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  1. Dam said: Trigger for Dash (and Frenzy, no double-Frenzy either) is "Play this card when you are activating a monster during your turn." You don't double-activate monsters, so one Dash per activation. Thanks for making this crystal clear I believe You have it right, I just didn't understand it from the rules.
  2. RagsMckay said: kalle said: Is there anything preventing use of two dashes on a same monster of lieutenant on a same turn ? "Two Overlord cards with the same name cannot be played on the same target in response to the same triggering condition." But there isn't anything triggering those dashes, or is there ? I sort of thought that triggering thing to mean things like entering an empty space or something similar. But having two dashes to a lieutenant in some encounters is really strong, so I'd like to see something preventing the double dashing.
  3. Is there anything preventing use of two dashes on a same monster of lieutenant on a same turn ?
  4. Scy800 said: Well, as a fellow european boardgamer I can say: speak for yourself! Everybody I know is buying the game and the conversion kit. I am just really glad they actually made an official conversion! Great style FFG, thanks! Seconded ! Descent is a great game, but takes too much time to play, thus I'm waiting for ed2. And most likely I'll still play the first edition occasionally. The conversion kit is also great service, and I'll get it for sure.
  5. Thanks SolennelBern for the description. I've had the Runebound for a while, and we've been playing it every now and then, but more often lately. I have some of the card expansions added to the game, and I've been wondering whether to get some of the boxed expansions. No I got the final impulse to get the Sands of Al Kalim, and ordered it. I like the game a lot, it's really good entertainment to play with family. Looking forward to see the Sands expansion
  6. Steve-O said: In addition to Soylent's excellent point, I'd remind you of the "convenient stopping points" the initial announcement mentioned. I'm guessing that will be something along the lines of RtL's "save game" mechanic. ie: you can play the game for 1-2 hours, hit a stopping point and end for the night, come back later and continue. With a campaign mode built into the game from the get go, just because you stop playing doesn't mean you're finished. That sounds promising. I see the long playing time for Descent both good and bad. The quests are very immersive, but the length also makes it harder to start a Descent session. I agree that the playing time can be reduced by just making it easier to rememenber all the special skills and effects that take place in the game. If that can be handled well, the game experience gets much better, without diminishing anything from the game. Just still a bit worried that the game gets too simple. I sort of also really like the huge amount of stuff for the game. Well, we'll see, and I hope for the best, and will definitely get the second edition anyway.
  7. Hard to say if the second edition will be good or bad, but as it's not taking anything away from playing the first edition, it has to be a good thing. If the second edition is good, that is excellent. If not, there is still for ever to play the quests of the first edition. But I hope for a really brilliant game play from this one. As a big fan of Descent and FFG products in general, I'm more than willing to get the new Descent boxes. What is a bit worrying though is the estimated 1-2 hours playing time. How is that going to be possible ? It takes one hour just to set the board from Descent with some expansions, and playing time is now somewhere 6-10 hours range.
  8. I have Descent, Talisman & Runebound (and plethora other games...), and of those three RB hits the table the least often. While RB has more modern game mechanics than Talisman, for some reason it just lacks the fun factor - perhaps it's the lower level of PvP action. Talisman has a lot of luck -dependency, but the expansions have made the player more in control of what's happening. With fate and Dungeon, the game has just become so much better. It's hard to tell where it exactly comes from, but Talisman games are exciting and fun, and for that reason we just like to play it, and do play it a lot. We just like it when the loot starts to pile up on everybody, and the stats increase, and the race to victory is heating up. Descent is then THE board game. OK, it has it's flaws as well, overlong play times, a bit complex and problematic rules, but it's still the most captivating board game I've seen so far.
  9. Hi, You guys are all really fast, I must say. It takes me usually about a week to play a game... OK, there are some interrupts like sleepimg, eating and doing other stuff, while the game stays on the living room table, so the actual playing time is probably similar to the 2-3 hours. I also think that the Dungeon is both excellent expansion, and also makes the game shorter and more exciting.
  10. The cards and characters of the expansions can be used with no other changes to game play.
  11. Dungeon is by far the best, but I have only played it with all the other expansions. I haven't played any other expansion alone with the core game, except for the reaper of course. Perhaps it's a good idea to buy Talisman+reaper, and save Dungeon for the future. Something to look forward to.
  12. Can't say theres anything missing, the game is huge as it is. So far the expansions have all been really good, and have added to the game, so whatever comes, I'll be more than happy to get it. Dungeon has been the absolutely best expansion, and as there quite often is not so much to do with money, perhaps a similar City expansion with more to purchase might be nice. Juts keep the expansions coming and the standards as high as they have been so far.
  13. What I really would like is : Quest Compendum #2, with straightforward, well written quests, that can be played with mostly the Descent core rules (half the quests), and rest of the quests utilizing the rest of the expansions. With well written quests I mean that the quests are edited and correct in the printed book, the quests are balanced, don't introduce too many complex new rules, but offer interesting stories and tactical challenges for both players and overlord. I don't need an other Descent expansion. The game is already complex and wide enough. I want more quests that are balanced, and I'd like to see more quests that are compact and can be played in 3-4 hours with four persons, of which 3 are kids.
  14. I've seen a lot of minis, and these are good ! You should learn also how to replicate these with resin and silicone. I don't know the techniques, but I'm sure You can find it in internet... I'm sure a lot of people would be interested in buying a set of alternative figures for Talisman or other games. The Dwarf from FFG is quite OK, put Your talent to Dark Cultist or some other more deserving figure. Excellent work !
  15. This card grants one power for every development on a given zone, so it's turned out to be really game winning card played on kingdom, more so if played early on. With empire or chaos, it seems hard to do anything for it. This one card makes the player controlling it able to build he's realm much more rapidly than other alternatives. So far, we've decided to house-rule it to only two developments, which is still enough for the price of the card. Are we missing something, or is there a good counter strategy for this one ?
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