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  1. I feel like somebody just doesn't want Poe to be any more awesome. Fair enough.
  2. As far as we know, Poe's black X-wing is a one-of-a-kind. And from what we see in the film, is really no different than a regular T-70. According to the post above, it's modified
  3. We will almost certainly see that black and orange X-Wing. The goodies that come with it??? We shall see!
  4. This. So much this. If Rey ends up being Luke's kid, I would really hope it would be that she was stolen from him or some such. It kinda messes with Luke being a truly heroic character in my mind if he just dropped his daughter off somewhere. I guess if she were his kid and he's super force sensitive, you'd think he'd know pretty much wherever she was whenever he wanted, right? IDK.
  5. Anybody else notice that parenting is almost as bad in the Star Wars universe as it is in the really real world!?! How sad.
  6. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, and some folks will never be pleased, but I really LOVED this movie. Yes, there were parallels to ANH, and yes there was ANOTHER-DEATH-STAR-THING-OMG, but y'know what? -The new characters were different from the old characters and I think I may even like them better. -The star killer thing rings true in real life... The "bad guys" use the same old tired stuff over and over and over again, and unfortunately - it works. -Yes, it starts on a desert planet, but we pretty quickly move on to some really interesting locales. -The X-Wing/Tie fights over the water and in space might have been worth the price of admission alone. -Kylo Ren is an emo-*ss who I dislike WAY more than Vader. Vader was competent and stoic and probably the baddest guy to date in the galaxy, but Ren is dangerous because his little "feels" get hurt and does stuff like <spoiler deleted> -We get to see the Falcon do a K-turn
  7. Its a 10 out of 5. Seriously though - 5. My entire group of friends, my dad, and myself all LOVED it!
  8. So it is a modification. My brain just made it into a title regardless of what the text said. Regardless, I have to buy three of the little boogers now.
  9. Yep - Asty is a Beastie's reference. I love it. "Asty's helmet had 'born to ill' written on the side of it in Aurebesh." So... For anyone who's already gone out and purchased the T-70 expansion... I'm guessing there's only one "Integrated Astromech" title card in the pack?
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_n3u3OJ3uqw "Danger zone like this one?" That was just silly. I completely approve.
  11. Pretty sure you're right... Which means I wouldn't have won my last try either. That's not good. ;-)
  12. I felt like luck was an overly important aspect as well (at least so far). In my win, I drew two cards from the dungeon deck that healed, and one cannon.
  13. The four activations are hard to figure out any synergy for me. Any other combos come to mind that you used in your gameplay? I've played a lot of Death Angle and it has the same kind of activation system, I got the hang of it but it took a few games. Does anyone else having trouble with the hero activations? For the win, it was less a matter of combos for me, and more a matter of exploring through the first couple of locations quickly. The combo that I did use frequently was the Battle Priests "Aid" to heal a wound from him and the Iron Breaker - followed by "Inexorable Advance" by the dwarf. This allowed them to both heal a bit after the first couple of explorations and take out a few monsters. Now, I'm not completely sure that I'm doing the attack/target correctly - I assume that when the dwarf "targets" two enemies with which he is engaged, he can split the damage how he likes(?).
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