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  1. Rookery variant for L5R

    On the other hand, the counter-meta may be weak against other clans so they will beat the meta, but lose to everyone else. A side board would allow people to run a few counter cards without weakening their other matchups. I don't have enough experience to know which is more likely, but I can see both sides of the argument.
  2. Oracle System

    Legend of the Five Rings for me please! I'd be stoked to see Star Wars too.
  3. Elemental Cycle begins

    Well, I'm not happy about 6 in 6, but I refuse to buy into the "sky in falling" mentality. I do agree that they should release them all at once in that case, but *shrug*. In the end I get the same number of cards, and the ones previewed look like they will be good for the game. The ratling already has a home in my crab deck, and everyone can be happy about Yoritomo!
  4. I see that they went with the movie troopers that miss most of the time with their blasters, but it seems a little odd that they are more deadly while unarmed. Is there something that I'm missing here?
  5. Every game I've ever played has these people in the online community. The sky is always falling and the game will be dead by next month. At least L5R has fewer of the "I'm quitting, pay attention to me" posts than most games.
  6. I would like to see something like that, and we very well may in Descent 3e (whenever that is). It could also work with the RtL app. It could even be worked into the main game via the rumor deck. I think the main issue (in terms of theme and continuity) is that in IA, the character and class are tied together. In Descent they are separate. I know that doesn't change the back story, but I can see it making less sense with some combinations.
  7. Ghoul Question

    Player elimination shouldn't exist at all in a 2 hour game, imo. I think they designed themselves into a corner with the rads mechanic, but thankfully it doesn't happen often (never seen it myself).
  8. the ghoul, radiation immunity

    A bit of a tangent, but I think the player elimination thing is just to handle an edge case. I've never seen anyone get more then 10 rads (was a super mutant farming XP). You'd have to try to get 16.
  9. Inventory size and instant loot

    This is the interpretation I went with. It makes the most sense for Addictol and it fits with the source material. In the games you would often use food and stuff like that to make room for new guns and such.
  10. Raid and peace token

    The description of peace tokens on page 10 is clear about that (emphasis mine) There are several ways to remove a peace token, so the rule you mentioned doesn't mean they are completely protected. It just ways that they don't expire or leave play on their own.
  11. action points, house rule(?)

    I've found that the narrative aspect of the game is best experienced solo. You can usually get to the end of at least one of the side quest lines plus the main one. More players means more pressure to get influence, so the game will end before getting to all of that. More actions per turn will help of everyone is working towards the quest lines, but if even one person is pushing for victory then the game will just end sooner, with even less of the stories accomplished. Try it out and see if it works. It sounds like you all have the same desire for the game. P.S. the BoS outcast can always take his armor off when he needs to get across the map.
  12. I found 2 mentions in the rule book that talk about hero tokens and what they represent. So the space still has a hero, just represented by a token. and... The token is treated as a hero when being targeted by a healing ability, so that would seem to satisfy Mok's requirement of a hero within 3 spaces being healed.
  13. Faction Agenda Cards - Potential Solution

    It depends on how many players you have, but its possible (just not likely) since they're worth up to 3 points each. If you are playing solo there are only 3 in the deck, but then you shouldn't have to worry about both factions being tied. Otherwise there's enough neutral cards to win if only one player is drawing them (which is a pretty big if). If they didn't stack, it would be extremely hard to win. One player would have to draw and fulfill at least 3 neutral cards to win in most games.
  14. Can unicorn switch from behind their screen?

    I got a response from Molly Glover on the question (I really appreciate when developers respond directly). The general consensus was right. A: No, they can only switch the positions of two of their combat tokens on the board. Edited OP for convenience.
  15. Going Solo

    It's doable. I probably have a 50/50 record solo. You just have to keep cranking out the side quests until you get the right lineup and try to keep one faction slightly ahead so that they don't both advance when the deck runs out. Also keep in mind that a faction can go past the end of the track and the extra points still count. So those end game quests that give like 3 points to a faction can be really crucial.