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  1. Of course. But if/when they release a RG Villain pack it still leaves you with 1 group of figures that can't be used. Say you have 1 Core, so you have 2 groups but only 1 regular card. You need to buy 3 RG packs to get up to 4 regulars. You're left with 1 extra useless group of figures that can't be used, since it'd have to be an elite group and it doesn't fit into 40 points. (8+8+8+8+10 = 42 points) If the Core had included another regular card, you'd only need to buy 2 Villain packs to make any RG list you want and wouldn't have any unused figures. I think FFG underestimates the amount of sheer frustration this situation causes in their fans... argh
  2. Would be ideal for Skirmish, but not so ideal for Campaign. No, the real solution is just include those few missing cards in the box and not be sleazy.
  3. 1 regular card and 1 elite card obviously. Why would it be any different? Because in Skirmish you could have 2 regular or 2 elite squads with the provided figures. Now was your answer based on what's actually in the box, or how you think it'll "obviously" be? Look at the picture again, theres only 3 imperial cards. 1 for regular heavy stormtrooper, 1 for elite heavy stormtrooper, and 1 for Kayn Somos. I see, same for the Tusken Raiders. Siiiighh I mean I knew they would do it again, but I'm still super disappointed. FFG, if you're reading this, this is bollocks. Absolute, utter bollocks. Why do you do this to us? I wish I had the writing skills to write a long open letter as to why this is NOT OK. I love FFG, they're like 9/10 stars company to me. Could be 10/10 but this, everytime! Netrunner (and every other LCG): buy 3 Cores because of a few single cards, Armada: missing 1 blue dice, IA: buy 4 Cores to get enough regular Royal Guards and now same for this expansion. Could've just included that 1 card and all this frustrations would've been averted.
  4. 1 regular card and 1 elite card obviously. Why would it be any different? Because in Skirmish you could have 2 regular or 2 elite squads with the provided figures. Now was your answer based on what's actually in the box, or how you think it'll "obviously" be?
  5. No, you did good. My only gripe with Citadel paints is their price, otherwise they are great paints.
  6. Straight up steal Team Covenants idea of superimposed dice trays to show every roll nice and clear, like this: https://youtu.be/YIepvukSKi0?t=2m15s
  7. Some of my thoughts: Fenn, Mak, Gideon, and Luke seems MOSTLY straightforward to me, so basic stuff like their clothes probably don't need full feature treatments. Just show the paints and a few seconds of painting and I think all that could be covered in a few minutes. But each of those figures might have some aspect that needs more time to look at. For example Fenn's and Gideon's Rebel symbols on their shoulders (if you plan to paint them at all). Mak's face and eye-piece and Gideons dark skin tone are other examples we need to spend more time at. Luke's... blond hair? I don't know, Luke seems the simplest. And if the videos are still are too short, start painting them in pairs or groups like you did with the Wookiees. If you do the Rebel symbols on Fenn's and Gideon's shoulders, those two would make a good pair in a single video. Diala needs a full video just for herself though.
  8. But the wording makes it awkward when Leia can't participate. We need FFG's word on this. Go ask and report back what they answered https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/contact/rules/
  9. Leia CAN be the chosen figure. According to the rules figures are friendly to themselves. It wouldn't do Leia any good though as she can't make more than 1 attack in any case.
  10. Found it Ooh, good question. Leia can't attack so 1. can the "then" clause activate? 2. what then would be the "same target" for the friendly figure? Probably needs to send this question to FFG...
  11. What is Leia's text? Anyways, it's not a problem for an elite Officer to Executive Order someone twice to make it attack twice.
  12. Fascinating how we see the sculpt so differently, ibsh. I see nothing sexist, uncharasteristic, or passivity in that sculpt. I see a strong character with a big gun in a "got a problem with that?" pose. It reminds me of Leia.
  13. Leia is Darth Vader's sister?! This changes everything!
  14. IMO a sassy Leia IS in character and does portray her quite well. It's also a good idea to have different characters in different positions, not all pointing a gun in the act of shooting, for recognitions sake. That sculpt and it's pose screams Leia to me a mile away. Also, DerBaer said everything I wanted to say but better.
  15. The virus uploading event isn't totally unguessable. The fluff says the uploading will take time and that they need to sit tight and defend in the mean time. Our rebels guessed precisely correctly that Imperials can probably use an action next to a terminal and halt the uploading so maybe they should at least clear the room of any Imperials first. Makes total thematic sense. It actually came as a positive surprise to them they can still prevent that Imperial action by being close enough to terminal. They were totally prepared for worse. The mission ended a total draw. They got 6 tokens and I was left with 6.
  16. Well, you can always cover that eye with some blood! (don't do that)
  17. I'm looking to start painting as well, and from what I've read the citadel paints tend to dry out fast. I haven't bought anything yet, just relaying what I've read elsewhere. Their older hexagonal shaped pots, definitely. Mine are rock dry after 5 years. But I dunno about their new pots, they feel more airtight. I guess time will tell. (If I started today, I'd buy Vallejo Model Colors almost exclusively, except washes from Army Painter, but that's just me.)
  18. It's a bad idea actually, and in no way necessary. Speaking from experience. I used to do something like that. What happens, is that the wood in the shaft starts soaking water and expanding. And when it dries it contracts again, and the metal thingy starts getting loose and also the paint on the shaft starts flaking off. I stopped soaking my brushes and never had any problem with dry paint. Just swirl it around and maybe rattle it against the inside of the cup (no smashing like you said) and it's quite enough. Then after the session clean with a brush soap. No problemos.
  19. Those Wookiees look super great. Btw, congratz for reaching 100 Patrons.
  20. Our Rebels won this mission. I was the Imperials. They were so slow in the beginning that they weren't even close to the door when it opened at the end of round 3 and Han rushed out. Round 4 Han goes first and double moves, and ends up in the middle of the Rebel heroes. By dumb luck they've managed to surround Han with bodies and I can't get good shots. IG-88 manages a shot but it was pretty weak. Diala Force Pushes Han extra 3 spaces towards the exit. Round 5 Han goes first and sprints to the Exit. My key mistake was not deploying as much as I could at the end of round 3. I saved some points because I thought I had more time but I hadn't made the calculations in my head before the event actually happened. At the end of round 4 everything was too late. Basically I had to kill Han in 1 round and wasn't prepared for it. My bad.
  21. Vallejo's Model Colors might be a reasonable alternative to Citadel's Base for basecoating. They have a reasonably high pigmentation, certainly higher than their Game Colors range. Not as high as Citadel's Base though. Model Color's white won't go over a black primer in a single coat like Citadel's Ceramite White seems to do. edit: Well I just learned something new. According to the paint comparison charts Vallejo Model has an extra opaque white called Foundation White to compete with Citadel's Ceramite. I've got to buy that stuff. Anyways, Vallejo sells Game Color "Extra Opaque" paints and I've read somewhere that they are actually regular Model colors just re-branded to the Game line. I bought them and they certainly feel like Model colors to me. I'm in transition slowly moving from Game to Model, as I like the Model line much better. As to the washes, a great alternative to Citadel's washes are Army Painter's Quickshade Inks: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Army-Painter-Warpaints-Quickshade-Ink/dp/B00HC8D80W/ I tried them myself side by side with Citadel's. In my experiments Dark Tone was identical to Nuln Oil, and Strong Tone was identical to Agrax Earthshade. And the other inks are great too. I've used them all with great results. I haven't tried Army Painter's regular non-wash paints, but based on a video I saw, I think they're comparable to Vallejo's Game Colors when it comes to coverage...
  22. Of course Stormtroopers will look like stormtroopers. People still want to post their proud work and I like watching them. I liked to browse through different painting threads looking for examples and inspiration for my own painting. A subforum made 100% sense and removing it makes absolutely zero. How am I going to find a cool paint job now if it's say 2 months old?
  23. Or time periods 1-2 explore some alternate what-if timelines where Greedo and Obi-Wan didn't die. But then, Luke's ally mission is time periods 3-4.. so I too think that Dark Obsession is an oversight.
  24. Citadels are excellent paints, like, they feel good to paint with. But the reasons I use Vallejo instead are the price (you get more for less) and the dropper bottles. I vastly prefer Vallejo's Model Color range over their Game Colors. The latter are too thin and translucent and separate (=pigments separate from the medium) too easily, but their Model Colors are really good.
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