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  1. Ah, of course! I keep thinking that Calvin's title is "The Cursed". Certainly makes thematic sense, at least if you Accept Your Fate (not that I ever recommend doing so). I have finally managed to have fun with Joe Diamond and he's definitely a huge thematic win, though he'll struggle with all the willpower treacheries (at least earlier on - you could make a beeline for Higher Education if you use that card)
  2. Marie seems like a poor choice, since she has pretty low combat potential - her ability would let her use Shrivelling once more per round, I suppose, but she's not much good with Spectral Razor and her deckbuilding doesn't help either. Obviously any mystic can kill things but she's probably the weakest at it - instead she's a great clue-gatherer with her high intellect. What do you mean by Calvin's Haunted? Haunted is a basic weakness that anyone could have. I don't have much experience with Calvin so I can't give much advice there - he certainly can turn his hand to both clues and fighting but he lacks for survivability as a primary fighter. I can recommend Patrice as a monster-hunter - I've played her with success as the team's primary fighter in a 4-player game, using Fire Axe and events to kill things. She's very strong with Alter Fate, since the loss of a card to play it isn't much of a downside for her. You are probably best off taking Shrivelling to start and dropping it after you get some experience, keeping Spectral Razor, Improvised Weapon, Brute Force and maybe Stunning Blow for the entire campaign.
  3. You're quite welcome. Enjoy the game!
  4. For your first question, you are incorrect. Using an ability that states something like "This attack deals +1 damage" still doesn't do anything if the attack misses. From the Rules Reference, under "Fight": For your second question, you have to purchase each new card individually, so purchasing two copies of Blinding Light (2) would cost a total of 4 exp. From the Rules Reference, under "Campaign Play (Experience)": The only exception to this are cards with the "myriad" keyword, of which you can have up to 3 in your deck rather than two and if you purchase one copy, you can purchase up to two additional copies for free, but that doesn't appear on cards until The Dream-Eaters expansion so not something you need to worry about for now.
  5. I'd love to try out and enjoy Silas, but as he is now he feels incomplete - unless you use Eucatastrophe, at which point he simply breaks the game entirely. Barring some kind of nerf to Eucatastrophe, I'll have to wait and see what cool stuff they print in Innsmouth for him and his replacement signatures, much like how we got a lot of cool Survivor combat cards in Carcosa to co-incide with William Yorick.
  6. I have no idea how to go about that, it's not really my area of expertise! I think it's possible since I've heard of some Blob online events, but the logistics of getting lots of groups working all together all at once might be tough. There's also something cool and community-building about having a real-life meetup with an announcer and so forth, but that's 2020 I suppose!
  7. I'll definitely be taking Patrice if I play in an organised event (you know, when the pandemic passes), probably going 9 exp and taking 2x Cornered, 3x Mind's Eye, 1x Relic Hunter. Could go 19 exp and take 2x Alter Fate, 2x Brute Force, 2x Sharp Vision, but I don't know if that's worth the extra weakness. I'll certainly be taking a backup investigator, though - maybe Joe Diamond, going 19 exp, taking 2x Physical Training (2), 2x Hyperawareness (2), 2x Well Prepared, 2x .32 Colt (2), 1x Pathfinder, 2x Magnifying Glass (1). Shame about Standalone mode not enabling the use of "identified"/"translated" cards, since that makes it much harder to make a Carolyn Fern deck (no Ancient Stone).
  8. The +2 is indeed a modifier, so you would ignore it due to Rex's Curse.
  9. That surprises me, because for my group, Arcane Initiate is the "go-to" Mystic ally, and we even think of Arcane Initiate (3) as one of the most impactful Mystic upgrades available. But then, I have never used Olive McBride, so maybe I should give her a shot!
  10. There was a big trend for Decorated Skull + Torrent of Power for Akachi Onyele a while ago (since she has access to any card with "Uses (Charges)", level 0-4), and she gets the benefit of a free charge on the skull when she plays it. I don't think they're all that strong but quite fun to rock massive bonuses for those big tests. I can see it working for Dexter thanks to Haste and his ability, but I feel like he'll have a lot of potential slot pressure, wanting to swap hand-slot cards in and out and probably use Enchanted Blade, whereas Decorated Skull requires you to keep it in play for a long time to properly charge it up. So if you did want to put such a deck together, searching Akachi + Decorated Skull could get some good starting points for your Dexter deck.
  11. My apologies for a lack of clarity - it doesn't matter whether it's a basic action or not because any skill test has the inherent capacity to change the game state. This is based on a developer response, already quoted by @Henryillusion above. With regards to Augur etc., the ability on Augur still causes a skill test, but the automatic success causes step 3/4 of that skill test to be skipped (c.f. the Errata/FAQ, point 2.9). As we can see in the aforementioned developer response, a skill test has the capacity to change the game state even if you don't draw or resolve a chaos token (since you can commit cards etc.), so you can still use Augur's discard ability if there's no other cats in your discard pile.
  12. "Can I investigate a location with no clues on it?" is the very first question in the FAQ part of the official FAQ/errata. In short, the answer is yes. And there's no reason that it being a basic action or not would matter. The designers have indicated that making a skill test inherently has the potential to change the game state. With Augur, the part allowing you to bring another cat into play isn't part of the cost of the ability so it inherently is changing the game state.
  13. Partly yes, I mean the lack of easy solutions to doom. You could take Painkillers/Smoking Pipe, or play a different ally to discard the first from the slot, or return him to hand with Calling In Favours, or something like off-class Solemn Vow, but otherwise you're reliant on an encounter cards and enemy attacks to deal the damage. But beyond that, while you can just keep him at one or two doom, if you do increase his doom to achieve maximum profits, you're more vulnerable to early agenda advancement. Certainly something you can work around by looking at the encounter sets in a scenario and being more careful if Ancient Evils or similar is among them.
  14. Indeed, it's a pretty nifty combination but it has all the risks of a doom mystic amplified heavily. I'm thinking that I prefer a consistent build rather than maximum potential...but then again, it just has to tide me over until I can afford Drawing Thin...
  15. When it comes to redeeming previously ignored cards, I intend to try Investments on "Ashcan" Pete. Normally it's a pretty rubbish card, but Pete can use his ability to ready it and double the speed with which it accrues resources, assuming he's willing to discard cards to do so and doesn't have anything better to ready. I'm thinking either Dario el-Amin or David Renfield for the ally slot, but in the long run will probably go for On Your Own (3e) when it comes out...
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