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  1. Hi Thomas Thanks a lot for the group sharing thing. A can't wait to see other GM's adding NPC groups. Love that bastard Captain Sternn, just hate he managed to get away at the last fight.... Cya..
  2. Hi Are you thinking of a kind of XML file for at character.
  3. Hi all I have to comment on the newest feature of the Character Generator. You are now able to share your npc and pc's. WAUV have i been waiting for this. Hereby gamemasters and players can see each others characters. Beautiful... Thanks Thomas
  4. Hi Tried it, absolutely nice way to manage all those baddies... Now its even easier for me to print whole groups for an encounter on a single page. Thanks.
  5. Hi Idaho You can make Adepta Sororitas careers. For example choose Adept as a career and on the follwoing screen push the Edit button, then you can change the career togehter with the sex and stats etc.
  6. Regarding modifiers for shooting guns in close combat. Remember you are shooting at a person/something in melee. That means you get a -20 modifier by the standard rules. The evens the odds a bit, in my opinion. I personally like the idea that shooting at a person 3 meters from you is very easy, right until the point where he can stab you in the guts, then it gets much more tricky ;-) Sonny
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