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  1. Hi All, Sadly I couldn't play for almost a year now, but I was just thinking of returning to the game if can find a few players nearby. (Also of course OCTGN is an option as well..) Right now I'm located in Zurich, Switzerland so if you are here or at least not that far, just drop me a message! I know there are many players around Geneve, but that's a little bit far for from here for playing, however I would join to some championships there in the future… So please notify me about those as well! Thanks!
  2. Hi All, This question is only technical and not part of any combo or special circumstaces I met so far, but still would like to know: Can I stand a character who is already sanding as an effect? Also, can I kneel someone who is already kneeling as an effect?
  3. Hi All, I reveal The Red Wedding as a plot when my opponent reveals The Power of Blood. All Lady and Lord in te game has the Noble crest. What happens with the Red Wedding? As nobody dies, will the other character get the 2 power or not? We decided not to get it, but not sure as it's not a then effect after all. The Red Wedding: When revealed, the opponent to your left chooses 1 Lord and 1 Lady character, if able. Then, you must choose and kill 1 of those characters. The other claims 2 power. The Power of Blood: You may have up to 2 copies of The Power of Blood in your plot deck. Noble characters cannot be killed.
  4. Rogue30 said: HoyaLawya said: You use a player action to initiate a single bay of ice. Of course it's passive effect, not a player action. That cleared it up! Thank you All!
  5. The player who wons initiative, how many card will he draw? 1, or the number of Bay of Ice in play (to a maximum of the Draw Cap)? Bay of Ice: After a player wins initiative, that player kneels all cards named Bay of Ice, then draws a card.
  6. Hi All, Just a stupid question, but who is acting first in the Marshalling phase? The First Player or the Active Player?
  7. Just as I thought, thanks a lot for the clarification!
  8. Hi All, What happens first in the dominance phase: 1. A character comes out of shadow, thus he counts in for winning dominance. 2. Count strenght for domiannce then a card can come out from shadow.
  9. Hi All, Probably a trivial thing for everyone else,but, Stannis says "defender controls no Lord character". (I do not have the card with me, but sure everyone knows the card) So what does this mean? 1. The defender can defend against Stannis if at least 1 of his character has the Lord trait. 2. The defender can defend against Stannis only if all of his character has the Lord trait. I always thought thats it is case 1, but some of my friend said that it should work as in case 2. Thanks a lot in advance!
  10. I played L5r for a few years and skipped from less then one year ago. I decided not to paly any other CCG again, as it takes really a lot of time and money. I knew about AGOT even in that time but I always avoided it. I heard a few good word about the books from my friend but I never really interested in it. Then a few month ago, somewhen in September or October I just run into AGOT again here in the FFG site and started to browse the forums. Then read about the LCG modell and I liked it. Then watched the demo on the support page. And thought its not too complicated but still have its depth. (I especially liked even the plot deck idea in that time already) Then read the Rulebook on the support page and kept reading the forums. In the end I decided to give this a try. I get the books for Christmass and in January I bought my first core deck and chapter pack from a friend who left the game some time ago soon after it became LCG. (Ironically he joined to L5R btw.. ) Right now I'm reading Storm of Swords and started to paly with my girlfriend who was quite skeptic but even after the first one and two games both of us started to love it! We just played with the Core sets mainly and just started to add the first Chapter Packs to the game. (We will see how my girlfriend will like this aspect of the game. She never palyed any CCG or LCG before ) So for me, I started the books and the game about the same time and didn't regret it I cannot say more about my deck building strategy as really just started this game, but as I have some past in other CCG neither I think I will became a totally Nedly player, but in the meantime I didn't even "play-out-of-house" characters in L5R so probably neither will do here so much But a noname character what fits more to the deck has almost over has priority over weaker but famous characters for me. (BTW: Doesn't any of you have an extra Arya Stark from the core deck? A few card is still missing from my collection as my friend traded them already long before I got his collection.)
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