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  1. If anybody at FFG is reading this, the FAQ linked to the Wiz-War product page support section is V1.0, which I'm pretty sure is at least one iteration behind (I have V1.1 which is much more detailed). Might want to update this to the current version.
  2. My issue is that neither the alien power nor Schizoid's cards specifically spell out how the victory card is revealed, leading to arguments exactly like this one. On one hand, one can say it's obvious that Schizoid must reveal his card when any player fulfills the victory condition. On the other hand one could argue that Schizoid doesn't have to reveal is card until he himself has met the victory conditions. As far as the game materials are worded, both are viable arguments, though one is obviously less palatable than the other. In any case the writing should be clearer. My personal opinion is that the intent of the power is to require Schizoid to reveal his card when victory conditions are fulfilled, and as such the onus of responsibility for monitoring the game should fall on the Schizoid player. I would amend the victory cards to read, "You must immediately reveal this card if any player fulfills these victory conditions."
  3. A more fundamental question: what triggers a reveal of Shizoid's facedown card? I assume it's when the victory condition has been met by any player, but that's not spelled out on the alien power card or on Schizoid's victory condition cards.
  4. Geez, Bill, relax. I asked the question in the first place because I was genuinely curious (and remain so). During the three weeks since I made the first post I've had time to play more with the card and to think about its impact on both sides of the issue. In doing so I've come to the conclusion that until I hear otherwise from FFG I don't think it breaks the game to play the card as written. I was simply voicing that opinion, not trying to pick a fight. For what it's worth, I think you make a reasonable argument that its a typo, just not a convincing one. I'm still looking for FFG's take.
  5. I remain unconvinced that this is a typo. We're playing it by strict adherence to the wording. "Discard" means just that: dropping the card into the discard pile, not simply losing it via an effect like a compensation draw. I don't see that the flare is broken or hopelessly overpowered if played strictly; it just makes it trickier to defeat. Like so many other seemingly unfair effects in CE, figuring out how to neutralize it is just part of the game.
  6. I posted this over at BGG, but there hasn't been a satisfactory answer tended yet, so I thought I'd try over here. The text for the wild Fungus flare states that if the player holding the card "discards" the card, then they lose the extra ships the flare allows them to hold around their system. My question has to do with the meaning of the word "discard." Does the card mean that the ships are lost only if the player is forced to discard the card through some game effect, or does it also mean that if the holder loses the flare in some other way (say as a result of a compensation draw), then the ships go away?
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