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  1. This is just the tiles and minis from the core box, FA and CotW. Nothing else. There will of course be other boxed expansions and dlc for the app to follow.
  2. Recurring Nightmare (Core Set) Suppressed Memories (FA and CotW) https://twitter.com/ffgames?lang=en
  3. possibly solved over PM. Anyone else with similar issue? Hi JT Any chance you could give the dimension of the Tjena box you used please? The one in your pictures seems to be taller than the one I found. Plus, I don't suppose you have the plans/dimensions of the insert you made in any other format than DWG? Cheers
  4. Strange, according to my profile I have no posts/threads. Now I'm getting paranoid! Corey Konieczka will be here any minute....gak, who's that at the do.................................
  5. My old Haunted House mini expansion had some very basic similarities to MoM I feel. I'll pass a collection tin round!
  6. Eldritch Horror eh? Bugger, I should have done something with this old idea of mine.
  7. Only just got the game today so this opinion may change, but there are some obvious similarities between GoW and Castle Ravenloft/Wrath of Ashardalon boardgames. Sure the themes differ but they are both basically co-op dungeon crawls with AI cards that control the monsters (although the ones in GoW are a bit more imaginative). Now there are those that find the new D&D boardgames boring and repetitive, but I'm not one of those people (they present a brilliant starting set of tools to build your own games upon). So, while I reserve the right to change my mind after getting several plays of GoW under my belt, I would hazard a guess that if you don't like CR/WoA then the same could be true with GoW.
  8. RAFM Mi-Go replacements Replacement Cultists (Hasslefree Miniatures) Three (of four) of replacement zombies. Cthonian Modified Shoggoth, no silly legs! Not the best picture, but all I have. Will post some more pics when I get round to taking them. I've finished all the monsters now, just finishing off the investigators. I replaced the zombies, mi-go, maniacs, cultists and cult leaders for various reasons. I also plan to replace the witches (witches coven from West Winds Vampire Wars range) and maybe the hounds (especially like the GW mini mentioned a few posts above, although it sounds a bit big on the GW site).
  9. klaymen_sk said: I'd say boardgame (if you want to emulate Fallout RPG) or card game (if you want to emulate Fallout:Tactics). Eewww, not Fallout Tactics! Yeah best to stick with a boardgame and stay away from Bethseda's Fallout-Oblivion nonesense. Protect/build and maintain your Vault. Scavange/raid the surface for supplies. Defend against monster attacks, super mutants, scavangers. Go 'questing' for special/rare items. Middle Earth Quest crossed with ATZ's (not the boardgame) base maintenance (supplies, personnel, morale, etc).
  10. There hasn't been a decent 2000AD licence for ages and there are some classic boardgame titles that could be re-vamped or even better completely new games. Block Mania/Mega Mania - remake as Shnar has mentioned Rogue Trooper - remake Judge Dredd - as good as the original was, how about a totally new game. Co-op game, playing as judges, missions, campaigns, Cursed Earth expansion, pleeeeeasssse! Anything from the galaxies best comic, so long as it is true to the source material and not a boardgame equivalent of the abortional Judge Dredd film! Borag Thung earthlings!
  11. Rebellion hold all the rights for and publish 2000AD. The only 3rd party I know of that has a licence for 2000AD products is Mongoose Publishing who have released an updated version of Gangs of Mega City One under the new name, Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. The rules are free to download, just have to purchase the minis.
  12. Hi Would be most grateful if anyone can help me with this. I am looking to replace some missing components from the Expansion Set: 5x5 Room Tile Single Square Obstacle x4 Shotgun Weapon Token x1 Dodge Order Token x1 Can pay cash for the bits (via Paypal) or if you prefer I have some spare bits from the base game to trade: Chaingun Weapon Token x1 Dead End Tile x1 2x3 Corridor Tile x1 2x6 Corridor Tile x1 4x4 Room Tile x2 I've already added a request to the Spare Parts Resource List on BGG, but I thought I'd add it here too. Cheers Nyogtha
  13. I was missing a Mi-Go and the other was missing it's wings. The lovely Thaad has replaced them both for me now. To have the entire set of monsters missing is most unlucky, surely the box must have been almost half it's actual weight!?
  14. Many thanks to Thaad for posting the detailed component list on Boardgame Geek, and sympathies too as it must have been a tedious job. I do have a couple of questions though: 1. In the listing for the 15 Lock Puzzle pieces, the fourth item is specified as being GBGR. While I have all the other pieces as specified, my remaining piece is GGGR. Is this a typo, or is it a minor color printing error on the piece? 2. In addition, in the Event Cards section, under the 'Green-eyed Boy' Event Cards, I believe the fourth item (listed as 'Green-eyed Boy') should be 'Horrific Vision'. Also as mentioned in another post here, there is the discrepancy with the Suitcase Lock puzzle card: Frosty Wolf: The suitcase card that my game came with, shown here: Says "...solve Lock Puzzle #6A..." but has Lock Puzzle 6B pictured. This becomes a problem becase the rules state to set up the puzzle as pictured on the card. Any chance of coming to our rescue Thaad? PS. Thank you for sending out those replacement Mi-Go so quickly.
  15. Steve-O said: Nyogtha said: When it said it was something different I thought we were getting a completely new stand-alone expansion which is something I would like to see. No offense, but how is that different? All of the expansions to date have been designed as stand-alone, in keeping with FFG's general design philosophy, meant to be used with the base game only. It's the fans who insisted on playing everything at once, to the point that FFG finally gave them a nod of a house rule in Kingsport. I'm not saying such a thing would be bad or unwelcome at my table, but it hardly qualifies as "a unique expansion." As far as what the expansion is, it looks like an interesting experiment compared to what else FFG has done. As one of the (probably few) people around here who doesn't own all the AH expansions, I'm not sure how appealing this is to me, personally. I dislike having too many extra bits floating around. But I do hope it works out well for FFG's bottom line, and more random craziness is not usually a bad thing in AH. =) Erm, that's not what I said. I was hoping it would be a stand-alone expansion as in a new base set. This is just an 'expansion' to tie all the expansions together for those who like to play with multiple expansions, which I do not (at most play with one big box and one small box like a lot of people). None of the expansions to date are stand-alone they all require the base game, so don't know what you mean there.
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