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  1. Whenever any of the listed effects happen due to the text on an encounter card (enemy, location or treachery) or an enemy attack. This includes weaknesses of the enemy, location or treachery types, text on locations, treachery cards resolved for any reason, or enemy attacks for any reason. So it would work against the horror due to the text of Spawn of Hali or Rift Seeker. As for why they mention both enemy attacks and encounter cards, it could be clarification, since one could argue that the effect of enemy attacks comes from the game framework, rather than the text of the card itself. Or it could be as a reminder or for the sake of completeness. We clearly can't know the intentions of the designers, short of asking them.
  2. This is correct (though the rules could do a better job of explaining the exact process of committing a card). This is incorrect (committed cards are not discarded until step 8 of a skill test).
  3. Well, Carolyn's direct connection to the Dreamlands is a new feature as well - previously, her patients had dreams that revealed bad stuff, but it wasn't explicit (e.g. in Eldritch Horror) that she, or indeed anyone other than Luke Robinson, had visited the Dreamlands before. You could handwave it easily enough anyway, like maybe Gloria has never formally been to the Dreamlands but she is more attuned to the world of dreams, etc.
  4. It might be like The Forgotten Age, where the first 2 scenarios require the Lead Investigator to be one of Leo Anderson, Ursula Downs or Monterey Jack if possible - perhaps in the Dreamlands, the Lead Investigator will need to be one of the ones with previous Dreamlands experience if possible?
  5. Great work, and lovely to see more community resources. Will be nice to link newcomers to this. I think it might be worth pointing out that the standalones (at least so far) are pretty difficult and probably not to be prioritised when expanding a collection. While I as an old hand with the game naturally have no use for it aside from as a curiosity, nevertheless: Thank you for doing this.
  6. If you're asking "what's the origin of Hypnos within the Cthulhu Mythos", that would be the short story you specify: Hypnos is the stranger who the protagonist of the story befriends, the godlike subject of his sculpting who leads him to experimentation is Hypnos himself. If you're asking "what's the origin of Hypnos as a god in general", that would be ancient Greece. Edit: However, Hypnos as like...a Big God who does stuff on a global/cosmic scale within the Cthulhu Mythos was apparently started by Chaosium with the Call of Cthulhu RPG. FFG took that ball and ran with it, as @awp832 indicates. FFG and the Call of Cthulhu RPG (which at this point have a symbiotic relationship but are still distinct canons) have their own versions of the Cthulhu Mythos unto themselves, and within FFG's mythos, Hypnos is a cosmic threat.
  7. Azathoth isn't known for multiple shapes or forms, let alone a thousand, has no connection at all to the Dreamlands, and is already the Ancient One for TCU. I can't see any reason to think it would be involved here.
  8. If it is Nyarlathotep, I hope this isn't the only outing he gets. Nyarly deserves better than a 4-scenario mini-campaign!
  9. By the Silver Order that is nice, can't believe I didn't twig that. Particularly nice for Silas because he's so vulnerable to Willpower tests. It's nowhere near as reliable for Silas, as you both need Resourceful in your discard and unlike Yorick he still needs to pass the test for Resourceful to trigger. Which is likely to happen, but still not guaranteed. That decides it, my next run is gonna be Silas Marsh. (Or Meat Cleaver Carolyn, or Marie, or Mateo, or...)
  10. I wonder if the packs will alternate between Dreamlands and waking world, or complete one mini-campaign then the other. My assumption is that they will alternate, because the deluxe (apparently) contains scenario 1 for each of the threads and because it would mean that the climax to the stories would come about at the end of the cycle regardless, which would make more sense if the two threads interweave somewhat. However, I kind of hope I'm wrong about that; I like the idea of having a full (mini-)campaign to play after the first 3 packs are released, since I prefer to play campaigns through to the conclusion (not that I haven't played incomplete campaigns before, but it has felt very unsatisfying).
  11. It will certainly be valid - Eucatastrophe is a response to st. 3 of a skill test but the elder sign isn't resolved until st. 4, by which time it will be in the discard pile. For my money, it's essentially an absurd combination, easily one of the most powerful in the game. Eucatastrophe is Lucky! but for big fails. Lucky! lets you keep taking tests at skill levels 2 lower than you usually would, because you can always be Lucky to counteract the tokens that would cause you to fail but you don't have to use it until you get such a token (in contrast to something like Unexpected Courage which needs to be used proactively and can be wasted). In the same way, Eucatastrophe lets you take real hail mary skill tests. In fact, any skill test of difficulty 3 or less is guaranteed to pass if you have both Lucky! and Eucatastrophe in hand, assuming that you can afford to play them and you would pass on an Elder Sign. The resource cost is a concern, especially for those of us who refuse to use Drawing Thin, but survivors currently have the best level 0 economy card in the game so you could easily afford it.
  12. You can only activate such abilities if you are at the location in question, unless a card effect explicitly states otherwise. From the Rules Reference ("Activate Action", p.4, emphasis mine):
  13. Umordhoth is an invention of FFG for the Arkham Horror Card Game. It has subsequently been referenced in Eldritch Horror (only in the Masks of Nyarlathotep expansion, which came out after the Card Game was first released) and in the Arkham Horror board game, 3rd edition. However, it is very much the Mythos deity Mordiggian with the serial numbers filed off, being worshipped by ghouls, being kind of creepy and nasty but not purely evil, and being willing to spare those who have not earned its wrath. Even the appearance is the same, "Its form was that of a worm-shapen column, huge as a dragon, its further coils still issuing from the gloom of the corridor[...]" - which is very similar to the art of Umordhoth:
  14. No. The rules for the Retaliate keyword are: Each time an investigator fails a skill test while attacking a ready enemy with the retaliate keyword, after applying all results for that skill test, that enemy performs an attack against the attacking investigator. (from the Rules Reference, "Retaliate"; emphasis mine)
  15. You have to simply accept that the game is ultimately a card game, not an RPG, and that game mechanics must take precedence over verisimilitude. That said, as others have already stated, it's relatively easy to explain why skill cards are single-use. By their nature, they represent a single instance where your innate abilities, training, tenacity, etc., grant you a momentary ability to go beyond your normal limits. Overpower represents a momentary burst of strength or adrenaline. Vicious Blow represents you noticing an opening for a particularly lethal blow - but such openings don't appear every time you pull the trigger. Deduction allows you to make a singular leap of logic when you find a certain clue. And so on, and so forth. Skills allow you to make an extra effort just this once; cards that provide a consistent increase in your potential are Assets - particularly Talent assets, such as Physical Training or Well Prepared. If you are concerned with the believability of events as expressed through the game, there are far more obvious issues. Why do I need to wait until I draw my .45 Automatic from my deck - surely it's right there, in my holster? Why don't my Allies all start in play, surely they aren't suddenly coming to meet up with me once I'm already in the middle of the enemy base? To be certain, there are things in the game that are so ridiculous that they really tax one's willing suspension of disbelief, but I wouldn't say the underlying mechanism behind Skill cards is one of them. These would include: The Colt Vest Pocket pistol disintegrates the turn it is played, and is impossible to have ready to use ahead of time; Lockpicks don't help deal with the Locked Door treachery, but work just fine to help investigate the jungle, empty sand dunes, underground lakes or an eldritch flux of manifest unreality; and basically everything to do with Supplies in TFA. But there's also some incredible flavour out there, such as the Dumb Luck/Oops!/"Look what I found!" cards and literally everything to do with Cherished Keepsake, so you take the good with the bad.
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