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  1. I've run old WEG D6 version and then D20 versions (1 & 2) and after taking a look at FFG version I've gone to Star Wars Saga RPG. Overall I've found SW Saga rpg to run well, capture the feel of Star Wars and deliver both Storm Troopers and the renowned Sith villains, creatures and Mandalorians in the way I recall. The hardest part is of course getting hold of a Physical copy of the Core Rules for reasonable money (it's become extremely popular after initially being rejected by players who had already bought D20 versions 1&2). But it does run extremely well on Roll20 where you can drop ships, character tokens and anything else you require. My players are likewise really enjoying it, one is a Pathfinder player and DM who has gotten bored of the limits of 5e but is thoroughly taken by SWSaga rpg and is now running a game. Oh and as for Revised and the first iterations of Star Wars D20 rpg IMO avoid them, we played for over a year and for our group there was a serious imbalance with the system, jedi became unmanageable very quickly and the rest of the party were left standing. Our opinion for what it's worth. Go Saga.
  2. I have done a conversion to 5e D&D which overall works pretty well. The basics are exactly that with little changes to the classes but many of the classes have proficiency in navigational software and some have proficiency in other equipment (demolition/explosives). There is a Gunfighter Archetype that I've gone with but as yet unsure about a pilot archetype as pilot is covered by backgrounds.
  3. Hints and tips would be look toward 4E D&D skill challenges for some idea's on using the players skills more actively in the game and for a bit more narrative in certain area's. The Skill Challenge system ( and even better is Star Wars Galaxies of Intrigue which outlines a more flexible system) asks the players to detail how they are dealing with a challenge, the GM assigns an appropriate skill and the players RP depth can help make things easier. For Warhammer, it's got so many more interesting variables that 4th Ed D&D, it's quite mind blowing. For example, a street chase, where the group is trying to catch a thug:- Athletics: You run headlong through the streets, pushing yourself to keep up and even gain on the guy. Coordination: Unfortunately with the people, carts, dogs and everything else blocking your path you must weave with agility through them. This could be replaced with Intimidate as you bellow at the people in the way. Folklore: Thinking about it, there are a couple of shortcuts that you can use to reduce the distance between you. Resiliance: to maintain the pace. Set the number of success's needed (base of 6) and failures (3 maybe), set the effect of a failure, the failed Athletics means that the guys gained some ground (extra success required), failed co-ordination check, you smash into a local and may end up in a fight with them at a later date and a Fatigue level. Failed Folklore means nothing bad, just no gains, failed resiliance is a stress level as the person has a stitch. You can either have an individual take the lead with each skill( 1 of the team take a the lead generally -Athletics, another player gets stuck among the pervading street people -Coordination, a group member indicates good directions to cut the guy off -Folklore, all group members must make a resiliance check. Or you could do this as a group check and as long as at least half of the group succeed this is a success at the task. Often you mix these up between group and individual checks. 3 Failures means the guy gets a way and the group must consider a different way to find the guy and may be confronted by angry townsfolk who's carts were knocked over by the group( combat encounter where the group may have to be careful not to kill the people). Success means they catch the little sod, though you might have the PC corner him and then have a group of his mates corner them and a Combat( or roleplay) encounter ensues as the PC try to talkintimidate the thugs to back off( the thug offers them money to help him). Another example, social encounter where the group must convince a lord to help the group deal with marauding creature:- The lord doesn't want to pay the group to hunt the creature(s) down or give them troops to defend the farms. Player1: My lord whilst I agree that the deployment of a number of guards will diminish your forces in the town, we will need there eyes to watch over the farms and spot signs of the creatures (using charm). Player2: I've already heard that some of your farmers are talking about leaving for safer climates, this won't reflect well on you sir (guile). Player3: If memory serves your ancester was in fact a simple farmer himself but raised to a knight when he roused the other people to stand firm against an encroaching orc warband...surely his simple background should be respected in these troubled days and the farmers defended (History-Folklore or Education) Player4: The creature will hunt in the forest, which will force other predators into the farms, such as wolves, foxes. These will cause a lot of damage to the livestock (Nature Lore) Player5: I'll remain quiet and watch the lords reactions to my collegues words and whisper advice on area's that he seems more receptive to (Intuition) Player6: My lord should you fail you act, this monster will rend and tear your people, the fear and terror will spread like a plague until you end up with tons of refugee farmers in your town begging for food, this inaction will be extremely damaging!!!" (Intimidate)
  4. This is a place to maybe just outline good in game experiences, how they came about and what the GM did to help move things along, involve the players. Even how the players added more narrative themselves that the GM was able to use in the game.
  5. It's a tricky one but you need to develope a split personality in games of that level of complexity and NPC's. I've run a few council meetings and the like, where players have put forth their point and asked for a decision which has required a response from the council members. I've then had to ask questions based on the council members view points. It gets a bit tricky but you need to jump between one person and another and answer from their views. It occasionally even involves arguing with yourself( as such) as two counter views come to light. In the scenario that I ran with the council, one group who supported an aggressive action and who started to storm out, the PC stopped them and demanded that they respect the council accordingly (this earned her cudos with the council). In the case where one council member talks over the other, it ran something like:- Council member 1 "Unfortunately, I do not believe that we shou..." with that the other coucillor cuts him off "I however agree with the learned lady that if no action is taken, we will eventually be facing the threat on our own if we do not support the people of the Vale now. Due to this I am wholeheartedly supporting the aggressive support being proposed", this broke the council into a drove of discussion as the councillers began an animated discussion on the subject. This was finally ended abruptly as one senior councillor shouted over the hubub "ENOUGH OF THIS, I am making preparation immediately to deal with this threat and discuss with the leaders of the Vale, I urge anyone of sense to follow me" with that he turned and made for the exit, a number of councillors following him.
  6. I was considering using poker chips for the Fortune Dice. Using one colour for personal fortune, another for group fortune. All you do is throw them into a pot to announce the chips are down and you've used one. For the stances I've considered using the coloured decorative glass beads (reds and greens). Then placing them in front of me to remind me where my stance is. The stance meters are lovely but ultimately they are bits of card and will shred and fall apart so an alternative is a better idea. The recharge for powers is the trickiest because so far we've been using dice( 1D4, 1D6 etc) and changing the amount at the end of each round but this can be problematic so the post it notes is a good idea, might give that a try.
  7. Hi all, The DM for the group I'm part of has implemented a more variable damage system for combat. To do this we talked it over and the final decision was that the weapon damage would be as per the weapon damage in the book (e.g 5 for hand weapons) but you roll the Str or other Stat to get the final result. This roll is using Fortune Dice and any results (hammer or empirial eagle) is another 1 to the damage. So far it seems to work very well. It means that the really hard hitting monsters may only just catch you or they get an awesome result and do a lot of damage. Much more interesting.
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