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  1. Okay I went back and dug through the ages of the parent/kids I could find and early 20's with Anakin seems to be the youngest. Maybe 16 is a little too much of a jump.
  2. Okay, how about: "Rey, I am your sperm donor." or "Rey, you are my female clone."?
  3. Yeah, I've seen that one floating around. People really hate Ezra though so it tends to get brushed off. Also there isn't really the amazing pilot connection there.
  4. Lucas seemed to focus on making everything connected though. I mean Yoda hung out with Chewie for crying out loud.
  5. she was born in 81, so she was probably 17-18 during production.
  6. That's no fun. I think it would be a much more interesting plot point than being the daughter of Luke or Leia.
  7. A 15-16 year old dad isn't very abnormal in the US. Plus the mom could be a little older. A 14 year old Rey would be doable. But yeah, that is the biggest hole in my theory.
  8. Wait, we know when Rey was born? How do we know that? I dug through the internet for a bit and the only reason people think that is because of a reference guide. I am pretty sure movie reference guides aren't cannon. WE should have learned that lesson with all the varying ship sizes over the years. I supposed Daisy doesn't really look like a pre-teen though. but hey it is a galaxy far far away, and Natalie portman definitely didn't look like a pre-teen in the Phantom Menace
  9. Okay, so according to the timelines I have seen Kylo was in his mid-twenties when he took out the Jedi academy. Rey looked like she was 5-7 years old when she was dropped off at Jakku. Doing that math she could easily have been his daughter from an illicit affair at the academy. This solves for most of the issues I have seen floating around. She would be young enough to not recall everything about her childhood and to have blocked out a lot of the trauma. Kylo recognizes her and her desire to kill him, which she does, because he killed her mom and all the people she knew. It may be in the back of her head, but it is there. She is as powerful as he is (thus Luke's comment about being as strong as Kylo) Luke's comments about his family being force sensitive would include her. She has some basic training from growing up a bit at the academy She was taken away from him after the academy incident and left on a desert (mirror of Luke being hidden from vader) Leia recognizes her after a bit (she would probably only have met her a couple times as a child) The light saber is attuned to her because she is a skywalker It would explain why Kylo wants her to join him not fight him. Luke sort of recognizes her when she lands with his lightsaber. It wasn't a "who the heck are you" look he gave, more of a "I didn't expect you to find me" look. Toss some counter points to me and I will see if I can answer them. TLDR: They aren't skirting around the "empire = the last jedi" poetic rhyme. They are embracing it completely. "Rey, I am your father."
  10. That is pretty standard for lego pricing. Usually they are a little over10 Cents per lego piece. So 7500 pieces would be over 750 bucks.
  11. benbaxter

    Wave 12 tie-ins

    And one astromech slot.
  12. They can always do a multi-faction ship, and do the same thing where only a single card is available to the rebels.
  13. I'd suggest that the primary function would be to use damage as a way to measure how powerful someone gets pushed, and that no one can die from damage, only from ringing out. Specifics: When you do damage to an opponent, they must move their ship as though they are doing a barrel roll towards their side opposite of the angle of fire using a movement template equal to the amount of damage they took (Max 5). When a ship would take enough damage to kill it, instead add one faceup damage card for each damage beyond the one that would have destroyed them. They only move half the distance (rounded down) if they have shields at the beginning of the attack. I think that is the simplest way, but YMMV.
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