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  1. Except that they bought the entire IP, which would include all of the minor factions.
  2. I had the same question. I think the holdings would have to be a lot more powerful in order to block a province like that.
  3. You mean the really brightly colored ones that they had as tournament prizes? Those were great!
  4. I see the Hoturi/Hotaru switch as akin to Starbuck and Boomer in the BSG reboot. It sends a message that this will be a familiar, but very different story.
  5. I would be surprised if this was anything more than a troll account/post. OP has one post and hasn't been back to the site since. If they were really concerned about the topic, they would be interacting in the thread. Well done OP. 5 pages and counting. That's some good trolling.
  6. Any game developer will tell you that things change during development. It could be that they intended to make it two sets for everything, but now they've decided it has to be 3 sets.
  7. Extra History is a great YouTube channel that did a series about Sengoku Jidai. This was the main historical basis of L5R, with lots of Chinese and Korean elements brought in. Romance of the three Kingdoms (China) plays in heavily. Miyamoto Musashi wrote the Book of Five Rings (which is where the five rings come from), and the Akodo tacticians were based heavily on Sun Tsu.
  8. I hope Hida Yakomo and Mirumoto Hitomi come back. We can skip the whole sin and moon saga, but I really liked the rivalry they had.
  9. I've been thinking about this myself. I started with the Naga, and always will have a certain loyalty to them. At the same time, I recognize the mistake of having them in the game (too many factions to balance), and I accept that they won't come back. I played Lion from Gold edition onwards, but that was by default. When my play group got their hands on the first box of starters, the Lion was all that was left. I'm thinking maybe Dragon, but I'll have to wait to see how the stories unfold. One thing I know for certain is that gameplay won't factor into my decision very much.
  10. I finally found a solution: ditch the Windows tablet and run the app on my phone. Not just for XCOM, the mobile Windows OS is pretty terrible all around. The XCOM app runs fine on a phone.
  11. Anyone know the trick to run this on a Windows 10 tablet? I unzip and it just says it can't run on this PC. I hear there's a web app, but I just get a bunch of xml code that I don't understand.
  12. Well... you don't have to use all of the expansions. They are modular, so just use one or two at a time.
  13. The wording on the feat confuses me. So he uses his feat to reduce 5 damage and gains 5 movement points. Can he move immediately, or does he save them until his next activation?
  14. Two bugs in Seeds of Corruption: 1. The text calls for a transition between tiles 3 and 68 but the picture shows an extender (which makes more sense). 2. SPOILER ALERT: When I opened the first chest for hero equipment (the top left I believe) it said to flip the equipment for CONJURER_MASTER_THORN instead of normal text. The rest were normal.