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  1. Yes. They are assets he controls, after all. May I ask why you were unsure?
  2. Alas, I have already placed my pre-order elsewhere. Plus shipping from the USA is prohibitive, even for an adorable postcard of mystical cats.
  3. Yep, playmat, please and thank you!
  4. Gods, if that's one big picture, I would give anything to have it on a playmat.
  5. This is incorrect. From the rules for Bonded (Before the Black Throne rulesheet): In addition, cards that summon bonded cards read "search your bonded cards for...", not "search your collection for...". It's not fully clear whether the "bonded cards" are a shared pool or whether each player has their own collection of bonded cards, but the use of "your" strongly indicates that these are specific to investigators, not shared (see RR, "You/Your"); a shared pool of bonded cards would be better worded as "search the bonded cards for...". It also makes far more sense for bonded cards to be tied to specific investigators rather than a group pool, for situations where multiple players are running the same bonded/summoning cards (e.g. Hallowed Mirror/Soothing Melody) - the rules work far more cleanly if each investigator uses their own collection of Bonded cards to avoid issues like whose copies of Soothing Melody a player has added to their deck, what happens if players are using different card sleeves, etc.
  6. Hope is a great way to get rid of Patrice's weakness. The fact that the Bonded cats are fast is incredible. I actually really like them for William Yorick - elect not to shuffle them back in, and instead play from your discard pile with his ability as an alternative. The fact that Miss Doyle doesn't have any horror healing means that Carolyn Fern can't take these cards. Which is heartbreaking. Look at how cute the art is thooooouuuughhh! I may never play a non-Survivor investigator again.
  7. Agreed. The EXP is the real reward - Rougarou is an easy 2-3 exp profit, and a perfect Abyss run gets you a profit of 8 exp.
  8. No, because building a starting deck (and the fact that it can only consist of 0-exp cards unless you're Father Mateo etc.) is covered by the rules for Deckbuilding: and the rules for how exp is calculated specifically for a standalone deck indicate that you explicitly only consider the exp cost of higher-level cards: (emphasis mine). Because of the way these rules are worded - respectively, that they specifically refer to creating a custom deck when starting a campaign, and that you explicitly only consider higher-level cards for exp in standalone - you cannot directly extrapolate that these apply to a card effect increasing your deck size midway through a campaign. Indeed, the rules for campaign play, as they are now, seem to imply the opposite (or to a particularly boneheaded reading, that the card doesn't actually do anything at all): But that's just pedantry on my part; all of this is merely to point out that the rules as they stand are simply not equipped to adjudicate the eventuality of an investigator's deck-size increasing midway through a campaign one way or another. That said, I am 100% certain that Versatile will allow you to fill up the new slots with level 0 cards at no additional exp cost (it's what makes the most sense and has similar precedent, as you say, with Exile), it's just that the existing rules don't cover it at all. It's still a bad card though.
  9. It makes her slightly easier to build, sure, if you have trouble fulfilling her minimum deckbuilding requirements. But the issue is that Tennessee Sour Mash (0) and Scroll of Secrets (0) are both complete rubbish, and Grisly Totem (0) is marginal at best (especially given Lola's restriction on committing/activating cards from classes). So that leaves Enchanted Blade and .45 Thompson as the "good" options, which makes it easier to play her as a fighter since you can use weapons when in two different class identities. Then the problem becomes, how do you upgrade? If you upgrade into Rogue .45 Thompson (say), the benefits of the dual class for your deckbuilding go away, potentially making upgrading extremely awkward, and you are no longer able to use it from either class role. You could solve the second problem by upgrading into Timeworn Brand instead, but then the first problem becomes even worse. And if you are going for a fighty build, you might be stuck with the level 0 versions until you get the rest of your deck laid out correctly to ensure you aren't breaching your deckbuilding requirements. And then, why not just play another, better fighter, one with a stronger base combat, a stronger health/sanity total, etc.?
  10. With regard to enemies and AoO, it's not the case in the rules that your location matters for taking attacks of opportunity. What matters is whether enemies are engaged with you. In addition, attacks of opportunity happen after paying costs but before the ability begins to resolve, so at the time at which you would be provoking attacks of opportunity for activating an ability, you are not yet treated as "at that location" in any regard - therefore you will only be taking AoO from enemies that were engaged before the ability was activated (this bit at least does not need any clarification, it's pretty unambiguous in the rules, but a FAQ entry would be helpful for those who aren't rules lawyers). Following this to its conclusion, the most logical answer (the one I expect to be borne out by developer clarifications, which we sorely need on this subject) is that performing an effect "as if you were at that location" does not cause enemies at that location to engage you, since that would necessarily teleport them to your current location (as a consequence of being in your threat area), unless the enemy in question is Massive, which is just weird. Haunted specifies that you trigger the haunted effect of "that location" - i.e. whatever location you were actually investigating, regardless of how you were investigating it, where you actually are or if you are or are not "as if you were at" at given location, so this aspect again doesn't require any clarification - any time you fail to investigate a location, you trigger its Haunted effect. It's theoretically possible for "resolve the Haunted effect of your current location" effects to be triggered during a test performed "as if you were at a location", so I guess that particular edge case will need clarification. Similar to Haunted, locations with an additional cost to investigate must be paid regardless of where you are, since the cost is tied to the act of investigating the location rather than the location you are considered to be occupying. There are a lot of thorny issues, however. I think the idea is that it only affects the Investigation test itself (you are "investigating as if you are" there, not "investigating, and also you are considered to be there"), but there's a lot of edge cases - what location can Alice Luxley target, where does Rex Murphy pick up his extra clue from, who can you target with Ancient Stone if an effect lets you draw, etc.? If this wording instead treats it as if you were at that location for all intents and purposes, for the duration of the skill test, you'd be able to move from that location with Shortcut, heal and grant resources with Carolyn Fern at range, and so forth. I'm hoping for something like this:
  11. Short answer, you only count the icon(s) relevant to the actual test, so Watch This would give you +1, not +2. Longer answer, "Add your [willpower] value to your skill value for this test" doesn't mean that Willpower is the skill being tested - it's just a bonus, and is treated the same as if it instead said "You get +3 skill value for this test". When committing a card, you don't increase your skills by the icons on the card; you instead get a bonus to the test equal to the number of "appropriate skill icons", so the number of icons matching the actual skill being tested (in this case, Agility) plus wild icons. This is important for Circle tests in TCU - these tests require you to test "Willpower+Agility" or something, and in those cases both of the relevant skills count as appropriate icons, and Wild icons are only counted once. Another point worth bearing in mind is that other bonuses affect the test differently depending on their wording. Something like High Roller or Narrow Escape which reads "You get +2 to your skill value for this test", this would give you a total of +2 for an Ethereal Form test (or a Circle test). However, something like Key of Ys, Ace of Rods or "Let Me Handle This!" which instead reads "You get +2 to each of your skills for this test" would be counted twice since this explicitly increases each skill seperately. And yes, it's definitely the best Mystic evade event (probably the only genuinely good one - Blinding Light is at best "OK", Bind Monster is bad and Banish is terrible).
  12. It's not possible to achieve without "failing" at least one scenario.
  13. Man, I love the "neither Conviction nor Doubt" version of Dim Carcosa and the ending. It's a real pain to achieve but it's really worth it.
  14. Preston Fairmont is better off spending the exp and ally slot on Lola Santiago, Leo de Luca, and/or any of the other great allies he already has access to, without also bloating his deck by 10 cards. In addition, Charles Ross, Esq. only works for Item assets so no funding anyone's Agency Backup. Versatile will enable some janky builds but otherwise seems to be quite the opposite of versatile: A highly niche card.
  15. I don't think it's not going to be particularly great for Patrice. Again drawing on the LOTR LCG, when Erestor was first released there was a lot of speculation about having really big decks and using his ability to tear through them, but in practice it was still far better to stick to a 50-card deck - it was far more beneficial to see all your good cards and empty your deck quickly than to keep having stuff to draw that was of lower quality, particularly as it really helps with assembling combos. The existence of weaknesses shifts the needle somewhat, so a particularly nasty weakness might be worth trying to counter - but then you're only slightly reducing the rate at which you'll see your weaknesses. I'm not certain, so I'll wait and see, but I don't think it's a card that has some super synergy with her.
  16. So Versatile is (if I'm being honest) really bad design. Insofar as, it is a near-worthless card, unless and until it enables some broken combo. Also further steps on the toes of Lola Hayes but that's an inevitable decline. "Let God Sort Them Out..." is infinitely better design than Delve Too Deep - the underlying design is far more appealing (complete a challenge rather than take a punishment), it only affects 1 investigator so it doesn't ramp up really hard by player count, and it's far harder to abuse. Ethereal Form is an actually good mystic evade event, being 0-exp and giving you an actual bonus to the evade attempt as well as a nice extra benefit. Plus it's really great for Sefina Rousseau. That's the card I really like of the three new ones.
  17. 1: Not unless a game mechanic says it does. 2: In a Conviction run, Hastur is a horrible monster (or at least, you are of the belief that he is) who represents a physical threat to the world. So of course confronting that would cause physical trauma! Who knows, a different group of investigators might have a different take on the events entirely.
  18. Scavenging is pretty useless, between his middling Intellect and the fact that he wants his assets to shuffle into his deck for the money. However, if he does have secondary Survivor he'll immediately become my favourite Guardian (sorry Carolyn) - Act of Desperation combos are already some of my favourite ways to play Guardian and Tommy's overall playstyle and loop is more interesting to me than Mark. At least if he can get a decent amount of card draw.
  19. Maybe something like: Amanda Sharpe the Student could start out as Survivor and upgrade into Seeker as she becomes more academic. Daniela Reyes the Mechanic could start as a Rogue and upgrade into Guardian as she goes from being a rough-and-tumble fast-living womaniser to a tough defender with upgrade cards. Sister Mary the Nun could start as a Mystic (after all, Father Mateo is a mystic and she starts with 2 spells in Arkham 2e) and upgrade into Survivor where all the luck-manipulation effects and Blessed cards may represent the touch of a higher power. You could mix some of those around of course. And I'm not saying "this is what these investigators will be", merely that these might lend themselves to that format.
  20. Jessica is a maybe but like...what's the benefit compared to Beat Cop (2) and Brother Xavier? The Beat Cop and Xavier give you extra damage and synergise directly with Tommy's investigator ability, Peter Sylvestre and Jessica Hyde have anti-synergy with Tommy's ability. Guardian has a huge selection of excellent allies, and Tommy rather uniquely doesn't particularly care about the otherwise-powerful Peter Sylvestre.
  21. He'd get +1 Willpower, but that's not really worth the 2 exp and ally slot since that's also available from Brother Xavier for less exp and synergy with his kit. Moving horror onto allies, sure, but he's going to be loaded with soak - there'll be many times when you'd rather put the horror onto someone like Xavier hoping the ally is defeated so you get the resource refund, and the response trigger. So very situational synergy with his Elder Sign effect...not really much of a selling-point.
  22. Why? He doesn't benefit from the Agility and the willpower boost isn't worth the 2 exp compared to the other options. You want to keep Peter Sylvestre alive and in play; his value and utility is in the form of essentially unlimited horror soak. But Tommy benefits from letting assets be defeated. If you load Peter Sylvestre up with horror and defeat him, you've essentially wasted the card, whereas someone like Brother Xavier will benefit you for letting him be defeated.
  23. No. Jenny and Lola both have 3/3/3/3 Different HP/San totals though
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