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  1. Hi, this is great! Could you add Rebels and Scum too to the HotAC 2nd edition page? They are in the FGA (Flight Group Alpha) document which I believe HotAC is straight up using. https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/161035/flight-group-alpha-imperial-co-operative-campaign We're playing FGA and this would be really handy
  2. Those black borders are pretty horrible and should be removed. In the meantime I printed them border free with a zoom of about 130%.
  3. So many grays and browns and desaturated colors... Very Star Warsy but these are very easy to mix yourself from brighter colors. I've become a master of desaturation with Imperial Assault 🙄. But I suppose these are helpful for newcomers and keeping the hues consistent for whole armies. Still, 38 bottles of drab... 🤔
  4. Since FFG in its infinite wisdom decided to limit pilot combinations by being stingy with the pilot tokens, may I dare hope for something in YASB to show or enforce this? For example even if I have two YT-1300 ship models and dials, I can't have Han and Chewie at the same time because they're on the flipsides of the same token. Thanks.
  5. Yeah, make everything more compact. For veteran squad builders we don't need all that padding everywhere. And add a collapse button to ships once they're "built". Unique pilots need the dot in their names to indicate they're unique.
  6. Move the upgrade card cost to a fixed position in some corner instead of in parentheses after the name. Faster to find by glance. Sort by cost, or add a "sort by" button so everyone can sort however they like. Fluff text on unnamed pilots, make it italic like in the actual cards and more gray.
  7. Does anyone advice against using more than a single core to build decks? I'm thinking of using 3 copies of the revised core + all the deluxe boxes (but no datapacks). I guess my concern is that if the starting decks are too good and solid from the beginning, then maybe there wouldn't be any reason to swap in anything from the campaign? Any advice from those who've played it? I haven't opened anything yet so spoiler free please.
  8. I really enjoyed painting and weathering these two!
  9. After a year long pause the painting continues! Finally finished through wave 1. I'm so far behind!
  10. Well, I like HobbyZone products http://www.hobbyzone.pl/en/ I think this is their USA front: http://www.hobbyzone.biz/
  11. Thanks for liking. I have absolutely no recollection about those Trandos. I remember mixing different paints together and trying out this wash and that drybrush color and going back and forth and back and forth. My painting is always a big experiment with no documenting of the process. Sorry...
  12. ibsh, Bespin Tibanna Facility's mini map is missing one Tibanna Gas Reserve (next to the freezer).
  13. Tell me at least those are Canadian dollars? Anyways, Citadel paints are not wallet friendly, have you made a cost comparison to Vallejo Model colors yet? I like Vallejo because they are cheaper and I also prefer their dropper bottles. I still use Citadel Shades though, they're simply the best. Although Army Painter's Quickshade Inks comes in close second and are much cheaper. But you're right in wanting to avoid too specific one time colors. Let's see for the officers... They introduce flesh for the first time? Some skin color + Reikland Fleshshade are essential paints for your arsenal, so there's no avoiding those. For the uniform, decide if you want plain grey or colored grey. Because, let's say you want a greenish grey: Ok, figure out what green you're going to need in the future. For example Trandoshan Hunters' scales are probably going to be green. Sorastro uses Castellan Green for those and also for Boba Fett's cape. It's a nice 'natural' green, which you'll be sure to find lots of uses later on so it's a safe buy. Now, make some mix of Standard Grey and Castellan Green on a palette and I bet you'll get a pretty authentic looking drab uniform green. As to the uniform's wash, diluted Nuln Oil is OK if it's plain grey or dominantly grey, but some Athonian Camoshade in the mix wouldn't go to waste. You'll need it any time in the future where you want to shade green. It's an earthy green, works especially well with the aforementioned Castellan green. All of the basic color washes are pretty future proof, you won't regret owning them. Drankenhof Nightshade for blues, Carroburg Crimson for reds... Anyways, if you do buy a colored wash, do mix it with Nuln Oil, just like Sorastro does in the video. When it comes to highlighting, although pure white isn't always the best answer (for reds for example), mixing it to the the skin- and the uniform colors should work fine, so no need to buy separate highlight colors. The only color missing is blue for the badge. It's so tiny detail you can skip it if you want, but on the other hand you're going to need some basic blue in your arsenal eventually anyways, so pick one up. As to the glazes, I love glazes, they can be great, but also far from necessary. Skip. So, what, 4-5 new paints? All of which will find more uses in the future.
  14. What's your plan for the 3rd one? (they are elites)Two elites, one unique (Terro). We were talking about Feeding Frenzy, an elite upgrade card.
  15. you talking about feeding frenzy?I'm probably looking at 3 of them What's your plan for the 3rd one? (they are elites)
  16. Sorry for commenting on this, but this reasoning caught my eye. If we go strictly by the rules, in a campaign you couldn't wield two Banthas anyways even if they didn't have that habitat restriction, and in the skirmish habitats don't matter, so it's irrelevant for deciding how many to get.
  17. I wonder. Sorastro did disclose FFG wants to sponsor him and that there's one "to be announced, can't talk about it" -game he's very excited about. Maybe it's this game.
  18. I bet we'll get some Lothal Rebels for IA (not my wish, but what I think will happen).
  19. Uh oh, those green ninjas are about to steal their ride though.
  20. Also, I'm doing my own edits to your maps (coloring doors and terminals violet, to make them stand out from the grey minimaps). Can you tell me which font (and if any specific font settings) you used in the mission briefings? I see in the Bantha's and Alliance Smuggler's mission briefings you've paraphrased the "red terminal" with "terminal on the edge of the map" or "the far terminal". I'd like to write over your text and bring the red terminal back.
  21. Ibsh, the blue and red weapon emplacements and terminals in the Kashyyyk Station (Grand Inquisitor) map. Have the colors switched places? Shouldn't the red ones be blue and the blue ones be red?
  22. Ok. Thanks for the photo. "In the Shadows" needed to be duplicated because it's a "Smuggler or Hunter" card. So I did that. The original goes under Hunter, and the copy goes under Smuggler. Thankfully FFG has spoiled the card image in their Greedo preview article, so nobody needed to scan it. For completeness sake I also made 3 copies of General Sorins' card (forgot earlier). I probably won't cut them out personally because I don't want to see that card in 4 different places... I added them in page 3.
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