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  1. Consider this set: http://www.amazon.com/Army-Painter-Mega-Paint-Set/dp/B00HC9YNZU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1440802185&sr=8-1&keywords=Army-Painter-Mega-Paint-Set It has a good selection of all the main colors + metallics + VERY GOOD ink washes (Dark Tone equals Nuln Oil, etc) + a couple brushes + a painting guide. Cheaper than Citadel and you get more. They are a bit transparent, like Citadels layer range, which is good for layering, but bit of a headache if you want easy coverage. Which means you generally don't want to paint them over black primer. So use white or gray primer with those. Actually, probably wouldn't hurt to buy a single "Ceramite White" pot from Citadel anyways in addition to that set, as it's heavily pigmented and opaque white. Your Stormtroopers will thank you.
  2. Please, do take pictures of the final results. I'm skeptical about the off-white thought. Have you already applied the decals? I'm anticipating high transparency after they've been removed from their backing paper. I'm also not too worried about the pixel-look. I think I can paint over it and make it nice, I just kinda need the template there first. I think. I've bought the paper but I haven't tried anything yet. I'm still a few figures behind Sorastro...
  3. They are a huge pain. And for some reason FFG plastic mold lines are much more resilient than say, Games Workshop plastic...
  4. TBH I don't like assigning separate compartments for each hero's class cards. It seems inefficient and over-engineered for cards that won't see regular use. Normally you decide on 4 heroes, grab their cards and store them separately for the duration of a campaign in a "hero bag" anyway. And it just rubs me to wrong way having to make a new slot for every new hero. Feels like a poorly designed database where a new column is created for each new user. A regular deck box that could house for example 12 heroes worth of cards feels more natural to me. Could be just me though. Btw, I mentioned those hero bags. Please, do make four snazzy boxes for that purposes. It needs to house class cards, both purchased and unpurchased, and items/rewards.
  5. Quoted For Truth. They never had a chance after I got all the pieces of that combo...
  6. Well, I just raised the Imperial winning percentage to 85% in this poll https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1331517/how-balanced-each-scenario The rebels swore to never play this game again. *siiigh* good times.
  7. Excuse me, but a "big problem?" I count exactly 7 extra regular deployment cards. Estimated waste of space: 5 millimeters. To be fair you might have something there in the confusion department because the campaign imperial player who is not paying attention might include all the cards in his open group and realize too late he doesn't have enough figures to play them all. That's probably the ultimate reason why these cores and deluxe boxes don't include them. But that's why those extra cards would've had a "skirmish only" symbols on them and I personally think not including them is a bigger problem than any slight confusion including them would've caused. But that is hindsight, as is any other wisdom about how the model should've been done. The important question is: What will FFG do now to fix this? My suggestion: Start announcing A&V packs for the core non-uniques AND include 1 extra regular card in them so we can use the figures we already own.
  8. A figure does increase the cost, so they made it available to buy separately. A card shouldn't increase the cost any substantial amount. And they haven't even made it available to buy separately.
  9. Or, alternate sculpt A&V packs, like the Stormtrooper pack, could include 1 extra regular card. Kinda like the Aces packs in X-wing often contain extra upgrade cards for ships you already own. Rebel Aces fixed the A-wing by including 3 Chardaan Refits; 1 for the A-wing included in the expansion, and 2 extra for A-wings you've bought previously. Brilliant, almost too convenient.
  10. Note to non-patrons: IG-88 has been showing himself in public for some hours now. Thought I'd mention it, even though I know you guys are all subscribed to his channel...
  11. You might be interested in either some drying retarder, OR look into making your own wet palette. It's pretty easy, just a container, some absorbing stuff like a sponge, kitchen wipes, or paper like in the video, and parchment paper (aka baking paper) on top. Not waxed paper because it needs to let moisture through. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I like use a wet palette almost exclusively. Sorastro, have you tried a wet palette btw?
  12. X-Wing and Armada are good comparisons. I personally own 2 cores for both games. I supply my regular opponent too, so in addition to the ships, I have use for the extra dice/maneuver tools/damage decks so there's not too many unused components in the second box. And I have every option available for every ship. X-wing comes with 2 TIE Fighter models. If the box came with only one Academy Pilot card we'd have a situation like we have here with IA. Could you believe that? It'd would be suuuch bollocks.
  13. I'm saying it. The sly part is forcing us to buy multiple copies and/or extra A&V packs JUST for a few cards and a ton of extra useless components to be able to use figures we've ALREADY bought. Twin Shadows comes with 2 Heavy Stormtrooper groups. Cool, let's make a list using 2 regular.. nope, got to buy another copy just for the card, but now I have even more figures I don't have cards for... And all three markets would be perfectly happy if they've just included those few missing cards. Besides, it's not just the super competitive people who finds this frustrating. Some of us like to have all the options available when building a list even for a casual play. Some of us are OCD and find the lack of cards disturbing. And about those singles, good luck. I've been watching Team Covenant's regular Royal Guard single for months now, out of stock. Sometimes it pops up in eBay, like there's one now. Currently going for $33 + shipping. This is just.. so frustrating. Maybe you're right that the Skirmish was an afterthought and maybe they didn't quite realize what a headache those missing cards might cause. Maybe they're not intentionally sly. I'd like to believe that because I love FFG and their people are genuinely excited about their games and their customers etc. The core and the Twin Shadows are too late to fix, but Return to Hoth is still in development. Maybe they could fix this situation from that expansion onwards.
  14. When defending a company, "they need to make money" is a pretty weak argument. Money can be made without being sly.
  15. For each non-unique unit, they are setting us up to buy 1 more pack than we'd otherwise buy if they had included those missing cards in the first place. In some cases resulting in surplus figures (Royal Guards) where the only valuable item in the pack is that last grey card. I don't like it.
  16. Patron early access I'm afraid. It should go public in Friday.
  17. The trick is to anchor your moving parts down as much as possible, so keep your hands together, and rest your elbows or possibly wrists against the table (depends if you like to hold the mini at your eye level or close to the table). In this video at 2:20-2:45 you'll see what I mean: Also, do what the snipers do and control your breathing. When it's time to paint that eye pupil, take a few slow breaths at first, then midway through exhaling, stop breathing. Just stop exhaling with half the air still in your lungs. You have now good 5-10 seconds to hit that bullseye and start breathing again. Little hardcore advice, but hey, it works
  18. I'd like the droid lenses be more gemmy, otherwise I love 'em! (Also, seems like you shaved off Stormtroopers' unibrows, how dare you...)
  19. I wonder, how broken would the campaign be if the Open Groups were limited by the figures and not by the cards, and the only restriction would be max 2 elites like in the Skirmish? Or even max 1 if the designers feel that's more thematic. My guess: No difference at all in any way.
  20. I don't really have an issue with that. It keeps the cost of boxed expansions down for campaign players that don't care about having the model and let's skirmish players run Boba Fett for $10 instead of buying what would end up being a $60 expansion. I absolutely plan on buying Boba Fett and Dengar, I have no real interest in either Twin Suns or Return to Hoth. The way I see it is that I'm saving at least $100 by FFG including tokens for them instead of minis in the boxed expansions. I think you missed Patrick's point. The dumb thing is that those tokens are not tournament legal when they should be. Kind of a separate issue that's not related to the topic of this thread.
  21. Of course. But if/when they release a RG Villain pack it still leaves you with 1 group of figures that can't be used. Say you have 1 Core, so you have 2 groups but only 1 regular card. You need to buy 3 RG packs to get up to 4 regulars. You're left with 1 extra useless group of figures that can't be used, since it'd have to be an elite group and it doesn't fit into 40 points. (8+8+8+8+10 = 42 points) If the Core had included another regular card, you'd only need to buy 2 Villain packs to make any RG list you want and wouldn't have any unused figures. I think FFG underestimates the amount of sheer frustration this situation causes in their fans... argh
  22. Would be ideal for Skirmish, but not so ideal for Campaign. No, the real solution is just include those few missing cards in the box and not be sleazy.
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