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  1. Also, the sky is falling and the end times are near.
  2. So far all of the new 5 costers have been from different families than the champions. That may just be coincidence, but I would expect Yogo Junzo (maybe Shosuro Hametsu) first. Kachiko may also be a 4 cost character.
  3. My bad. I didn't read the card closely.
  4. Except that the reaction can only trigger once, so you will only steal one fate.
  5. So far I'm the only person who has shown up to play at my FLGS. I can confirm that EVERYONE in my area is using roles, although they have not been enforced. HAHA... aww
  6. I loved the 1000 years of darkness set from Old5R. The short fictions they had in there were awesome. I wouldn't expect it anytime soon, but I too would love to see a collection of the alternate endings and stories.
  7. Yep. Dragon splash can help every deck no matter the strategy. Another clan may be better, but Let Go, Tattooed Wanderer, and Mirumoto's Fury are all so useful.
  8. Not the actual deck lists, but they can scout games, watch the streams, talk to other players, etc. Then take that knowledge and alter their decks before the tournament.
  9. When the card comes out, I'll worry about stopping it. Probably just learn to expect it when a Scorpion player is saving 4 fate. If you prevent the bow, you still have the potential for favorable ground or another conflict, so it still helps.
  10. You might consider Lion. Ready for Battle stops bowing, and they have some pretty nifty attachments. Most of your tricked out characters are going to be bushi, so sashimono works nicely.
  11. I'm happy to do casual play nights when I can, or play with friends. I'll drive a short distance to tournaments for the promo cards and to get more games in, but you'll probably never see me at a kotei. I lose focus after a couple of games, and the cost of entry fees and travel isn't worth it to me. Plus I don't like big crowds.
  12. What's better than a post? Double post!
  13. What the heck is Emo Stone? Seriously, this game is 3 weeks old; can we use the actual card names for a bit?
  14. Will that be the story decision at worlds? Tune in next time...
  15. Woo! Bring back my snakes! I honestly didn't expect to see them come back in New5R, but I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm not holding my breath on a playable faction just yet, but I'm hopeful.