coming. When King in Yellow came we used to play with all (3) expansions together but already then it seemed diluted, as Next Acts and Dunwich gates didn't appear that often. When Kingsport came it was the last straw and we began to play with max 2 expansions at a time ever since. It was great change because now every game has its own theme. Today Farao Exhibition and Kingsport, tomorrow maybe Black goat and Dunwich. I recommend this approach for anyone who feels it's becoming diluted.
  25. Best to contact FFG support directly. I believe through this form http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_atencion.asp
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