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  1. Oh man, forget Boba Fett, I can't wait to see what Sorastro does to this bad boy:
  2. Some other rules people misplay: - Be super clear about the order of steps in the Status phase. (page 23). Often a mission event happens at the end of round X and says something along the lines of "increase your threat by the threat level". That's an End of Round effect and happens at step 4. You deploy forces at step 3. Which means you can't use that extra threat until the next status phase. - Make sure you understand the deployment points. Only the green ones are active at the beginning. An event may instruct to place a unit in a red point, but it doesn't make it active for open deployment unless the rule says so. Also, an event may instruct you to deploy some units into a specific room, like the back room in Aftermath. You might see a deployment point there but you don't have to deploy to that point unless the rule says so. Any space inside that room is eligible. - Be sure you know what you should read to the players. I've read threads where the IP has failed to read aloud the victory conditions and the round limit... The relevant info is in the first page of the Campaign book. Basically you read everything under the Briefing and as events happen you read everything under that event. Unless you're given a choice to do either A, B, or C, then you only read what you chose and leave the other options a mystery. - If you play Military Might, there's a class card that reduces deployment cost, NOT reinforcement cost! - You'll have Large and Massive Figures. Be sure to know all about their movement restrictions etc. (page 16). - You probably know you can't include Unique characters in your Open groups unless you've earned them from side missions.
  3. It comes with new heroes, imperial class(es?), agenda cards, and side missions that can be used in the main campaign. Heavy Stormtroopers and Tusken Raiders most likely as well but we're not 100% sure. Or you can also string the new side missions into a separate mini campaign if you like. I for one will wait for the new stuff before we begin another campaign...
  4. I use one. Once you go airbrush, you'll never look back. It's a good investment if you paint a lot, but what about your newbie friendly videos?
  5. Doesn't sound good. I bought Army Painter white some 5 years ago. It wasn't as bad as you describe but it was clumpy and clogged the details even though I thought I was spraying discreetly. In any case a whole different result than what I get with Games Workshop's black primer, which is smooth and perfect. I was quite disappointed and haven't used it since and nowadays I prime with an airbrush... I don't know if the brand is to blame or if all white primers are like that, and I can't say with 100% certainty that the problem wasn't in my technique or something. But a thick, sluggish paint doesn't sound right in your case.
  6. But a laser printed sheet is ready to use right after printing, while an inkjet print needs to be spray protected to prevent the ink from running with the water (I read)... In any case I only have a laser printer. I'm going to give it a try, but not for a some time yet, maybe a month or 2. Still a lot of bad guys to paint before I get to the Rebel heroes...
  7. The rebel symbols on the jackets of Fenn and Gideon (and later on Biv, and the mandalorian skull symbol on Boba, etc..) are intimidating me. I've been thinking of printing my own like in this video. There are plenty of rebel/imperial/mandalorian vector images floating around the net so designing them shouldn't be an issue. Print a sheetfull of those in different sizes and I should be golden. I've even planned out how to print Biv Bodhrik's white symbol (one cannot print white with a home printer): paint the shoulder pad white, print out the outlines, and paint around it. Should be easier than freehand... So I've pretty much planned it all out, but has anyone done this already?
  8. Lol and massive thanks (and to you too Muzz). I have actually already given a pretty large (although slightly out-of-focus) spoiler if you look closely Ahha! I see it!
  9. So how does this site work. Do I pledge an amount of money as a one off, every month or every episode? You enter your paypal or credit card info, and the site automatically charges you every time Sorastro releases an episode. The beauty of Patreon is that you pay only for content. It motivates the creator to make stuff more regularly (as in, no content, no money). And if he starts releasing BS videos just for the money, you can cancel your support any time. (Not that Sorastro would do something like that, I'm talking about Patreon in general and why I think it's pretty great.)
  10. Waaaaait, he does the soundtracks too? Pledged.
  11. You're pissed over extra cards? I... can't imagine why. This is a miniatures game. They need to cater to people who might not buy everything. It happens and it doesn't harm anybody. A card is cheap enough that it certainly doesn't raise the cost of a package. Yeah, just design and playtest and balance a different version. Sounds like a trivial thing. Yeah, right. Instead of stressing over redundant cards, how about worrying they won't include enough cards. The expansion will have 2 groups of Heavy Stormtroopers and Tusken Raiders. If they include just one regular and one elite deployment cards for both units, like they did in the core with Royal Guards and Trandoshan Hunters, that's a real reason to get pissed over.
  12. The goodness of an activation for just 2 points can't be stressed enough. I'd probably pay 2 points for a blank card that simply lets me pass a turn back to my opponent.
  13. My opponent plays with my components, and I hate proxying Command Cards. But I don't want to buy 2nd sets of unique Allies and Villains figures just for their cards either. So I'm tentatively wondering if there are players out there who bought A&V packs for the Campaign and are 110% sure they'll never touch the Skirmish game and so might as well sell their CC cards? (crossposted to boardgamegeek)
  14. First off, there should not be any "treats". The rebels are not worthy of such things. Unless by "treat" you mean a pouncing nexu to the face, then yes, rebels are deserving of "a new treat". Dammit me and my typos. I tried so hard. But a Nexu to their face was exactly what I offered. Several times. I told them about it, and it didn't affect their play. They didn't got greedy and didn't make a risky mad rush in light of this new information (perhaps they should have!). I destroyed them. But look, I know my group. Not hinting about a possibility of a secondary reward (a totally new concept) would've caused so much whine, especially if they had won. After the mission they'd know about the possibility anyways, so me revealing something early only affected this mission and the mystery remains in the future. I stand by my decision.
  15. We're about to play "A New Treat" for the first time and it will be the first mission for them where completing something extra quickly will give some extra reward. I think they should know about the possibility so I'm going to tell them this one time that: "guys, there's something extra for you if you're extra quick. I won't tell you again in the future since you're not supposed to know. But keep in mind in the future that in any mission there might be additional rewards for being extra quick." I think that's fair.
  16. I both hope and expect to see more Core Villain packs. And don't forget the Nexu! I think the Stormtrooper pack sets a strong precedent for all of the Core non-uniques. If they'd announced a pack for E-webs or Guards or Nexu first the OP question would still be up in the air. Because you can't get enough of those even with two Cores so Villain packs for those were expected, but because they opened with an "unnecessary" Stormtrooper pack it's quite clear to me that we'll see packs for ALL of them in time.
  17. Currently you can't get Elite Saboteurs as they are both green missions.
  18. Hipsu

    FFG jumps the shark?

    Defender is hardly a Mary Sue, and the Phantom was barely known before the wave was released...... You misunderstood me. FFG did a fine job with them. I don't like them in the lore and that's important to me.
  19. Hipsu

    FFG jumps the shark?

    For me the shark got jumped when the first TIE Mary Sues were released in Wave 4 (Defender and Phantom). Still I own 2 of both and can't sleep at nights. People are talking about the Missile Boat but WHERE IS ASSAULT GUNBOAT?!
  20. I'm trying to collect some statistics, so please report the results of the missions in this poll in the boardgamegeek: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1284028 Thank you!
  21. Malmer, what do you think about the following suggestion for the Lambda Shuttle: In this very crude mockup I nudged all the Shuttle's arrows one step down to be in line with all the other ships. The zero-maneuver of course gets bumped outside the general grid, which is curious for sure, but not that aesthetically displeasing. Because of the extra space needed for the zero-maneuver I switched the Shuttle's place with the Decimator.
  22. Online, yes please. I've played Memoir 44 Online a lot with my friend in a different city, so of course I was exited to hear about this game. But if it's not online then I see no point at all.
  23. Some Imperial groups that belong together Death Star TIE Fighters: - Black Squadron - "Mauler Mithel" (Vader's wingman) - "Backstabber" (Vader's wingman) - "Dark Curse" (Chased Luke, blasted by Wedge) - Darth Vader Bespin (Cloud city) TIE Fighters: - Obsidian Squadron - "Howlrunner" (Obsidian leader) - "Night Beast" (Howlrunner's wingman) - "Winged Gundark" TIE Interceptors - Saber Squadron (participated in the battle of Endor) - Soontir Fel (Saber leader) - Turr Phennir (Fel's wingman) - "Fel's Wrath" (Fel's wingman) - Lieutenant Lorrir - Royal Guard - Carnor Jax - Kir Kanos TIE Bombers - Scimitar Squadron - Major Rhymer (Scimitar leader) - Captain Jonus TIE Defender - Onyx Squadron - Rexler Brath (Onyx leader) Someone else can group up those Rebels
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