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  1. Myself I'd prefer it that they had kept the 1/270 scale for the Vette and Transport. That would of made the CR-90 about 20 inches long, and would of increased the price, which I would of paid... But I understand why they did what they did.But just because most of us are willing to accept the new scale, that doesn't mean most of us are willing to accept such an extreme violation of the scale of the game.A 12 inch CR-90 is a bit out of scale, but isn't glaring. A 2 foot ISD on the other hand is so much more obvious that it's approaching the slap in the face level. How could any self respecting Star Wars fan look at a table with a ISD about twice the size of a CR-90 and think that's acceptable? At twice the length a Star Destroyer will be 6-7 times as large as the corvette. It's taller, wider, and longer than the corvette. Trust me when I say that any ship two feet long and a foot wide will dwarf everything on the table. So, a 4 feet long piece of plastic on the table. Takes most of the space, blocks path, blocks fire, has no room to maneuver, and if it did, would collide with everything else on the table. The're just no room left around it so It would basically destroy the game. You'd have to be able to fly ON it, which is why a playmat is the only realistic way I could see it implemented. edit: sorry, you advocated only 2 feet long. Still too big for playability and yet way too small to fool the sense of scale...
  2. It's been way too long since I played the game, but I seem to remember that that might have been a toggle in the difficulty settings.
  3. Star Destroyer would be too big as a model, and if it uses the same ramming rules as huge ships, one bank and it wipes everything clean off the board. If I were FFG I'd implement it as a 3x6' playmat. Then your small ships can fly on top of it and you can place some turret and shield gen-counters on it too (which can be destroyed of course).
  4. Duraham nailed this in the very first reply to this thread. And Maarek Stele as a Tie Advanced pilot pretty much a confirms that FFG considers Advanced and Avenger to be the same ship. Quad cannons? That's what the Title-card will say. Done.
  5. Not true. Only Laura Roslin need to discard cards to activate locations. And you do discard a card in movement step if you're moving from ship to ship or from space area to ship. For example from Colonical One to Galactica (or vice versa), or from piloting a viper in space to Galactica. But not to activate locations.
  6. Unfortunately such a video does not exist. The best alternative I always recommend is the Episode 59 of www.thespiel.net/ audio podcast which explain all the rules and reviews the game. It's long, starts from 18:00 and lasts an hour and a half. But they are so enthusiastic about it that the time just flies by. If you get the Enhanced Version and listen it with a player that handles m4a format, you'll see relevant pictures while they talk about it. (It's quicktime format, but my windows media player seems to work just as well).
  7. 1. This is mainly a two player game. There is an official variant in the rulebook that let's you play with 3 or 4 players but IMO it's best with two. However this is a long and heavy wargame (although not so in the actual wargame genre) and generally not that popular among the ladies (please excuse my horrible stereotyping) so the bigger question might be whether or not she likes it... 2. Well, I'm not sure what you mean, but the basics are pretty simple. I attack your region with 8 dudes, and you have 3. Then we roll amount of dice per units we have, maximum of five (so I roll 5, you roll 3). 5 and 6 are a hits (= dead dudes). If we have leaders we can re-roll some bad dice. But there are variables: Defender gets bonuses in cities and fortifications so attacker hits with only 6. Strongholds (think Helm's Deep or Minas Tirith) are awesome deathtraps in that they can stretch the battles for a long while and give good defensive bonuses but at the same time the defenders are trapped and will eventually die unless help arrives or they can try fight their way out of there. It's very thematical. But the best feature are the Combat cards which are played at the beginning of the battle and gives the game much of it's fluff, for example the baddie plays 'Relentless Assault' which automatically kills some of his orcs but he hits easier. But at the same time goodie plays 'Heroic Death' on Gandalf which kills him but let's him substract 3 hits from his army. So already you got yourself a nice story there of orcs making a suicidal charge and Gandalf sacrificing himself to save his army. 3. The way you phrased that question makes me think you'll be disappointed. Depends how you define "well reflected". They are true to the books, and in the grand scale of Middle-Earth I'd say they are very well reflected. They generally have one or two passive skills but that's about it. They are not very flashy or memorable. For example Strider can hide the fellowship easier which makes sense for he is a great ranger. Gandalf the White can negate the leadership of enemy Nazguls in combat which could be clarified as a "powerful magic skill", but again, not very flashy. Boromir, Legolas and Gimli don't even have any special abilities to speak of, unless you manage to get their specific Event cards from the deck in which case they can somewhat ease the damage the Fellowship takes from a successful ring-hunt. So, you won't be playing "Gandalf's skill cards" in this game. 4. Depends what you're looking for. For me this is the definite Middle-Earth game. It captures that dusty "feel" of the books better than any other LotR game I've played. You're kinda manipulating the events of the world from a distance, moving grand armies and making grand plans. Each game generates a different what-if version of the original story and it fascinates me. But if you're looking for a more character oriented game, I'd say Middle-Earth Guest would be a better choice.
  8. iceman358 said: Pasted from the rulebook:Line of sight is blocked by walls, closed doors, other figures, and blocking obstacles. Thus you cannot, for instance, shoot directly through one invader to hit another invader behind it. Oversized figures occupy all of the spaces they fill. Line of sight can be traced to or from the center of any of those spaces. Nah, I don't think either of those parts were meant to address this particular situation. The first part simply points out that figures do block LOS to other figures. I don't get the feeling that it was also meant to comment about oversized monster LOS issues. The second part, I believe, was written just to clarify that you don't trace LOS to the center of the figure itself but to one of it's occupied spaces instead. Descent, which basically built upon Doom, clarifies in its rulebook (page 10, example picture. You can download it) that oversized figures do block LOS to themselves. I'd go with that. If some official word says otherwise then I'm fine with that. In that case you could target the figure. However, the real important question, the real hairpuller is this: What if you replaced that pinky demon with two single space figures and then put 1 or more figures behind those two? Which ones could you see if any? The first figure is blocked by a wall. The second figure is blocked by the first figure (which you can't see). The third figure is blocked by the second figure and so on and so forth. But if the first figure wasn't there, then you could shoot the second figure. Doesn't make much sense to me. I'd like to get some official word on that. And no, I didn't give you any answers in my post, only more to think about.
  9. Yeah, if he puts ALL dice in the hunt pool (which isn't possible, see above) a Free People military victory should be pretty easy.
  10. Shenzou said: I'm not sure if there is a post about this already but I bought a sealed copy of Battles of the Third age on Ebay. The game is 100% complete nothing is missing but the board is in English on one side and in French on the other side... is this a known issue? Will FFG Replace my board with one that has english on both sides? Yes, it's known. Happened in some releases. FFG most likely will replace it if you contact them.
  11. You can still choose that option. The players then discard as much as they can.
  12. No. Gaius draws 2 cards at the beginning and 1 card at the midway point. Boomer draws 1 card at the beginning and 2 cards at the midway point. So there are no leftovers. After the midway there are ALWAYS 2 cylons in 5 player game.
  13. "Hm, this forum needs some 'edit' function..." There is an "Edit" on the grey bar above the latest post if it's your post. It seems you can't edit older posts for some reason. (I just edited this post).
  14. Sure the Shadow have more Army symbols. The dice are not meant to be identical between both sides. The shadow dice are more War-ish which I think is very thematic! On the other hand the Free Peoples have more Character symbols (which they need) AND don't forget the Will of the West which is a huge bonus for the Free Peoples. But yeah, the rules should mention it. And they do in Collector's Edition's rules which you can download here if you want (they are better written and are 99% compatible with the original game).
  15. Nope. Only one XO per turn. No chaining ever.
  16. Your dice are fine. You move armies with the side that depicts both Army AND Muster icons. You choose which icon you want to use. Check the FAQ: http://www.warofthering.eu/mainfaq.htm#dice
  17. And remember that if someones gives Kat an Excecutive Order she can't use her ability because it's not her turn. It greatly limits her usefulness.
  18. Kroen, the previous thread is on page 3. Three. It's not ancient at all. I fear that you think something is obsolete just because it's bumped out of first page. That no-one has posted in that thread for 5 months doesn't prove anything because no-one has posted investigator cards or monsters in any other thread either. This "Fan Creations" is a slowish forum. As a casual viewer of this forum, I much more prefer to have every custom investigar cards in a one big thread instead of searching for multiple threads. So please go post there and bump it up to the first page instead of starting a new thread I could understand if the old thread was like 4 years old but this is not the case. Necroing old threads can be annoying. But starting similar new threads, like this, is even more annoying.
  19. Come on Kroen, this is even started by you: www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp
  20. Thanks. Dark Druid was the biggest annoying rule ambiguity for me. I can finally sleep easy!
  21. Tibs said: Also, in case you're interested, with regards to the Dark Druid specifically: His "move everything" ability activates when a black hexagon movement symbol is drawn, regardless of if he himself moves (he moves as a black-bordered monster by the way) The term "all other monsters move on black" means, "all other monsters move as though their symbols were drawn in black," which means that a yellow monster will not move, a green monster does it special ability, etc. Waaait a minute! Is this now the final and definite answer? You sure? Last time I checked there were contradicting answers in the proto-FAQ. Is this issue finally cleared?
  22. Kartigan said: So here's the thing, I don't actually have War of the Ring, although I have ordered a copy and it should arrive soon. Before I buy games though, I try to get a handle on the rules by reading the rules online, even studying session reports to see if I would like the game in question. So, I've read both the base game PDF rules file and the FAQ, but I still seem to be missing something so I may have misread, but if someone could answer this for me I'd appreciate it. What does the result of the "Will of the West" on the action die do for the Free People's player? I think it means you can change it to any die result you wish, is that correct? I noticed in the rulebook it was referenced on some cards (I think Gandalf the White requires you to use one to summon him or something?), but I didn't find anywhere in the rulebook where it said exactly what that dice result did. I may be thick-headed and missing something, but I can't seem to find it. I believe I understand everything else, but I was wondering what the purpose of that dice was. I think you got it. It's like a "wild" or "joker" or whatever so yes, you can use it as any other die result you wish. It's also a result in its own. There are couple of cases where Will of the West is explicitly needed to make something happen. For example upgrading Gandalf or Aragorn needs Will of the West die result.
  23. Hipsu

    Multiple dodge

    Edit: I'm slow. Steve-O said it almost exactly the same You got it wrong. The other cherubs do not take the damage of the first roll. No-one does. If multiple characters are in a blast radius and one (or more) of them have a dodge, then that character may dodge it and the second result applies to EVERYONE. So it doesn't matter which cherub you choose, once the dice are re-rolled, the result applies to all cherubs. Only one dodge re-roll is made even if there are multiple cherubs. One cherub dodges for everyone. So if the first cherub dodges it so that the attack misses (either a miss icon or insufficient range), it scatters. And ammo icon uses ammo. Essentially you ignore the first result (except for the dice you choose not to re-roll) and accept the second result which is final.
  24. Kairous said: but i have heard that WofR is playable with 4 players? It's playable and some people like it. But it's just a clumsy and restricted variant of the 2 player game.
  25. Avi_dreader said: Um... I would assume she wouldn't, but the truth is I have no idea. I'd guess the intent was 2 clues from an encounter. I'm not sure though. Does anyone know of any parts in the rule books where combat in "a monster appears" is described as part of an encounter? I think it's pretty clear. It's an encounter (draw an encounter card and all that) and it happens to be a battle with Warlock. Of course her personal story passes.
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