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  1. I agree! I am very much looking forward to this
  2. Drop Homing missiles and Seventh sister. You'll want after burners on Vader. Hate is a good addition to the Grand Inq. There is also this: Vader -FCS -Afterburners -Hate Grand Inquisitor -Hate Echo -Juke -Fifth Brother Total: 199/200
  3. I'd lean more towards the scum but that's more my type of faction. I prefer the fangs over the FOs for the linked actions. More often I'd say that will help get you into the ranges that you will want to engage in. For the best test you could always ask some one fly one of those lists and you fly the other, then switch and see which one you had more fun playing.
  4. Squad: Going Fast Saber Squad Ace x4, all with crack shot Mauler Mithel -Predator total: 198
  5. Officially no If you want to strain your eyes and try and see on the Jedi fighter reveal you can. From what i can make out Ahsoka has a spend 1 force for an effect after completing a maneuver. Anakin looks like he has an ability that kicks in relation to the bullseye arc.
  6. Well the ST-321 allows you to acquire a target lock after you preform the coordinate action
  7. Why not give FCS on the shuttle to round out to 200 points?
  8. Don't leave out one of the best Cyber Punk Settings IMO..... SHADOWRUN I think Cowboy Bebop would add some good inspiration.
  9. Looks like I need to order a copy now!
  10. I haven't found a place for him. IMO he would work best on 4-LOM so that stress could be dumped off and then you have the added force point on there to use, and that is all really only if you want to add Maul to your list.
  11. What about some blockers? Vader -FCS -Afterburners Whisper -Juke -Collision Detect -5th Brother Academy Pilot Wampa Total: 200
  12. Just so all ships in the list have a way to deal stress. 4-Lom -Adv Sensors -Mist Hunter Lando -0-0-0 -Landos Falcon Asajj -Hate TOTAL: 200
  13. Since you will be getting a focus from being in Fel's bullseye range would you want Pred for the one re-roll or marksmanship for the hit to crit?
  14. There are couple options you could pull with Vader. Add FCS for 2 pts bringing bid to 5 Add Heightened Perception to Vader for 3 points, that way he should always be shooting first and your point bid is now 4 or you could add both upgrades to Vader and take your point bid to 2. With 2 6 and a 5 pilots I'd say your odds are good for shooting first.
  15. Could give Vader FCS and still have a 5pt bid
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