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  1. This is something that all card games have to do, in order to keep the game accessible for new players. Unless all cards stay in constant production, then new players will not be able to get the old cards, which puts them at a disadvantage. The alternative is power creep which makes your old cards just as obsolete as set rotation does. That and the obvious fact that rotating the sets means that the publishers can keep the lights on and keep making games.
  2. I've found that it's not as necessary with an OL campaign. Most multiple target abilities require adjacency in some form. Overlords will know those abilities are out there and can move monsters accordingly. The app tends to bunch everything up into one area making such abilities really powerful by comparison.
  3. Do you skip conditions that the hero already has/is immune to?
  4. That could be. I only tried once and the monsters were the same, but that could have been luck of the draw. I think one of the groups in that scenario was fixed, so there's that too.
  5. I've tested this out before, and the app will save at the start of a level, just before setup. If you set things up and then exit, it will come back to the beginning and run through setup again. I believe it will do that even if you have taken some turns already. It's easy to test out with an empty save game, just to be sure.
  6. While playing one of the missions we got an activation event that said heroes suffer 3 random conditions. There's really no precedent for how to handle the situation, so we took one of each card, shuffled them up and gave the top three to one hero. We then replaced those three and did the same for each other affected hero. So far so good. The next turn we get the same message, and we had a debate about whether it meant that they suffer three new conditions of if it meant that they are hit with three random conditions and they may luck out and get one or more again, thus ignoring them. In other words should you take all 7 (in my case) conditions and pull the top three to give to each hero, or do you randomly select from the ones they don't already have? I guess the thing to consider is what they mean by "suffer" the condition. Related to that, one of the heroes in question was Ispher. Since he's immune to poison, can that be one of the random conditions? In the end we went with the usual rule for FFG co-ops to do whatever hurts the players the most, but no one was completely convinced either way. I'm curious how others have handles this situation.
  7. I just played a delve level. I don't know the name, but it's the one where you start on the "roof" of a building and then climb down inside. The roof and interior are completely separate pieces where you move down with a stat check, and you can't move back up.So a master Ynfernael Hulk spawns on the roof, and we decided to leave him there because it's the first level and we only have starting weapons. Eventually an activation happens that says at the top that everyone must spend a fatigue or move away from the master.We decided that there's really no "away" in this case since there was no way for him to get to us or vice versa, so we just ignored it. Have you run into this? How would you handle it?
  8. I think that Descent 3rd is inevitable, but the question is when will be the right time? For now, the app is driving sales pretty well. SoN sold out everywhere almost immediately after the new RtL campaign was announced. I expect they'll continue to release new content for that for some time. $5 for new campaigns (unless they require a box expansion), maybe a new game mode, and more expansive campaigns. It seems like they are getting more creative with how to use the app. Eventually, though, the sales will slow down. That's when 3rd edition will come out. Every long running game with lots of content does the same thing eventually. Warhammer, DnD, Magic, etc. That's just the way the business works. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that there are already some design documents out there. I expect it will have app integration from the ground up and the turn order from IA and RtL. I do hope they find a way to keep the option of having either a human or computer overlord. A lot of people didn't like the change in MoM, and I expect even more enjoy being the OL in Descent.
  9. I hope they keep the number of factions in check. 7 is already a lot for any card game. 8 would be good, maybe 9 (Shadowlands and Mantis get my vote), but O5R had WAY too many (13 at once in Hidden Emperror). Too many factions means you'll get fewer cards for your chosen faction in any given set. I'd rather see the focus on fewer factions with more variety in strategy. I really hope they don't include Spider clan. A shadowlands faction, sure, but I absolutely hated the Spider story-wise.
  10. This is a question worth asking in other game discussion areas (reddit, bordgamegeek, etc.). While I don't doubt anyone here who says the game is good, you're still asking the fans of a game if they like it. The answer from this crowd will be pretty obvious.
  11. I consider GW's hard plastic to be far superior to PVC from a modeling and painting perspective. The details are better (and I like lots of detail), and cleaning mold lines is much easier. PVC doesn't break as easily, but that's something I've never had issues with. You have to really abuse your miniatures to see much breakage. It's good to hear that they are sculpting with the material in mind, though. That makes a big difference in quality. It's about what I expected. I imagine it would cost a lot to change to a new type of plastic production.
  12. While I'm waiting for money to magically appear so I can buy the game, I have a couple of questions about the models. Are they the same soft plastic that most other FFG games use (Descent, IA, etc.)? How is the detail quality? Most Descent figures look cool from 3 feet away, but the details are not great (or even downright bad) when you get close. How do these rate? Thanks!
  13. Except that they bought the entire IP, which would include all of the minor factions.
  14. I had the same question. I think the holdings would have to be a lot more powerful in order to block a province like that.
  15. You mean the really brightly colored ones that they had as tournament prizes? Those were great!