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  1. So to sum up with The Harbinger Approaches in play, are we leaning towards an interpretation that Heroes can enter the Overlord's Keep in an attempt to kill the Avatar, but this does not trigger the Final Battle steps normally triggered by exceeding 600 CQ?
  2. The Harbinger Approaches does not affect total Conquest, nor does it start the Final Battle. The card does however start a game-ending clock, in which the heroes lose if eleven comets are accumulated at the four temples (basically, at one comet per week, that means the OL automatically wins 10 weeks from first play of The Harbinger Approaches).
  3. I had assumed that reducing the max fatigue and health of the heroes entering the Keep was the point, and planned to play it that way. And how are you playing the "entering the Keep" part? My group is having a discussion about whether walking to and entering the Keep still allows for Preparations for the Final Battle (or not).
  4. The rulebooks states: Four of the new Overlord cards are intended to be added to the Overlord deck from the base game, one copy each of "Lava Beetle Scouts", "Shade Spooks", "Lone Medusa" and "Lone Wendigo". I don't seem to have a card labeled "Lone Wendigo". 1) Should I really have one? 2) If so, how do I go about getting a replacement? Thanks, Jack
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