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  1. I wanted to share my foamcore insert for the core set box. Maybe some of you will find inspiration for your own (I'm always happy to see improvements and modifications). It holds 3 decks in Ultrapro sleeves, plus all of the fate, honor, and honor/dishonor cards from 3 core sets. There's only room for 2 sets of rings, but I don't expect I'll ever need the third. It's not shown in the picture, but I put some pieces of foamcore underneath each deck to make it easier to lift them out. If you decide to make your own, be sure to test fit the cards before gluing things in place. There's not a lot of extra room in the design, so larger sleeves may require adjustment. I know that the FFG sleeves are a little longer, and they don't quite fit in the space I have.
  2. So instead of posting in the relevant thread, you started another one? That should keep the noise down.
  3. I thought I'd bring this up in this thread: as per this reddit thread, it seems that UP, dragon shield, and FFG sleeves will warp and take on the pattern of the rings. Depending on the judge, this could be considered grounds for disqualification at a tournament.
  4. Roles are required for official tournaments. I believe you are required to use one, but they only add deckbuilding options. You get either 3 influence or can duplicate an element in your provinces. You are free to make a deck with 10 influence and 5 different province elements. The only ting you miss out on is the free fate that they give.
  5. Pretty good, imo. The ability is great, but the stats are on the low side for a 2 cost character. Then again, this is Unicorn, so it's probably one of their best characters.
  6. I believe that's the motto of the unicorn clan.
  7. My experience is that Phoenix right now are mostly political and rely a lot on honoring your characters to get the big glory bonuses. The abilities on the cards hint at some heavy use of ring manipulation. They'll do things like add other elements to the contested rings in order to trigger abilities on their shugenga, then swap the claimed rings to ****** fate or deny their opponents. They have some cards to do that now, but not enough to focus the deck on it.
  8. There's not one from FFG, but there are a lot of Learn to Play videos on YouTube.
  9. My FLGS ordered around 20 with about 12 preordered. Haven't sold out yet afaik, but our area is rather saturated with stores selling L5R. I expect to see a lot more sold in the near future.
  10. The way you worded this, I just want to clarify that if you play Wanderer as a character, he does not have covert, just the 2/1 stats. I may have misunderstood you, and if so, I apologize.
  11. I... I never mentioned shadowlands? I can see them working as a faction too, but this is a thread about the Mantis clan. The teasing was also a reference to the RPG rules which have several mentions of Mantis in the context of how they would play within the system.
  12. Just to keep everyone grounded. All we know at this point is that they are in the story. That said, I think it would be a mistake not to include them (and they've certainly been teasing about it enough).
  13. Each clan will have had 2 roles. 1 was picked at Gencon, and 1 will be picked at worlds. The ones in the book are suggestions, but players are free to pick any of them. Why do you think they will go to twice a year for roles? Picking the role is a pretty big deal. They'd have to run a second event on the scale of the world championship to do that. Besides, you don't have to play with roles at all. If your deck is legal with no role, then it's legal for any role.
  14. Glass beads are a cheap and easy way to keep track. $14 for a 5 pound bag on Amazon. I wouldn't use tokens from the game, since they could create confusion, but it's not a bad idea to drop a token on a character that has used their ability.
  15. The RPG supplements used the CCG story as a backdrop, but they usually explored specific aspects in more depth. For instance City of Lies and Tomb of Iuchiban were both cards in the CCG, but never much more than that. The characters were all there, each new edition would catch the RPG story up to the CCG. There were a few RPG books dedicated to playing specific settings or times as well (I remember the Clan War book was one of my favorites). AEG had their hands tied for a while with the story (up through Spirit Wars). WotC controlled the CCG and the story, so AEG had to work with whatever they came up with.