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  1. I would be interested in more base games. Antartica or Egypt would be rad. Hell, I'd like it if even just more expansions were made for those locations. I also like the idea someone mentioned of a small expansion themed around Pickmans Model. Travel by boat could also make for some awesome Call of Cthulhu like investigation.
  2. Thats kind of what I figured. Thanks for the link to the FAQ.
  3. Your in a room with a low flood and you open a hatch to a room with high flood. What happens? This is my only point of confusion with the rules. I have been playing that it transfers high flood to the room you are in and makes the room that previously had a high flood a low flood now. I dont know if this is right but it sure is fun when you have lots of flooded areas to move the water all over and use it to put out a fire somewhere . Example..lets say the room to the right of me has a fire in it, the room I am in has a low flood and the room to my left has a high flood. I open the hatch to the room on the left letting water reflow to the room I am in making it the room with the high flood now. All I can do is "move", no action because I am in a room with a high flood. So I open the hatch to the right reflowing water and putting out the fire. Now all three room have a low flood and no fires and I still havent left my movement phase.Can anyone clarify the official ruling for me? I kind of have a feeling that you just can not open a hatch to a high flood room if you are in a low flood room without first pumping the room you are in.
  4. Only one of my gnomes was bent and running it under hot water and then dipping it in cold worked great.
  5. I like REH. I guess HPL was a fan of his work aswell. My two favorite authors.
  6. I'm another for "The Rats in the Walls".
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